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UK Student Visa Process in India: UK Student Visa Processing Time in India, Application, Fees & More

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The UK is home to some of the most well-known universities in the world. Imperial College London, King's College London, Coventry University, and Durham University are a few of them. But in order to study in this country, you will be required to have a valid UK student visa. By March 2022, 108,000 UK student visas were issued. This indicates the competition level for acquiring a UK student visa. The duration of your UK student visa depends on the length of the program you have been offered, as mentioned in your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). But what is the UK student visa processing time India? Or what is the UK student visa process in India?

Keep reading this article to know all about the UK student visa application, UK student visa cost, UK student visa time period, and more.

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UK Student Visa Application

UK Student Visa Application

Student visa document helps a student visit a particular country to pursue their education. But when can one begin with the application process? Once you have received a reference number called a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your designated university, only then can you apply for a Tier 4 UK student visa. International students seeking Tier 4 student visas are required to apply at least three months before the commencement of the program/course.

Following are the documents required for the UK student visa application form:

  • Details of passport
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Proof of financial sufficiency
  • Parents’ or legal guardian letters if you are under 18
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • English Language Proficiency exam

Requirements for UK Student Visa!

You may also be required to produce documents showing your academic qualifications to attend an interview or biometric test, which includes a digital scan of your fingerprints. But what is the right time to apply for a UK student visa? Let’s explore!

When to Apply for a UK Student Visa

Coming to the next most important question—When to apply for UK student visa? It normally takes up to 15-21 days to get a UK student visa but could be longer at peak times, so make sure you apply early enough.

  • You can apply for your visa up to six months before your course starts. Do not apply before this date, as your application will be refused.
  • You must apply for your visa at least two weeks before your course starts (or if you have the option of starting your studies online, at least 2 weeks before you plan to travel to the UK.)
  • Make sure you allow enough time for the visa to be processed before your course starts or you plan to travel.
  • It can take several weeks for your visa application to be processed. However, the average UK student visa processing time in India varies for different countries due to competition.

Note: Lots of visa applications are made in June, July, and August, so it can take longer to get your visa at these times because of the high demand.

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Next, let’s check where one can apply for a UK student visa application.

Where to Apply for a UK Student Visa

The UK Student Visa process of getting a Tier 4 visa is completely online. There are many agencies that offer this service. However, it is suggested to apply only via the official British Government website.

If you apply for UK student visa from India at the official website and your application is successful, you’ll either get a:

  • A biometric residence permit if you gave your biometric information at a visa application centre.
  • A digital immigration status which you can view and prove online if you use the ‘UK Immigration; ID Check’ app.

Before applying for a student visa, make sure you obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from your university.

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Next, let’s check the UK student visa application process for Indian students.

What is the UK Student Visa Process in India?

The UK study visa process can be easily completed, provided you have all the required documents asked for. The majority of the process takes place online. Here is the UK student visa process in India to follow:

  • In the first step of UK student visa process in India, you need to determine whether or not you qualify for the visa application.
  • Wait to receive a Confirmation Acceptance for Studies document from the university with the duration of your selected course.
  • Maintain funds in your bank account as proof that you are financially sound to pay the tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Create an account on the official UK visa website.
  • Complete your online UK student visa application form and book an appointment from the calendar. You can submit all your crucial documents along with the application, like the Tuberculosis certificate, English proficiency scores, etc, and biometric details.
  • Pay your visa application fee of £363.
  • As per the scheduled appointment, undertake an interview.

Once you’ve submitted your UK student visa application online, the waiting time starts. If you have difficulties with the online form, you can contact your sponsor institution.

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Now you know the UK student visa application process. Next, let’s check the UK student visa decision time or UK student visa processing time India.

UK Standard Student Visa Processing Time

What is the UK student visa processing time in India? The UK standard student visa processing time is 3 weeks (15 days) after the completed application is lodged. Students can contact the British High Commission or VFS, which manages visa application centres for the UK Border Agency in India, to enquire about any delays.

Applicants can also track their visa application by subscribing to the VFS SMS alert service or utilising their online tracking system. You’ll be contacted if your UK student visa application time gets delayed due to complexity, for example, because:

  • your supporting documents need to be verified
  • you need to attend an interview
  • of your personal circumstances (for example, if you have a criminal conviction)

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Now you know the UK student visa application time and the time taken for UK student visa in India. Next, let’s check…

UK Student Visa Fees

The current UK student visa cost for the Tier 4 (General) student visa is £363 (or 440 USD), with an additional £680 per person/per month for any dependents.

Let us understand the UK student visa cost for different types of visa available:

Visa type

Visa fee

General student visa (Tier 4)

£363 or 29,395 INR as the application fee + £680 per person for any dependants

Tier 4 (Child) student visa

£363 or 29,395 INR as an application fee for a Tier 4 (child) student visa + healthcare surcharge

Short-term study visa

£200 or 16,195 INR for an 11-month visa and £470 surcharge

Covid Updates about Studying in the UK!

As an international student willing to study in the UK, you’ll also need to pay a healthcare surcharge of £470 per year to access the National Health Service (NHS) during your stay.

The UK embassy fees for student visa in India are also the same as above. The UK student visa fee can be paid either using a MasterCard or Visa card or via demand draft. One can also pay in cash at the visa application centre. For further assistance on the UK student visa application from India, you can even connect with our counsellors by choosing Yocket premium services.

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