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Bachelors in France: Best Courses, Fees, Requirements, Scholarships & Scope

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Undergraduate studies in France are equally in demand as the graduate courses. Bachelors in France programmes are professionally oriented that perfectly blends theory and practice.  With a variety of courses at some of the top universities and colleges, a France bachelor degree is a stepping stone to a successful career. Many French industrial groups are leaders with a worldwide presence, including Airbus, Total, Orange, Sanofi, LVMH, L’Oréal and Danone. Hence, a bachelor degree in France for international students is an opportunity to kickstart their career early in life.

In this blog, we dwell at length about the top universities in France for bachelors, requirements, cost, scholarships, and also a brief description about acquiring a France student visa.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study Bachelors in France?
  2. Top Universities for Bachelors in France
  3. Popular Courses for Bachelors in France
  4. Eligibility Criteria for Bachelors in France
  5. Documents Required For Bachelors in France
  6. Application Process for Bachelors in France
  7. Cost of Study Bachelors in France
  8. Scholarships for Bachelors in France
  9. Study Visa to Study in France

Why Study Bachelors in France?

Let us begin our discussion by looking at some good reasons to pursue a France bachelor degree:

  • The universities in France have high international rankings such as the Times Higher Education, the Financial Times ranking, the QS, the Shanghai ranking and the European Union’s U-Multirank.

  • France offers top-notch quality of education in different fields. Each year, public authorities invest graciously in education and research. Education in France represents over 20% of the budget.

  • Paris in France is a worldwide display case of high and off-the-rack fashion. Hence, courses like fashion designing, photography, videography are highly popular here. These courses are offered both in bachelors and masters level.


Top Universities for Bachelors in France

France has a long list of universities and colleges (both public and private) for bachelors. Here is a list of top universities for bachelors in France:

University Name

QS World University Ranking 2022


 Average Annual Fees

Universite PSL



500 EUR - 2,500 EUR

Polytechnique Institute of Paris



13,000 EUR - 20,000 EUR

Paris-Saclay University



120 EUR - 300 EUR

Sciences Po



13,000 EUR - 18,000 EUR

University of Paris



150 EUR - 500 EUR

University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne



5,000 EUR - 6,000 EUR

Université Grenoble Alpes



4,000 EUR - 5,000 EUR

Aix Marseille University



3,000 EUR - 6,000 EUR

Paris School of Business



15,000 EUR - 18,000 EUR

Paris College of Arts



12,000 EUR - 15,000 EUR

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Courses for undergraduate in France are few in number, but highly beneficial in building the foundation of knowledge in various disciplines. Let us now look at some popular bachelor's courses in France:

Creative Writing & Literature

Creative writing & literature is an integral part of undergraduate studies in France. The course emphasizes the technical aspects of non-fiction writing and the creative process. The curriculum examines how creative writing and cross-cultural experiences allow for enriching learning. Overall a bachelors in writing and literature at France universities is a blend of history, language, communication skills.

This bachelor's degree in France is offered at the following universities:

  • University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Universite PSL


Bachelors in law at France universities help prepare the students for all types of careers in the legal field. This includes lawyer, magistrate, corporate lawyer, public service, notary, insurance or bank counsel, and so on. It offers insights on legal reasoning, fundamental public and private law knowledge, and different legal documentation tools. One may either opt for a masters degree or choose jobs after completing the course.

This bachelors degree in France is offered at the following universities:

  • University of Paris
  • Sciences Po
  • University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Fashion Designing

If you are interested in fashion and glamour, fashion designing courses in France are a great choice. Paris being the hub of fashion, you will get first-hand exposure to start your fashion career. In fact, fashion designing colleges in Paris conduct workshops for their students under the guidance of top designers in the world. Bachelors in fashion design in Paris is an opportunity to learn fashion while living in the city that leads in fashion.

This bachelors degree in France is offered at the following universities:

  • International Fashion Academy (IFA)
  • Paris College of Art

Film Studies

Film studies in France is another popular bachelors degree amongst domestic and international students. France takes a special interest in filmmaking and the overall glamour industry. Hence studying at the best schools in France offers a good opportunity to kickstart your career in France. The curriculum specializes in topics such as cinematography, videography, scriptwriting, etc.

This bachelors degree in France is offered at the following universities:

  • 3is
  • ESRA
  • University of Paris

Life Sciences

Bachelors in France in life sciences is exclusively for students passionate about sciences in general. The curriculum for this undergraduate degree is interdisciplinary, a combination of a variety of related subjects and topics. The students are also engaged in different projects, allowing them to acquire practical exposure. Apart from that, there is a 4 to 8-week compulsory internship at some universities in France.

