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BTech in Australia: BTech in Australia for Indian Students

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Every experience in life boils down to our interpretation of it. Similar is the case with the dream of pursuing Btech in Australia. To make this experience fruitful, one must interpret the facts related to the Btech courses in Australia, like the best universities, specialisations, scholarships, cost of studying, and more.

These insights on Btech in Australia for Indian Students will help you make an informed decision based on your requirements and interests, thereby making your experience lucrative.

Let’s get started with the information!

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Overview of Btech in Australia

Course Duration

4-6 years

Average Btech Fees in Australia

37,000 AUD to 49,000 AUD/ INR 20.24 to 26.80 lakhs


Material Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechatronics


70% in Class 12th: Maths, Physics, and Chemistry

Scores Required

TOEFL: 90; IELTS: 6.5

Benefits of Studying Btech in Australia

Australia’s 21 universities rank in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 for Engineering and Technology. This states the preference of Australia as a reputed study abroad destination. The Btech, popularly known as bachelor of engineering in Australia, is a 4-6 years full-time program. Further, each year more than 4,65,000 international students visit Australia for higher education. But are these reasons sufficient to pursue BTech in Australia?

Let’s explore the other perks of studying Btech in Australia:

  • Australia is currently experiencing a shortage of engineers in the highest growth sectors. Therefore, by pursuing Btech in Australia, Indian/international students can access various job opportunities.
  • The average salary of engineers in Australia varies from 137,860 AUD to 166,884 AUD/ INR 6,22,37,113 to 91,27,993.
  • Australia has an amazing quality of education with practical and theoretical learning opportunities.
  • Through post work visa or skilled graduate visa, the Btech international students can gain skilled work experience in the country.
  • There are 50+ engineering specialisations in Australia to pursue a Btech degree.
  • Australia provides industry exposure to its students in terms of course structure, experiential training, growth, etc.

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Now you know the reasons why Btech in Australia for Indian students is beneficial. Next, let’s explore the list of top Btech colleges in Australia.

Top Btech Colleges in Australia

The Btech colleges in Australia offer various Btech specialisations like:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Systems
  • Materials engineering
  • Robotics and Mechatronics engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Mechanical engineering, etc.

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Now you know the top B tech courses in Australia. Next, let’s explore the top Btech colleges in Australia with their QS World University Rankings 2022 by subject, engineering and technology.

Further, let’s explore these colleges in Australia for Btech with their Btech in Australia fees in detail.


Btech Courses Name

1-year Tuition Fee (INR)

The University of New South Whales

Bachelors of Science

Bachelors of Engineering (software, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, computer, etc.)

Bachelors of Aviation

Bachelors of Information System

BE Electrical Engineering

INR 22.95-29.14 Lakhs

The University of Melbourne

Bachelors of Science

Bachelors of Science in Data Science

Bachelors of Science in Mechatronic Systems

Bachelors of design in Computing, etc.

INR 21.71 to 26.2 Lakhs

Monash University

Bachelors of Software Engineering

Bachelors of Computer Science

Bachelors of Mechatronic Engineering

Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering

Bachelors of Information Technology, etc.

INR 22.6 to 27.68 Lakhs

The University of Sydney

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

Bachelors of Advanced Computing

Bachelors of Science in Data Science

Bachelors of Engineering Honors (Software/ Civil / Electrical Engineering/ Aeronautical, etc.)

Bachelors of design in Computing, etc.

INR 22.07 to 27.99 Lakhs

The Australian National University

Bachelors of Computer Science

Bachelors of Information Technology

Bachelors of Advanced Computing

Bachelors of Engineering (Honours), etc.

INR 24.96 to 26.91 Lakhs

The University of Queensland

Bachelors of Computer Science

Bachelors of Engineering

Bachelors of Information Technology in Computer Systems and Networks, etc.

INR 22.68 to 25.23 Lakhs

University of Technology Sydney

Bachelors of Computing Science

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering

Bachelors of Information Systems Bachelors of Business, etc.

INR 18.97 to 28.84 Lakhs

The University of Adelaide

Bachelors of Engineering (Civil/ Software/ Mechanical Engineering/ Aerospace)

Bachelors of Information Technology

Bachelors of Computer Science, etc.

