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IELTS Exam Fees 2021: Find Out the Latest IELTS Exam Fees in India

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Are you one of those study abroad aspirants who intends to register for the IELTS exam soon? Are you looking for the complete set of information around the IELTS exam fees? If yes, all your concerns about the IELTS fees will be addressed in the current article.

The IELTS exam is an English language proficiency test taken by individuals willing to study abroad or work abroad.

Applicants who appear for the IELTS exam with the intention of studying abroad are expected to register for the IELTS Academic exam.  Hence, the requisite IELTS Academic fees needs to be paid.

Find out the easy-to-follow process for IELTS Exam Registration in 2021

Let us start finding out about all the different types of the IELTS exam fees. But first, the most commonly asked question by applicants needs to be answered, “What is the IELTS exam fees for registration?”


What is the IELTS Registration Fees?

Any aspirant of the IELTS Academic exam needs to pay a one-time IELTS registration fee for the same. This fee is paid at the time of registration itself.

The IELTS exam cost in India varies for the exact ‘type’ of the IELTS exam:

Type of IELTS

Fee in India

Computer delivered IELTS

14,700 INR

Pen and paper based IELTS

14,700 INR

Source: IDP

As stated in the table above, the IELTS computer-based test fees as well as the paper-based fee is exactly the same. So basically, the IELTS exam cost in India is the same irrespective of the mode you choose to appear for the exam. Therefore, one mode of the IELTS exam isn’t more expensive or nominal than the other. You just need to make your pick depending on your need and convenience.


What is the Mode of Payment for Submitting IELTS Exam Fees?

As an applicant of the IELTS exam from India, there are a variety of methods through which you can pay the IELTS exam fees in Indian rupees:

1.Online Payments

You can pay IELTS fees via your debit or credit card. You can also pay by means of e-wallets and net banking.

2.Demand Draft

You can address a demand draft in favour of, ‘IDP Education India Private Limited’ payable at New Delhi.


Also, you can choose to pay IELTS registration fees by means of cash at ICICI and Allahabad bank branches via customised deposit slip. This slip is downloadable from IDP India website. It is mandatory for applicants to attach a copy of this slip along with the IELTS application form.

It needs to be mentioned here that all three payment methods listed above are also applicable for the IELTS rescheduling fee, IELTS cancellation fee, IELTS retake fee and IELTS TRF fee.

Let us learn about all these types of IELTS fee, one by one:


What is IELTS Exam Fees for Rescheduling or Cancelling?

Many times, an applicant feels the need to reschedule the date of exam owing to a variety of reasons. In a scenario like this, you must know about the IELTS fees for rescheduling the exam.

The IELTS reschedule fee must be paid in case you feel the need to change the date of your exam or cancel it altogether.

There exist 3 scenarios that you must stay aware about when it comes to the IELTS cancellation fee or rescheduling fee:

  1. In case of rescheduling or cancellation of application more than 5 weeks before the IELTS exam date, a refund will be provided minus the administrative charge.

  2. In case of rescheduling or cancellation within 5 weeks of the IELTS exam, a complete fee will be charged except for applicants with a serious medical reason.

  3. In case of sharing of medical certificate within 5 days of the IELTS exam date, a refund will be provided minus the local administrative cost.


You are allowed to reschedule or cancel your IELTS exam only one time.

Once you appear for the exam and the IELTS results are announced, you might find yourself in a situation where the scores received are not as per your expectation. In a case like this, you can opt for something known as IELTS remarking and pay the IELTS fees for the same.


What is the IELTS Revaluation Fees for Remarking?

The IELTS revaluation fee or remarking fee for Indian applicants is 8,475 INR. The rechecking of the exam is done by trained Clerical Markers and senior examiners employed by British Council and IDP.

In case you are one of those applicants who doesn’t need a remarking of the IELTS exam because your scores are good, then you can start sending your Test Report Form (TRF) to the universities of your choice.


What is the IELTS Test Report Form & How Much Fee is Required to Share it with universities?

The IELTS Test Report Form or the TRF is printed 13 days after the exam date. It can be sent to up to 5 universities without a fee. Reason being, the fee is part of the IELTS registration fee for up to 5 universities.

But if you are interested in sending it to more than five universities, you will be required to pay an additional TRF fee.  The charges are 1,250 INR per university for international courier. For sharing TRFs electronically to universities who’ve opted for the same, a fee of 250 INR per university is required.

Test Report Forms are valid for two years.


Join hundreds of IELTS aspirants at YOCKET interested in finding their TRF

The IELTS exam is your gateway to study abroad and make a life for yourself. So make sure you prepare rigorously for the 4 sections of IELTS - Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. Attempt frequent sample papers and practice tests. Most importantly, believe in yourself and make your first attempt your best attempt.

Now that you’ve scrolled through all the important information pertaining to the IELTS exam fees, let us address some frequently asked questions by applicants.


Frequently Asked Questions by IELTS Applicants About the Exam Fees?

Q. What is meant by the IELTS retake fee?

A. The IELTS retake fee is required to be paid by you as an aspirant of the IELTS exam if you wish to appear for the exam after the first time.

Q.Are aspirants expected to pay the complete fee of 14,700 INR if they re-appear for the IELTS exam?

A. Yes, each time you take the IELTS exam afresh, you will be expected to pay the fee. This is why it is advised to follow the correct IELTS preparation strategy so that you score well the first time.

Q.What is a bank deposit slip for paying the IELTS fee?

A. Out of the various methods of payment that exist to pay the IELTS exam fee, submitting the fee in cash is one of them. And for that a copy of the bank deposit slip needs to be attached at the time of IELTS registration.

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