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Masters abroad: preps and steps

Should I Go For MS To A Country Other Than USA?

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For years now, young graduates have travelled abroad to pursue their Masters in their field of interest, searching for the “greener pastures”. The country which is most targeted is the USA. However, there are a lot of fantastic options for post-graduation in other countries as well. Some countries like Germany and UK have made significant industrial and scientific contribution over the years and established themselves as important research hubs.

Recently, Stupidsid conducted a poll asking viewers in which country outside the US they would like to pursue their MS.
The poll results were as follows:

  1. Canada, being the younger brother of US, won by a close margin garnering about 28.85% of the votes.
  2. Germany was close behind having secured 25.48% of the votes.
  3. UK managed to get 18.27% of the votes finishing 3rd
  4. Singapore fourth with 16.34% of the total.
  5. The rear was brought up the land of Aussies (Australia) which managed about 11.06% of the votes which would mainly have comprised of the junta seduced by the lifestyle, beaches and the beer Down Under.

In our latest offering, we throw some light on some of the top universities outside the States which are contributing to the field of technology, education and research in their own way.

United Kingdom (UK)

Starting off with UK, the land of the Queen and the country where the steam engine was invented ushering in the Industrial Revolution. Cambridge University is undoubtedly the leader of engineering education in all the branches and some of its courses like in the case of Mechanical engineering compete with MIT and Stanford to be the best in the world. Imperial College of London is another top university which is actually friendly towards Indians and a large number of students do get admitted for the Masters course. Universities of Warwick, Leeds and Cardiff though not at the top are still very good in their own way and are highly sought after by Indians. The University of Oxford-Brookes is particularly famous for its work in the field of motorsport engineering. London School of Economics and London Business School are world-leaders in the field of business and management studies.


Singapore on the other hand has two very popular universities namely NTU i.e. Nanyang Technological University and NUS i.e. National University of Singapore. Both of these are very receptive towards Indians and carry out a lot of research especially in the field of pure sciences and their applications. Singapore Management University (SMU) provides a number of courses at the PG level which are similar to those of Financial Engineering, MIS and Operations Research in the US.


Germany as we all know, thanks to our passion for cars, is the nerve-centre of industrial activity. Be it your favourite car/s or the computer, this country has reached new heights across all fields. For those keen on biotechnology and bioengineering, Germany is the place to be with a fast growing biotechnology industry. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, TU Berlin and Jacobs University, Bremen are some of the top colleges. The German government has an understanding with its Indian counterparts called DAAD which allows Indian students to apply for research positions in Germany; however this is subject to a very strong academic profile. Not many Indian students apply to Germany and applying to even a top university is worth giving a shot.


Canada is perpetually overshadowed by US in terms of choice by various applicants across the globe. However, universities like Waterloo, British Columbia, Toronto, McGill or for that matter any of the top 15 universities are extremely research intensive and this conglomerate formed together only about 20 years ago has created new frontiers for education in the country. These universities are looking to provide scholarships to dedicated students; one of the most popular ones being MITACS Globalink which is actually awarded for undergraduate research interns in Canada.


Now if your one of those who would like to chill even in your MS days, Australia will be the place for you, mate. Chilling on the beach with a carton load of Fosters is a student’s regular pass-time. Monash and University of New South Wales (UNSW) are the most popular ones of the few colleges present here. Monash, especially, is the most famous one and stresses on research a lot, it is known to have a MoU with IIT Bombay for some exceptional students to pursue a dual PhD and carry out research under professors from both institutes.

We at Stupidsid feel that the world is your oyster and has to be explored completely. Now, as you sit and plan your dream Masters Program, we urge you to consider all these options along with the MS in US and broaden your vistas. There is a world outside waiting for you.

Good luck and God Speed.

Note: Leave a feedback regarding the article and which country after the US you would want to see on Stupidsid. We would certainly not disappoint you.

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