McMaster University, Hamilton

McMaster University, Hamilton

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The McMaster University (commonly known as “McMaster” or “Mac”) located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is a public research university in Hamilton, Ontario established in 1887. It was initially established in Toronto but later on shifted to Hamilton. It is one of the top 50 research universities in Canada. It operates in six academic facilities: Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Science.




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Mc Master is located in Westdale, the residential neighbourhood of Hamilton, nearby an extensive wetland called Cootes Paradise and a Royal Botanical Garden. Hamilton is known as ‘city of falls’ and it is a small town compared to other big cities. Although, it is only an hour’s drive from Toronto. It is also very close to Niagra Falls.


McMaster's 377 acres main campus has its teaching facilities are mostly centred in 30 acres of area. It owns 62 buildings both on and off campus that vary in age. They could be as old as 1926 or as new as 2011. There is a unique blend of both old and new architecture which makes the campus more diverse and beautiful.
The main campus is divided into North, Core and West Campus. Core campus majorly has academic institutions. North campus is dedicated to athletic divisions and west is the least developed with a few buildings, parking and open landscapes. The university holds a royal cultural heritage with the ‘McMaster Museum of Arts' which has contributed to the art discourse in Canada. The McMaster Forest is a massive 115 acre of natural lands in Dundas Valley.
The McMaster University Centre is the heart of the university. It houses a cafe, a study space, common rooms, a Conference Hall, etc.

Residing Options

He McMaster University offers twelve smoke-free residencies on campus guaranteed for undergraduate students. These residencies can accommodate a little over 3000 students. McMaster also owns properties off campus in Burlington, Downtown Centre and Kitchener. Living in Hamilton may be expensive but not as expensive as Toronto. The people in the neighbourhood are mostly friendly and grounded. The city public transport is free for students so it's a lucrative saving option.


The faculty ratio is 20:4 with 955 full-time faculties and 93% holding post-doctoral degrees. Overall, the faculty motto is to be student centered, problem-solving and following a learning based approach. One of the disappointments that students point out is that comparatively (to the peer colleges), the Computer Science department is not that great. There are better schools for Computer Science. This is a sad thing because most high paying jobs these days are in Computer Science.Â
The MD program at McMaster is said to be one of the best in their bag with their innovative and state of the art facilities. The science department at McMaster is good but the Mathematics and Arts programs may not be as promising.

Jobs and placements

At McMaster, you can end up interning at Tesla, Amazon, Palantir, Google and NASA. There are various co-op opportunities where you can earn in the range of $13000 for a four-month term. An MBA may fetch you a $60,000 salary if you are deserving. Nursing jobs pay a little higher, about $75000. Interestingly, McMaster is also responsive to the needs of the industry and provides customized courses based on the future trends.

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