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Spring Intake in USA 2023: Best Spring Intake Universities in USA

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Students often wonder if the admissions process in the USA is fair. However, to make the application process seamless and to provide equal opportunities to all the aspirants, the US b-schools, universities, and colleges have batch-wise intake processes, including summer intake (starts around May), spring intake (Jan-May), and fall intake (Sep-Dec.) Are you planning to apply for the spring intake in USA 2023?

If yes, a few questions must pop into your mind: Which are the spring intake universities in USA? What is the application process for bachelors and masters in the spring intake USA? What are the application process and deadlines for spring? And more.

In this article, we will unveil all the crucial facets of the spring intake in USA. Let’s get started! 

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Overview of Spring Intake in USA 2023

What is spring intake in USA? The spring intake programs in the USA start in January. Through this, the students would be joining the universities in US in an ongoing academic year. This means they would graduate at a later date than the rest of the lot. Besides, the students who missed fall intake can also apply for spring intake. 

Considered a misfortune by many aspirants, this scenario can be used as an opportunity to turn your overseas education into a hassle-free process with minimum competition (as not many students consider the spring intake.) 

Let’s check out the key highlights of the spring intake in USA 2023. 

Spring Intake in USA 2023 deadline

July 2022 - December 2022

Beginning date of the classes

January 2023

End date of the classes

April 2023

Top Courses

  • MS in Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • MS in Data Science
  • MBA
  • MS in Chemistry
  • Bachelors of Science Education

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Spring Intake in USA 2023 Timeline

Along with this, let’s explore the spring intake USA timeline. 


Steps to Consider

March 2022 - April 2022

  • Research and finalise the best universities that offer your course of interest. 
  • Prepare for the English proficiency IELTS, GRE, or TOEFL exam. 

May 2022 - July 2022

  • Start taking the English proficiency tests. 
  • Begin the application process. 
  • Many university's spring intake deadline USA is till November/December 2022. 

September 2022 - December 2022

  • Wait for the University Decisions/Letter of Acceptance. 
  • Check for the available Scholarships/Grants. 

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Why Choose Spring Intake in USA?

Before choosing from the best spring intake colleges in USA, it is essential to understand the popularity of the spring intake in USA. Let’s explore the list of perks one by one! 

  • Usually, a small percentage of students, apply through the spring intake in USA; therefore, the competition is lesser than in other intakes. 
  • Right after completing the bachelor's degree or 10th/12th class; students get a lot of time to prepare and take exams like GMAT/SAT/ACT/GRE/IELTS or others when applying to the spring intake in US.

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  • Fall intake in US require the Indian students to defer until the next academic year. However, the spring intake lets you defer to another semester. 
  • With spring intake in USA, students get more opportunities to level up their experience through the summer internships, research jobs, volunteer work, and more. 

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Now you know the benefits of enrolling in spring intake colleges in USA. However, some students still get confused due to the existing myths. Let’s clear them as well! 

Myths on Spring Intake in US

Following are the myths about applying to the spring intake USA.

  • Students believe that top universities offer fewer courses in the spring intake US. However, the fact is that the curriculum of every course is designed for all intakes. 
  • There is a myth that the teaching and research assistantships are fewer in the spring intake. But in reality, the more you connect or network in your department better are the chances of assistantships. 
  • There are no fewer scholarships in the spring intake US. Rather the availability of scholarships depends on how well the department is funded. 
  • There is a misconception that getting a visa in the spring intake US is tricky. However, your visa approval directly depends on the selected university and finance. 

With the popular spring intake myths in mind, let’s check the top spring intake universities in USA. 

Top Spring Intake Universities in USA 2023

Following are the top US universities with spring intake and their bachelor's/master’s spring intake deadline USA.

University Name

Spring Intake Deadlines

University of New Haven, West Haven

Bachelors: November 15, 2022

Masters: November 15, 2022

Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey


Early Action I: November 15, 2022

Early Action II: January 15, 2023


November 1, 2022 (full-time)

September 1, 2022 (PhD)

January, 2023 (part-time)

University of California, Riverside

Bachelors: To be announced (TBA)

Masters: December 1, 2022

University of Cincinnati, Ohio

Bachelors: November 15, 2022

Masters: November 1, 2022

University of North Texas

Bachelors: TBA

Masters: November 15, 2022

San Jose State University, California

Bachelors: August 1, 2022

Masters: October/November 2022 (as per course)

University of Texas, Arlington

Bachelors: October 15, 2022

Masters: August 15, 2022

California State University, Fullerton

Bachelors: TBA

Masters: August 1 - 31, 2022

DePaul University, Chicago 


Early Action: November 15, 2022

School of Music: December 1, 2022

Regular Notification and Theatre School: February 1, 2023

Masters: Jan/Feb 2023

New Jersy Institute of Technology

Bachelors: November 1, 2022 (Rolling admissions)


November 15, 2022 (Masters/Online)

October 15, 2022 (PhD)

Rochester Institute of Technology


October 15, 2022 (Priority consideration)

December 1, 2022 (Closes submission)

December 3, 2022 (Acceptance of material)

Masters: December 1, 2022 (Rolling admissions)

Rowan University

Bachelors: October 28, 2022

Masters: November 1, 2022

University of Bridgeport

Bachelors: December 1, 2022

Masters: December 1, 2022

University of Colorado, Denver

Bachelors: TBA

Masters: September/October 2022

Now you know the best spring intake Universities and spring intake in US deadlines. Further, let’s check the spring intake universities USA application process. 

Application Process for Spring Intake Colleges in USA

Once you decide to enrol in the spring intake US, follow these admission steps/requirements and begin your application process.

  • Explore the various university options as mentioned above or others, select a particular course, fee structure, payment method, etc.
  • As per University requirements, take tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, PTE, DET, etc. 
  • Apply to the Universities with documents, including academic resume/CV, academic transcripts, proof of English language proficiency, SAT/GMAT/ACT/GRE scores, statement of purpose (SOP), letter of recommendation (LOR), and others. 
  • You can also apply to the Universities with a conditional offer letter in case a vital exam score is absent. 
  • After receiving the letter of acceptance from a University, you can apply for F1-student Visa with documents like a passport, identity proof, application fee payment receipt, photo, etc. 

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With so many US admission parameters, a student can get confused or intimidated. You can book a 15-minute free appointment with them or subscribe to the Yocket Premium end-to-end personalised services. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Spring Intake in US

Ques. Is GRE mandatory for spring intake 2023 US? 

Ans. No, GRE requirements have been waived off by US universities for spring/fall intake 2022 and spring intake 2023. 

Ques. How does spring intake in US work? 

Ans. A smaller pool of students is admitted to the spring intake by universities. Some students are given the option to start their education in spring, while others purely rely on the school's discretion. 

Ques. Is it good to start college/school in spring intake? 

Ans. Yes, spring admission is beneficial for colleges and students. These programs allow universities/colleges to accommodate matriculated students halfway through the year. So when winter graduates leave the campus, spring admissions occupy their seats. 

Ques. What are the overall application deadlines for spring intake US 2023? 

Ans. The application deadline for spring intake 2023 is from July to December 2022. 

Ques. Which intake is the best in the US?

Ans. Fall intake in USA is considered the best intake among Indian students. As most US Universities accept admissions in the fall intake. 

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