This bachelors degree in France is offered at the following universities:


Eligibility Criteria for Bachelors in France

To study at the bachelors universities in France, you need to meet specific criteria or requirements. Although the exact requirement set varies according to the programs and universities you choose, the basic ones remain the same. Let us have a brief look at them:

Undergraduate Programs

A 10+2 certificate from a recognized board is the primary requirement to pursue undergraduate programs at the universities of France. Do check the required score for the course and university you choose.

English Language Requirements,

The English proficiency test is mandatory for all international students to get admission to any bachelor degree in France taught in English. Since most of the undergraduate courses in France are taught in French, a minimum knowledge of French that qualifies for a B2 or C1 level is must to pursue those courses.

Minimum scores for English Proficiency Tests are:

Passport and Visa

A valid passport and student visa are a must for all international students to study any course at any public university in France. Do keep in mind to apply for your visa at least 3 months prior to the expected date of travel.

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Documents Required for Bachelors in France

Admission to bachelor degree in France for international students requires a set of documents. Some of the common document requirements are mentioned below:

  • Transcripts of all educational qualification
  • CV or Resume
  • LOR or Letter of Recommendation
  • SOP or Statement of Purpose
  • Scorecards of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE


Application Process for Bachelors in France

A step by step guide to apply at universities in France for bachelor degree is as follows:

  1. Finalize the undergraduate in France course that you want to pursue and check for the best university offering that course.
  2. Visit the official university website and collect all data relating to eligibility and the admission process.
  3. Upload scanned copies of all the required documents (transcripts, CV, IELTS/TOEFL, PTE scorecards)
  4. Fill the desired application form and pay the fee.
  5. Go through an interview with the respective university directors. This is a great opportunity to display your soft skills and presence of mind.
  6. Once you receive the conditional offer letter after clearing your interview, you may book your seat at the particular university.
  7. Pay your deposit by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the university. The deposit here is non-refundable.

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Cost of Studying Bachelors in France

The overall cost of studying bachelors degree in France for international students comes under two categories: tuition fees and cost of living.

Tuition Fees

A France bachelor degree tuition fees range from 500 EUR - 15,000 EUR per year. In some cases, the state covers two-thirds of your tuition fees. In that scenario, the universities charge quite lesser fees.

Cost of Living

Your lifestyle determines the cost of living in France as an international student. On average, the inclusive (accommodation, food, stationery, entertainment, miscellaneous) cost is around 12,000 EUR per year.

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Scholarships for Bachelors in France

As compared to other European countries, studying in France is easy to the pockets. It is so because the French government has introduced various schemes to allow international students to live and study in France at a decent budget. One way to ensure this is through scholarships. Let us go through some popular scholarships for bachelors in France for international students: 

Scholarship Name

Awarded to

Emile Boutmy Scholarship

  • Students from non-European states to pursue UG and Masters at Sciences Po
  • Amount/Benefit: Provides 3000-12,300 for 3 years UG study programs

Aulagnon - Bettan Prize

  • Meritorious undergraduate first year students at Sciences Po for their commitment to promoting and improving society through education.
  • Amount/Benefit: 3,000 EUR - 15,000 EUR

Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship

  • Meritorious students to pursue the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Freie Universität Berlin.
  • Amount/Benefit: 6,000 EUR - 7,000 EUR

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Student Visa to Study in France

Depending upon the duration of your courses in France, there are different study visas for international students. They include:

  • Short stay Schengen-visa
  • Entrance exam visa
  • Long-stay visa with a residence permit

Visas in France are granted at the sole discretion of the French Consular Authorities and you have to meet certain requirements to apply for them. The list of requirements for France student visa are:

  • A valid passport
  • Confirmed flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee
  • Travel medical insurance covering 30,000 Euros
  • Educational documents (long term)
  • Financial documents to show sufficient funds such as -
  • Certificate of Registration or Pre-registration at a French institute stating the duration of the course
  • Language Proficiency Test Scorecard

Once you have all the documents at place, you may either apply for France study visa at a French consulate in your country or through Campus France. We hope this blog is helpful for you to study bachelors in France at the best universities of your choice. You may want to know about higher education in France after completing undergraduate courses and the available opportunities. For more guidance speak to our experts at Yocket!.


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