INR 20.72 to 23.95 Lakhs

RMIT University

Bachelors of Computer Science

Bachelors of Engineering (Aerospace) Honours

Bachelors of Engineering (Civil / Infrastructure) Honours, etc.

INR 16.1 to 38.65 Lakhs

The University of Western Australia

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

Bachelors of Science in Engineering Science

Bachelors of Science in Cyber Security, etc.

INR 17.76 to 23.93 Lakhs

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Now you know the top universities, Btech in Australia fees, and courses. Next, let’s explore the…

Eligibility and Document Requirements for Btech in Australia

To apply to the top universities in Australia for Btech, the Australia colleges for Btech have the following eligibility criteria.

  • The availability of a senior secondary school certificate with a 70% and above score in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths is required to study Btech in Australia.
  • An IELTS band with 6.5 and above
  • A TOEFL score of 90 and above
  • Complete admission form and payment of 110 to 125 AUD/ INR 6,100 to 6,900 application fee.

Further, let’s dive into the document requirements to study Btech in Australia.

  • All academic records with grades and scores.
  • Officially certified academic transcripts of senior secondary education.
  • A proof of English language proficiency.
  • Letter of recommendations
  • A statement of purpose for Australia.
  • Official IDs, including birth certificate and citizenship document or passport.
  • Financial proof stating that you can bear the tuition and living expenses.
  • Candidates with experience must submit a resume/CV and current statement of employment.
  • A student visa.

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Next, let’s explore the cost of studying in Australia.

Cost of Studying Btech in Australia

The cost of studying in Australia is of three types:

  • Pre-arrival Cost: This includes application fee, Australian student visa fee, IELTS fee, TOEFL fee, PTE, Air Fare, Health Insurance, etc. The total of this cost is around 2,754 - 3,684 AUD/ INR 150,634 - 201,502.
  • Tuition Fees for Btech in Australia: The tuition fees for Btech in Australia can vary from 37,000 - 49,000 AUD/ INR 20.24 to 26.80 lakhs per year.
  • Cost of living: Lastly, the cost of living includes expenses like grocery and food, accommodation, gas and electricity, public transport, entertainment, etc. This cost may vary depending on the lifestyle of the student. However, on average it is 20,290 AUD/ INR 11,09,794 annually.

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Next, let’s explore a few scholarships to tackle B tech fees in Australia.

Scholarships for Btech Courses in Australia

Following is the list of scholarships to study Btech in Australia.


Stipend (AUD/ INR)

The University of New South Wales, Future of Change Scholarship

5000/ INR 2,73,483 per annum

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

Partial Tuition Fee

Monash International Leadership Scholarship

100% Tuition Fee


Dr Abdul Kalam International Undergraduate Scholarship

50% Tuition Fee

ANU Chancellors International Scholarship

25,000/ INR 13,67,415 Total Amount

UQ Excellence Scholarships for International Students

20% reduction in tuition fee per year

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Now you know the scholarships to pursue a course from Btech colleges in Australia. Next, let’s explore the job opportunities with the average annual salary that one can receive after a Btech in Australia.

Job Opportunities after Btech in Australia

The international/Indian students can further decide to pursue courses in Australia after Btech, like executive MBA in Australia, MS, etc, or begin a job role by applying for a 2-year work visa. Following are the job roles that one can do after completing Btech in Australia, along with the average annual salary estimates. Let’s check!

Job Role after Btech in Australia

Average Annual Salary (AUD/ INR)

Automation Engineer

116,427/ INR 63.68 lakhs

Civil Engineer

82,000/ INR 44.85 lakhs

Electrical Engineer

88,000/ INR 48.13 lakhs

Environmental Engineer

77,800/ INR 42.55 lakhs

Industrial Engineer

76,800/ INR 42 lakhs

Mechanical Engineer

91,800/ INR 53.49 lakhs

Robotics Engineer

93,200/ INR 50.97 lakhs

Structural Engineer

81,600/ INR 44.63 lakhs

Mining Engineer

80,700/ INR 44.14 lakhs

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Now you know all about Btech in Australia. However, still, if you get confused or need end-to-end guidance from our expert counsellors regarding the application of scholarships, student visas, loans, or any other study abroad aspect, choose Yocket premium. With this service, we will help make your study abroad journey a hassle-free ride.

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