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Difference between IELTS and IELTS UKVI: All about UKVI IELTS Test Dates, Band Score, Registration & More

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For students looking to study, work, or migrate to the UK, the terms UKVI IELTS should be on your top list. You must demonstrate that your English language abilities are at the level required for your degree/job in order to study/work in the UK as an International student. IELTS is one of the Secure English Language Tests (SELT) accepted by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) called IELTS UKVI. But what is the difference between IELTS and IELTS UKVI? Or What are the UKVI IELTS test dates?

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand everything about IELTS UKVI, IELTS UKVI band score requirement, IELTS UKVI exam pattern, etc. Let’s begin!

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What is IELTS for UKVI?

Before understanding IELTS UKVI, let’s first get a gist of the IELTS exam. International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a popular test among immigrants aiming to pursue a professional or academic career in the UK. This test also includes IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic.

Now, what is the IELTS UKVI examination?

When applying for a UK student visa to work, migrate, study, or seek vocational training, you must clear the IELTS UKVI examination, approved by the UK Visa and Immigration department. This test is applicable for candidates coming from Non-English countries.

For abroad students, all UK universities accept IELTS academic results. However, for the UK, one needs to pursue the IELTS UKVI. It’s recommended that students ask their desired universities which type of IELTS UKVI test is required.

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The type of IELTS UKVI examination you select and the required UKVI IELTS band score will depend on the requirements of your respective university. This choice also determines the payment of the UKVI IELTS fees. But before understanding that, let’s check out the…

Difference between IELTS and IELTS UKVI Test

What is the difference between UKVI IELTS and IELTS? Are you aware that the difference between IELTS and UKVI IELTS is contrasting? There are similarities and differences between IELTS and IELTS UKVI examinations. IELTS UKVI format, scoring, and difficulty level are similar to IELTS. Besides, the IELTS UKVI exam pattern is the same, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections.

Major Difference Between IELTS and IELTS UKVI is: The Test Report Form, which contains the IELTS and IELTS UKVI results, is slightly different to show that you have taken the test at an official IELTS for UKVI location, which the UK Home Office approves.

Moreover, the UK Home Office has approved an IELTS UKVI test for work, study, and migration purposes. Let’s go through this table to get more insights.




Test Report


Slightly modified, mentioning the name of the approved UKVI test centre



Computer-based with more protocols


INR 15,500


Life Skills: INR 14,600


International Candidates

International candidates who wish to pursue study, job, or migrate to the UK.

Band Score

6.5 or above

UKVI IELTS band score should be 4.0 or above in Speaking and Listening

Further, let’s check the IELTS UKVI registration process:

  • Select the correct IELTS for the UKVI test
  • Check availability and select the test date
  • Create an account with British Council
  • Book and pay

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Types of IELTS UKVI Tests

The IELTS for UKVI is available in three versions, i.e. academic, general training, and life skills. The type of IELTS UKVI tests you’ve selected will also be reflected in your professional CV.

  • IELTS Academic

The IELTS UKVI academic tests are ideal for candidates studying in an English-speaking country. However, you can also apply for IELTS academic for professional registration purposes. The IELTS UKVI academic test's primary objective is to evaluate whether the candidate is suitable to pursue higher studies in UK universities.

  • IELTS for UKVI General Training

IELTS for UKVI General Training test is suitable for candidates interested in higher education or planning for migration. The main objective of the IELTS for UKVI General Training is to focus on basic survival skills in a broad workplace environment.

Like IELTS UKVI Academic, the IELTS General Training test pattern comprises listening, reading, writing, and speaking assessments. Besides, it is similar to the general IELTS test. The candidates only need to select the test centres registered by UK Home Office.

  • IELTS Life Skills

The IELTS Life Skills is a recently launched UK Government-approved Secure English Language Test (SELT) version. This is a test for candidates who want to prove their English speaking and listening skills to acquire the desired visa. Per the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), your skills will be assessed on levels A1 and B1.

Fortunately, you can take the IELTS Life Skills examination multiple times. However, if you’ve cleared the test, you can’t re-apply for the same within two years.



IELTS Life Skills A1

This test is for candidates who want to prove their English speaking and listening skills. Executives of the overseas business, sportspersons, family members (spouse and parents)

IELTS Life Skills A2

This is personally a UK-based examination. This test is for candidates aiming to provide English speaking and listening skills for family extension visas.

IELTS Life Skills B1

This test is for candidates interested in proving their English speaking and listening skills for indefinite leave to remain purposes.

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These are the major types of IELTS UKVI examinations. As the test dates vary from location to location, a student can check the updated information on the official British Council website. Next, let’s check…

What are the Advantages of IELTS for UKVI?

More than 1,000 test locations are available worldwide for the students applying for the IELTS UKVI test for higher education in UK. Above all, UK universities do assist in sharing the IELTS UKVI test dates in India, test patterns, etc, with the candidates.

The best part about IELTS for the UKVI examination is that you don't face many difficulties getting PR in UK after study. Furthermore, as your IELTS scores are reflected in your CV, it also gives you an edge when looking for jobs during your studies.

As an abroad student, you need to prove that you’re well-versed in English speaking, reading, and listening through IELTS for the UKVI test. Though this is just one aspect of your application process, there are either requirements to study in UK that are essential to be fulfilled.

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This study abroad process can be intimidating for first-time applicants. If you, too, are one or need end-to-end guidance on any study abroad topic, choose Yocket premium. With this service, our counsellors will connect with you and guide you through the most challenging steps.


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