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Ultimate Guide to France Student Visa: France Student Visa Requirements, Cost, Process, Application

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A country known for its fashion and education, France stands to be one of the top destinations for studying abroad. The France student visa is a permit that allows you to study in France. When applying for a student visa for France from India, there are certain things one must know beforehand. 

Some of these important things include the France student visa requirements, processing time, application process, cost, etc. if you are applying for your France study visa, you have definitely landed at the right place, as this blog will make you aware of all the minutest things required to apply for student visa France! 

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France Student Visa Latest News

An appreciable fact is that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, France continues to welcome the bulk of international students. France student visa processing time depends on the status of your country viz red, orange, green, and scarlet country. 

A universal rule that applies to study in France is to be vaccinated with the French government-approved vaccines. If you are applying for a student visa France from India, these are the vaccines which are accepted in France: 

European Medicine Agency recognized COVID-19 vaccines

French Vaccinations

Foreign Vaccinations







Fiocruz, etc.

Types of France Student Visa

Applying for a student visa France from India depends upon the duration of your study in France. There are different types of student visa for France from India, which are based on your course duration. 

Let us find the various types of France study visa below:

Short stay Schengen-visa (visa de court séjour pour études)

  • Study period shorter than 3 months
  • Mainly for short-term study programs or language courses
  • Free of charge, residence permit not required

Entrance exam visa (étudiant concours)

  • Entitles you to travel to France to take any entrance exam
  • If you clear it, you can apply for a long-stay visa
  • This will only be granted if the results of the exam or interview are declared within three months

Long-stay visa with residence permit (visa de long séjour études VLS-TS)

  • Allows you to study in France for between 3 to 6 months 
  • Also acts as your residence permit
  • Can be renewed through your university two months before expiry

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France Study Visa Requirements

As per the France student visa requirements, given below are the documents you need to submit at the VAC in order to complete your France student visa application: 

  • A valid passport: 
    • It must contain at least 2 blank pages
    • It should not be older than 10 years
    • It should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel
  • Old passports, if any, are to be attached
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Confirmed flight tickets 
  • Proof of accommodation 
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee 
  • Travel medical insurance covering 30,000 EUR
  • Academic transcripts 
  • Financial documents to show sufficient funds for your stay in France
  • Registration Certificate at a French institute stating the duration of the course
  • Language proficiency test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)

Note: You would also be required to carry all your original documents and a copy of all the documents in your France student visa interview.

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France Student Visa Fees

The total fee for the France student visa process depends on several factors such as the type of the French student permit, express delivery charges of your country, biometric charges, and others. 

The indicative France study visa fee can be found below, the table also includes the France student visa fees in Indian Rupees:


Cost (in INR)

Cost (in EUR) 

Cost (in USD)

Short Stay




Student Stay




Since the cost can vary on the foreign exchange rates as well, it is suggested to check the specific France student visa cost right before applying. Additionally, a service charge of 1,467 INR will also be levied. This additional France student visa cost will go towards the operations and logistics involved in processing your France student visa. 

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France Student Visa Process

The France student visa process differs depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Visas are granted at the sole discretion of the French Consular Authorities. And an official is involved in almost all the steps.

The generic process after filling a French student visa application is given below: 

  1. Online registration or offline registration form filling
  2. Academic interview
  3. Online or offline student visa application filling
  4. Appointment with the French Consular Authority
  5. Validating Long-stay Visa/residence permit (VLS-TS) after arrival in France

While applying for a student visa for France for Indian students, it is always suggested to visit the officials by yourself as and when directed for applications filling, documents submission, etc.

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Where to Apply for a France Student Visa

There are primarily two ways to go about your France study visa. One is to apply at a French consulate in your country. The second is through Campus France. Campus France is an institution promoting higher education in France. It has a local office in almost all countries worldwide. Some countries require you to mandatorily register first with Campus France in order to process your student visa application.

There are several steps required to apply for student visa France. A step-by-step guide to complete the France study visa process is given below: 

  1. Log on to At the "Register online" box click on Create Your Account. You need to find the French consulate website of your country.
  2. Fill out the academic records, language skills, and CV and SOP sections. 
  3. Upload all the official documents, photographs, and academic records. 
  4. Send your file number to the assigned Campus France office to get your file reviewed.
  5. Submit a request for a student visa appointment. You will have to appear in person for the France student visa interview with the Campus France advisor. 
  6. You will receive an official Interview completion certificate towards the end of the interview.
  7. Post-interview, you will have to schedule an appointment with VFS-France. At this point, you have to submit your documents, photocopies, receipts, and passport.
  8. You can now wait for a response on your French student visa application

You must also keep all the mandatory documents along with you. It is also suggested to carry one set of photocopies along with the Campus France fee payment receipt. Also, the French student visa processing time would be different depending on your country of residence. 

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It should also be noted that if you have submitted your biometrics in the SIS (Schengen Information System) in the past 5 years, you are not required to submit them again. 

When to Apply for a France Student Visa

The France student visa processing time India can be expected as a span of 14-21 days. Thes processing times can vary depending on the validity, the number of entries received, the volume of applications at the France embassy, as well as travel history. It is also suggested for you to apply for a student visa for France from India at least 3 months before your university degree program commences or the intended date of travel.

France Student Visa Interview

As a last step to apply for a student visa France from India, is the France student visa interview. The interview is not usually experienced as too tough by past visa applicants. The Campus France Representatives are quite friendly, and very calmly address your concerns. The interview is usually focused on assessing your intentions and adaptability to the practices in France. 

France is home to some of the best French universities in the world with great post-study opportunities. Certainly, the France student visa process is hectic but at the same time is the only way to get rolling with studies in France. Following the above-given steps with as much sincerity as possible, you can surely get your France student visa approved. You can even connect with our Yocket Counsellors to know more about the France student visa process! 


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