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What is STEM: Courses List, Eligibility & Admission Requirements


If you read newspapers, you must have heard the term ‘STEM’ a lot - either the governments are trying to build a strong STEM architecture or research universities are asking for STEM students to come aboard! So, what really is STEM? Is it something secret like the Illuminati that needs more people? 🤔 Or is it Hogwarts’s rival who is inviting fellow students to join the magical school? 🪄

So, what is STEM? Although you might know STEM, what it stands for is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In the Indian education system, if you choose the Science stream regardless of biology or mathematics, it is possible that you are going for a career in STEM. 

And just like the combination of 4 major streams, there are endless possibilities for the courses and universities you can pursue - so many that it might be a little overwhelming. With so many choices, matching the best options for you to your profile becomes a task. And the only task you should focus on during your study abroad journey is staying focused and determined. What about the rest? Let the pros handle it. 😉

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  Table of Contents 

  1. What is STEM? 
  2. What are STEM Courses? 
  3. Eligibility and Requirements to Study STEM Courses
  4. Top Countries and Colleges to Study STEM Courses

What is STEM?

So answering the highly anticipated question- ”What is STEM education?”

The term “STEM” was coined by Judith Ramaley, when she was an assistant director at the National Science Fund. The term was coined while designing education policies to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. 

Today, the top STEM universities like MIT and Carnegie Mellon University use STEM as a definition for their pedagogy to produce and train some of the best physicists, engineers and mathematicians in the world.

What are STEM Courses?

The STEM courses comprise primarily either of these four STEM subjects: 


This is composed of natural sciences like biology and chemistry and formal sciences like mathematics and statistics.


This defines the technical systems of our era like radar, Wi-Fi etc.


Although regarded as one of the biggest hobbies in India, engineering is one of the most dynamic and important parts of STEM research and studies.


Mathematics as a subject goes hand in hand with all other above-mentioned subjects and plays a key role in all of the STEM courses. 

Some popular STEM courses have been listed below: 

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Astronomy 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Biology 
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Physics 
  • Statistics 
  • Mathematics 

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It is important to note that STEM goes deep into the world of technology. This means that STEM does not include Social Sciences subjects like Psychology and History, which are rather clubbed into Humanities and Arts - or business programs. 

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Eligibility and Requirements to Study STEM Courses 

What does it take to study STEM courses abroad at the best universities across the globe? Except for the right fit, interest in the field, and an attraction to the career after graduating, here are a few things to keep in mind while applying to universities for STEM courses:

  • English language proficiency scores 
  • Aptitude test scores 
  • Minimum academic requirements 
  • Work experience 

English Language Proficiency Scores 

To be eligible for a STEM degree, English language proficiency is the most basic requirement. The minimum score requirement for IELTS and TOEFL is 6.0 and 80 respectively. Definitely, these requirements vary for universities and even the courses you wish to pursue.

Aptitude Test Scores 

Another basic requirement for getting admitted into a STEM program is the SAT, ACT scores when pursuing UG programs, and GRE, and GMAT when pursuing PG programs. Again, a few of these aptitude tests may not be required - the final call is taken by the university, to which you want admission.

Minimum Academic Requirements 

The minimum academic requirements to pursue a STEM degree are as follows: 

  • Science: 10+2 along with a 3-year bachelors course in Science (for PG STEM courses)
  • Technology: 10+2 along with a 4-year technology related bachelors course 
  • Engineering: 10+2 along with a 4-year bachelors course in various engineering specialisations 
  • Mathematics: 10+2 along with a 3-year mathematics related bachelors course

Work Experience 

For some universities, work experience is an important STEM eligibility requirement for courses about masters in the STEM field. The minimum work experience required usually spans 1-2 years according to various programs.

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Top Countries and Colleges to Study STEM Courses 

Career options, Education Quality, Research Facilities, and a lot more - these factors determine whether the country you choose is the best for pursuing your STEM course or not. And keeping that in mind, some of the top countries and colleges to study STEM courses are:

  • US 
  • UK 
  • Canada 
  • Australia 
  • Switzerland 
  • Germany 
  • Ireland 
  • Spain 

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And in these top spots, some of the most famous universities offering the best STEM degree programs in the world are: 

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From the Desk of Yocket

A STEM education will open gateways for you if you’re someone interested in subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is not only the future, STEM is the present dictating the future - with its presence in every field now, following the technological evolution and expansion! Moreover, STEM graduates are offered some of the highest-paying jobs in the world, with a great ROI. 

Want to know which are these jobs in STEM? Here’s a detailed look into the top 25 highest-paying STEM jobs!

Regardless of your gender, STEM has now become a lot more inclusive - crediting your merits before anything else. And with supportive hiring and career programs, organisations are creating a level playing field for all in STEM.

An industry that is creating the present, dictating the future, becoming inclusive of differences, and crediting merit - STEM has to be the leading career path for international students across the globe.

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