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Ultimate Guide to Switzerland Student Visa: Student Visa Requirements, Process, Fees & Processing Time

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Switzerland - a name that sparks boundless imagination. From the majestic Alps to the delectable chocolates, it's a land of luxury. Wouldn't it be fantastic to pursue your studies there?

Switzerland has some of the top-ranking universities in the world, namely ETH Zurich, École Polytechnique, the University of Zurich, and others. To study here,  you will need a Switzerland student visa along with your passport. Non-European students need a study visa that will authorize them to enter the country legally and pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a PhD course.

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Read this blog to find out how you can get a student visa for Switzerland from India and the Switzerland student visa requirements for Indian students.

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Switzerland Student Visa Updates

  • Since India is no longer considered a high-risk country for COVID-19, students from India can easily enter Switzerland effective from May 2024. Normal entry requirements are applicable.
  • Due to the exceeding number of visa applications received, the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi has announced to increase its processing time to more than 10-15 working days, after a student has successfully submitted the visa application.
  • The waiting time for visa interview appointments for new applicants is expected to be longer.
  • Providing biometrics is now mandatory for students who want to reapply for a Swiss student visa.

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Types of Student Visa in Switzerland

Students who are not permanent residents of Europe but want to study in Swiss universities need a Switzerland study visa. Depending on your course duration, you can apply for either one of the two types of student visas:

Schengen Visa (C Type)

National Visa (D Type)

The course duration must be 3 months or less

This applies to students attending summer schools, language schools, or seminars in Switzerland

The course duration must be more than 3 months

This applies to those students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree in Switzerland

Switzerland Study Visa Requirements

While applying for a student visa to Switzerland from India, you will need to fulfill all the visa requirements. If you miss out on any of the visa requirements, then it may result in the cancellation of your Swiss student visa application. We have compiled a detailed Switzerland student visa checklist for your reference:

1.  Documents Required

At the Swiss embassy, you must submit all the documents along with your visa application. The documents must be either in English or any of the national languages in Switzerland - French, Italian, or German. Here is a list of Switzerland student visa requirements for Indian students:

  • Letter of acceptance from any Swiss college/university
  • Passport valid beyond 3 months the duration of stay
  • Proof of payment for tuition fees
  • Recent passport photographs
  • Valid health insurance
  • Proof of sufficient funds (bank statements, scholarships & education loans if any)
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae or resume
  • Letter of motivation
  • Written commitment to leave Switzerland upon the completion of studies

2.  Financial Requirement

To get the student visa, you must meet the Switzerland student visa financial requirements. You need to have sufficient funds in your personal bank account before the commencement of your course - CHF 21,000 or INR 17,02,670 OR USD 21,460. You must provide details of any education loans or scholarships received to fund your study in Switzerland.

3.  Language Requirement

If you are a non-native English speaker, then you must take an English language proficiency test. The language tests for Switzerland study visas for Indian students are IELTS and TOEFL.

4.  Band Score of IELTS

The majority of the universities in Switzerland accept the IELTS exam as the primary language test. Thus, the band score for IELTS considered for  Switzerland student visa requirements for Indian students is 5.5 for MBA and 6 for PG courses.

5.  Minimum Age Requirement

If you want to apply for a long-stay National Visa (D Type) student visa in Switzerland, then you must be 18 years old or above. However, if your age is below 18 years and you want to apply for the short-stay Student Schengen Visa (C Type), then you would be required to submit a few additional documents: a birth certificate, a consent form signed by both parents and copies of their passports.

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Switzerland Student Visa Fees

To complete your visa application process, you must pay the Switzerland student visa fees. At the current exchange rates, the Switzerland study visa cost is CHF 90 (roughly INR 7,170 or USD 90). In case you want to get a visa urgently, you will have to pay up to CFH 50 (approx INR 4,050 or USD 50).

Note - After you pay the Switzerland study visa cost, you are required to pay for your Swiss residence permit. The cost is CHF 160 (INR 12,960 or USD 160 approx).

Switzerland Student Visa Process

If you are applying for a student visa for the first time, the process may seem a bit confusing. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the Switzerland student visa process thoroughly:

  • Step 1: Accept the university admission letter
  • Step 2: Make an appointment at the Swiss embassy or consulate
  • Step 3: Fill up the Switzerland student visa application form
  • Step 4: Submit all the documents required
  • Step 5: Pay the visa application fees
  • Step 6: Attend the visa interview
  • Step 7: Apply for a residence permit

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Switzerland Student Visa Processing Time

After you submit all the documents and take the interview, you will have to wait for some time before you receive your student visa confirmation. Switzerland student visa processing time is as follows:

  • Schengen Visa (C Type) - It takes about 15 to 30 days to process your short-term type C Thus if you want to apply for the Type C student visa, start nearly 1.5 months before your scheduled date of arrival in Switzerland.
  • National Visa (D Type) - It takes about 60 to 180 days to process your long-term type D visa. If you want to get a Type D student visa, then you must start nearly 6 months before you intend to arrive in Switzerland.

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Where to Apply For Switzerland Student Visa?

After receiving the enrolment letter from your desired Swiss college/university, you must visit your nearest Swiss embassy or consulate and book an appointment. There is no online method available for the visa application process. You need to complete the whole process, from submitting documents to paying the visa fees, in the offline method only.

When to Apply For Switzerland Student Visa?

For the short-stay visa, it takes about 15-30 days to receive your student visa. On the other hand, it takes anywhere between 3 months to 6 months to receive your long-term student visa. Thus, you must begin your visa application as soon as you get your letter of enrolment and keep at least 3-6 months in hand for the whole visa application process before your intended date of arrival in Switzerland.

Switzerland Student Visa Interview

This is the last step of your Switzerland student visa application. After submitting all the documents and paying the visa fees, you need to appear for your student visa interview. Once you successfully pass the interview round, you will receive your visa within 60 to 90 days. 

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