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How to Settle in USA? Guide on How to Settle in USA from India

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Our life rewards courage. A brave enough person to bet on something or someone without committing irreversible mistakes like running out of cash or going to jail for a crime is in a position to win. So is the case with settling in the USA from India. But how to settle in USA from India or other international countries? Are bravery and assurance enough for international aspirants? 

Let’s check out the significance of USA as a destination for international students, the various immigration rules, and critical restrictions to settle in the USA. Before that stressing over finding the right loan? - let Yocket's Loan Finder do the work for you! Try it out now and find your perfect match

Table of Contents
  1. Why Should International Students Settle in USA?
  2. How to Settle in USA?
  3. Advantages of Settling in USA for International Students
  4. Types of Immigrants in USA
  5. Ways to Settle in USA
  6. How to Settle in USA with a Green Card?

Why Should International Students Settle in USA?

In January 2022, US immigrants represented 14.2% of the nation's total population. The given is the highest percentage in 112 years, since 1820. Besides, as of 2022, the US is the 3rd largest country worldwide, with a population of 334 million. But why did these people decide to settle in USA?

Whether you are an Indian or international student planning to study and settle in USA, the following factors will ensure your decision.

  • USA is the most culturally diverse country with a 0.278 cultural diversity index. The country has influences from European American, Asian American, African American, Latin American, and Native American cultures. Adjusting to these cultures might seem challenging initially, but later, people begin to enjoy their independence, equality, directness, informality, etc.
  • In the USA, more than 239 million people speak English. Therefore, the country is a preferred study destination for English speakers. However, the other spoken languages include Spanish, Chinese, French, and German.
  • America offers immense religious freedom. The people can practice every known religion in the world like Catholic, Jewish, Agnostic, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and others. The research states that only 23% of Americans consider themselves non-religious.
  • Lastly, people can enjoy multiple sports in the USA like football, baseball, ice hockey, and basketball.

Mistakes International Students Must Avoid in the USA!

With the perks of living in USA, let’s understand…

How to Settle in USA?

Many international students often wonder, “I am Indian and want to settle in USA” or “I am an international student and want to settle in USA.” As exciting as it may sound to enjoy the country’s learning-based environment, exceptional lifestyle, and quality of education, this decision involves a lot of preparation. Let’s go through the steps on how to settle in USA.

  1. Plan your budget by checking the cost of living in USA 2022, selecting a university in US, the best course in the US, etc. They will help you get an estimation to arrange the finance from loans, scholarships in the US, personal funds, etc.
  2. Pick an affordable accommodation to live in the US by comparing the universities’ on-campus/off-campus rents or urban/suburban/rural area charges of houses/flats. The average monthly apartment cost in the US can vary from $600 to $3000.
  3. Understand the US traffic rules, as even crossing a “no crossing” sign can cost you a huge fine. The universities will help the students know all the traffic rules; still, it is better to prepare in advance.
  4. Get familiar with the US metric system to avoid difficulty during your stay. For example, the units of measurement in India like kilometres, kilos, and degrees celsius get replaced by miles, pounds, and Fahrenheit.

Scholarships for Indians in USA!

Next, let’s explore the…

Advantages of Settling in USA for International Students

It is critical to highlight that settling in USA from India or any other country will benefit a student. Let’s check out how?

  • USA offers around 3,928 colleges, b-schools, and universities with amazing academic reputations, research facilities, campus life, quality of teaching, etc. The list includes some world-renowned universities like Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California-Berkeley, and others.
  • The universities in the US offer more than 2 million; 2-year and 4-year courses with the best ones like business & management, engineering, maths and computer science, social science, etc.
  • Reports state that the US is expected to achieve job opportunities growth of 11.5 million between 2019 to 2026.
  • The US campuses help improve international students' cross-cultural communication skills and provide global recognition.

Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2022!

Now you know why settling in USA from India or other international countries is a progressive decision. Next, let’s have a brief understanding on…

Types of Immigrants in US

Following are the type of immigrants in the USA and their visa requirements to settle for a career, living, or education. The list mainly covers employment and study immigrants.

Immigrant Type

Visa Requirments

Priority Workers

EB-1 Visa

Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability

EB-2 Visa

Skilled, Unskilled Workers, and Professionals

EB-3 Visa

Special Immigrant (Religious Workers, Broadcasters, Afgan and Iraqi Translators, Special Immigrant Juveniles, etc.)

EB-4 Visa

Immigrant Investor Program

EB-5 Visa

International Academic Student

F-1 Visa

International Vocational Student

M-1 Visa

Why F and M Students Not Getting Visas with Fully Online Courses?

Now you know the requirements of visas for settling in USA from India or other international countries. Additionally, let’s go through the…

Ways to Settle in USA

You can move to US from India or an international country by following these crucial visa procurement steps:

  • Getting a passport to apply for a visa and stamp.
  • Finishing Adhar formalities/ or providing identity proof.
  • Completing and updating the Bank account KYC or providing the bank account’s financial details.
  • Submitting academic transcripts, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, English proficiency certificate, and other exams scorecards like GMAT/GRE (if required.)
  • Verifying the mobile number.
  • Installing mobile banking apps.
  • Getting a medical examination.
  • Going to a visa interview.
  • Lastly, waiting for the decision of the visa committee.

US Study Visa Requirements

How to Settle in USA with a Green Card?

Following are the requirements that an international resident must fulfil to get a green card in USA:

  1. Through Family: You can apply for a green card in the US if you are:

  2. An immediate relative of a US citizen
  • Spouse
  • Unmarried child under 21 years of age
  • Parent of a US citizen who is at least 21 years old
  1. A special immigrant
  • A religious worker who is member of a religious denomination and wish to work in the US for a non-profit organisation.
  • Juvenile seeking protection from court due to physical/mental abuse.
  • Afghanistan or Iraq national who has worked under the US government.
  • An international broadcaster who has come to work under the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) or its grantee.
  • Employee of an international organisation or NATO-6.
  1. An International Student with F-1 Visa: You can apply for a green card on:
  • Receiving an employee sponsorship.
  • Marrying a US citizen.
  • Seeking Asylum.
  • Winning the green card lottery.
  • Winning sponsorship from a relative who owns a business.
  • Participating in military service.
  • Receiving parent/child sponsorship.

With so many options available, it becomes intimidating to pick the right one for settling in USA from India. But worry not, Yocket is here! You can subscribe to Yocket premium and take guidance from our well-qualified and experienced counsellors. They will surely help you find the best way to settle in the USA, making your abroad journey an accomplishment.


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