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Types of GRE Test: Know Different Types of GRE Test to Study Abroad

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Types of GRE Test: Know Different Types of GRE Test to Study Abroad Image

GRE or the Graduate Record Examination is a global test that the ETS (Educational testing services) hosts. Aspirants who want to appear in a postgraduation program in the top universities globally or get a scholarship for the same usually appear for the test to compete and get the top scores.

There are primarily two types of GRE tests. You should first evaluate which one suits your requirements and only then fill up the application form. Also, take care to use the same name on your GRE form as on your other documents to avoid future problems.

  Table of Contents

  1. What is the GRE Exam?
  2. Two Types of GRE Tests
  3. The GRE Subject Test
  4. The GRE General Test
  5. Different Types of GRE: Home, Centre, Computer, and Paper
  6. Frequently Asked Questions About Different Types of GRE Tests

What is the GRE Exam?

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a standardised test that measures reasoning, quantitative and critical thinking capacities. The exam is literally an essential as an academic requirement to get admitted into top-tier universities across the globe for graduate programs. 

Types of GRE Tests

The two types of GRE tests include the GRE subject test and the GRE general test. In most cases, the type of GRE tests you’ll be required to give depends on your university or scholarship provider. The subject test is confined to a single subject and checks your abilities and knowledge on that specific subject. The general test will test your aptitude in general and evaluate your student profile as a whole. Let us dive in deeper.

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GRE Subject Test

The GRE subject test is a subject-based test used mainly in postgraduation and graduation courses abroad. This test takes place three times a year and is paper-delivered. Four subjects come under the eligibility of this category: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology. The number of questions varies greatly. For example, the Psychology GRE might have about 250 MCQs while the mathematics test has only about 70.

GRE General Test

The GRE general test is the most versatile and widely accepted test for studying abroad, especially for master’s students. The test scope is generally confined to analytical writing, and verbal and quantitative reasoning. You can answer the GRE general test both using a computer or on paper, depending on your choice. This is also an MCQ-based test.

Compare between GRE subject test vs general test

Different Types of GRE: Home, Centre, Computer, and Paper

While the GRE subject test is only paper-based, the general test can be delivered either on paper or using a computer. The subject test, because it is paper-based, is conducted usually in centers around the world but the general test can be taken from the comfort of your home too. Let us look at the major difference between the computer and paper delivered types of GRE tests in the general category.



ONE analytical section: two tasks each

TWO analytical sections: one task each

20 questions each in the other two sections

25 questions each in the other two sections

95 minutes total time

105 minutes total time

After fully analyzing the syllabus and paper format, you must also know how the GRE scores are evaluated to gain more insight into how to plan your study. In all, a score higher than 300 is considered to be a good score, and you’ll get into most colleges. Check out this video to know top colleges accepting 300-310 GRE scores across the globe: 

Make sure to properly plan your study and register for GRE on time, and stay panic-free throughout your GRE journey. The preparation period might be difficult, but in the end, it's all going to be worth it: admission to your dream university!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Different Types of GRE Tests

Ques. Is the GRE test difficult?

Ans. The GRE is more difficult and needs more preparation than the SATs and the ACTs.

Ques. How many times can I give GRE Subject test?

Ans. You can give the GRE test a maximum of five times in a 365 days period.

Ques. Should I go for the GRE General Test?

Ans. Unless you’re specializing in one of the major subjects included in the GRE Subject Test, you should for the GRE general test.

Ques. Is the computer-based GRE test better than the paper-based one?

Ans. On a whole, the computer-based test is more convenient than the paper-based one. This is because you’ll get the reasoning scores on the same day, which takes up to six months for the paper-based test. Moreover, it’s a big pro if you’re used to using computers and giving tests online.

Ques. What is the average GRE score?

Ans. Anything between 280 to 300 is considered an average GRE score, and anything below 260 won’t get you admission to top universities.