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The Genesis of Yocket

Engineering to Eureka_image
Engineering to Eureka_emoji

Engineering to Eureka

In 2010, before WhatsApp even existed, three would-be engineers realized that there was no place in the country where students could find reviews & guides to study abroad. In this “Eureka” moment they decided to make it their own passion project.

Spreadsheet: The Saviour_image
Spreadsheet: The Saviour_emoji

Spreadsheet: The Saviour

Gathering college reviews, course information, cut-offs and counselling tips all on a neatly maintained spreadsheet, the boys took on their first customer, a 12th-grade student for a mere 800 rupees! Thus, StupidSid came into being.

StupidSid: A big brother. A friend. A senior._image
StupidSid: A big brother. A friend. A senior._emoji

StupidSid: A big brother. A friend. A senior.

On a hot summer day in 2010, they woke up to phenomenal news - Their website got over 10K hits in one single day! Over the next 2 years, word spread quickly with students & universities all over Mumbai! With the resolve of taking it nationwide, they decided to skip their placement offer and go full time with StupidSid.

What’s in a name? Everything!_image
What’s in a name? Everything!_emoji

What’s in a name? Everything!

After attaining incredible popularity among the study abroad community in 2015, they needed to rebrand themselves. After 36 hours of Dictionary flipping and brain-picking, they combined the words ‘Your’ & ‘Rocket’ to make YOCKET, a symbol of the journey and aspiration to dream universities worldwide.

Yocket Into The Future_image
Yocket Into The Future_emoji

Yocket Into The Future

“Synonymous for Study Abroad” Yocket has set its sights on becoming the most student-friendly study abroad platform for every single aspirant who wants to study outside their country, anywhere in the world!

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"They surely made my application process a lot easier, from shortlisting universities according to my profile, improving my resume and SOP drafts to reviewing applications. I'm really glad that I chose Yocket."

krithika madabhooshi


"The experience with Yocket was very smooth. The consultant guided me very well with the process, giving all the necessary details required to pursue a master's in the USA. I am extremely satisfied with Yocket's support and highly recommend it to other."

Harshit Mittal


"I had the best experience with yocket as they have given me the best opportunity and which was hassle free and very fast "

Vanshika Rai

Meet our founders

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Sumeet Jain


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Kashyap Matani


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Tumul Buch



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Come join the team of extraordinaries. We are passionate, creative, determined and arms wide open for anyone who loves a bit of fun while working.

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Cleveland State University

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University of Illinois, Chicago

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NorthEastern University, Boston

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Stevens Insitute of Technology

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Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

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University of Texas, Arlington

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University of Massachusetts, Boston

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University of Colarado, Denver

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University of Dayton

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University of New Haven