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Top 10 Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore for 2024

Yocket Editorial Team

Have you been dreaming about studying in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries? If yes, stop dreaming! No, it’s not a reprimand. It is time for you to take the next step and start applying to the top universities in these countries. “How?” you may ask. Well, Yocket is here to answer that question.

The internet is an excellent repository of information. Try doing some research to understand the scope of international education. And if you need help getting started, you can seek assistance from an overseas education consultant, like Yocket and many others, as we’ve listed in this blog.

If you want to know more about how to get started, connect with an expert at Yocket for unbiased counselling and complete end-to-end assistance. In the meantime, make sure to read this blog till the end to learn about the best study-abroad consulting firms in Bangalore.

10 Best Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore

A significant number of students in Bangalore pursue education in a foreign country. Multiple IB schools and a good environment for start-up growth act as catalysts for foreign education. With a huge outflow of students from Bangalore, there are multiple consultancies promising to offer the best service and experience for students, but you must be aware of which ones are truly worth the money. This is why we’ve done thorough research and made a list of the six best consultancies so that you can go ahead with your study-abroad plans.

Without any further ado, here are the top 10 overseas educational consultants in Bangalore:

  • Yocket
  • LeapScholar
  • Maven Consulting Services
  • IDP
  • Edwise International
  • Jamboree
  • Study Metro
  • Study Oversead Global
  • Collegemaker Study Abroad
  • Study Next Overseas

let's learn about each of them in detail now,

1. Yocket

Yocket is a community-based platform for over 1.2 million students, and it offers unbiased counselling. At Yocket, we acknowledge that each student has different challenges and requirements, which is why we offer personalised study-abroad guidance, made - JUST FOR YOU.

Yocket offers completely online assistance, which means you can access all the services irrespective of your physical location. You can also schedule a 1-on-1 call with a counsellor to learn more about the study-abroad process. 

Once onboarded, you get a personal dashboard where you can track your activities, along with an experienced counsellor to help you make informed decisions.  To learn more, explore Yocket Premium today! But it doesn’t stop there! Yocket also helps you with things like finding accommodation, planning your travel, and preparing for life in a new country. We’re your one-stop shop for all things study abroad.

Click on the country that you want to pursue your higher education in:

Timings | 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Contact Details: 1800 270 6088

2. LeapScholar

LeapScholar is another top study abroad consultant out there, known for their counseling and expertise in helping students like you achieve their academic and career goals overseas.

They’ll start by getting to know you and your goals, then help you choose a college from their vast list. Once you’re ready to apply, they’ll be there every step of the way, even guiding you through the sometimes confusing visa process and helping you find funding.

Their team of experienced consultants uses a special approach that combines professional advice with personal mentorship, so you’ll always feel supported and informed throughout your journey.

Location | Leap Scholar - HSR Layout, Bengaluru

Timings | 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 80471 84844

Leap Scholar

3. Maven Consulting Services

Based in Bangalore and Chennai, Maven has been around for over 14 years, guiding students like you towards their educational goals. They’re known for their expertise in admission counseling, visa consulting, and general foreign education advice.

Not only do they help you find the university from their network of over 500+, but they also prepare you for crucial standardized exams such as the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and SAT. With a 99.8% visa success rate, you can be confident that you’ll be saying “hello” to your dream university in no time!

Location | Maven Consulting Services - Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Timings | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 80409 16818

Maven Consulting Services

4. IDP Education

IDP is another big name in the international student game, helping countless students like you land the study abroad experience of their dreams. They’ve got a massive network of universities across the globe, from Canada and the UK to Australia and New Zealand, and even more!

IDP is like your own personal study abroad squad, helping you with everything from picking the right program to nailing that visa application. Their experienced counselors will be there for you every step of the way, offering personalized advice and support.

Location | Global Tree - Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru and other outlets

Timings | 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 80441 18888

IDP Education - Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore (St. mark's)

5. Edwise International

Edwise International has been in the overseas education game for years, and they know their stuff! They’re more than just another consultancy; they offer personalized advice and support every step of the way, from choosing the right program to landing that coveted acceptance letter. Their goal is to make sure your study abroad experience is as smooth and successful as possible.

Location | Edwise International - MG Road, Bengaluru

Timings | 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 1800 102 0336

Edwise International - Study Abroad Consultants - Bangalore

6. Jamboree

Jamboree’s mission is simple: to help you get into your dream college. They’ll do everything from assessing your strengths and weaknesses to building a profile that’ll make universities swoon. They’ll also help you ace tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. And once you’ve got those scores, Jamboree will help you shortlist the perfect universities for you.

These guys go the extra mile by preparing you for interviews with real-time mock sessions and even lending a hand with funding and scholarships.

Location | Jamboree - Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bengaluru

Timings | 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 89299 00789

Jamboree Education - Jayanagar Center

7. Study Metro

Study Metro is a prominent global educational consulting organization known for providing comprehensive help and guidance to students. Their experienced consultants provide expert advice on study abroad programmes, admission requirements, and visa procedures. In addition, they assist students with test preparation and provide language training classes to improve students' language skills. 

Study Metro's extensive network of partner colleges ensures that students have access to the best international education opportunities. Study Metro has a solid reputation among both parents and students for providing credible information and personalised support. It is one of the leading foreign education advisors in Bangalore, offering expert advice on universities, programmes, and the best study abroad destinations. 

Location | Study Metro - Wood Street, Bangalore

Timings | 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 7993268888

8. Study Overseas Global

Study Overseas Global is an international education company that assists students in realising their goals of studying abroad. They offer comprehensive guidance, covering university selection, application, and visa application processes. Their advisors stay up to date on the latest advances in global education and provide informed advice on study abroad and scholarship opportunities. 

Study Overseas Global provides students with customised attention and guidance as they prepare for their study abroad. They provide students with a variety of study abroad options through their large network of partner universities. Their experience, individualised approach, and commitment to each student's academic success have established Study Overseas Global as a recognised consultant in Bangalore. 

Location | Leap Scholar - Basava Nagar Main Road, Bengaluru

Timings | 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 63642 01555

9. Collegemarker Study Abroad

Collegemarker Study Abroad is a renowned consultancy in Bangalore. It offers various services, such as counselling and university selection. They have a large database of partner universities, which makes it easier for students to get admission to foreign institutions. 

Collegemarker Study Abroad provides comprehensive services to assist students in navigating the challenges of studying abroad with their years of experience and knowledge. Their committed team will help students at every stage, from choosing the best study abroad destinations and programs to obtaining scholarships and managing visa applications.

Location | Collegemarker Study Abroad- KHB Colony, Bangalore

Timings | 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 9632777519

10. Study Next Overseas

Study Next Overseas Study Abroad Consultants, a leading consulting service, has a proven track record of generating positive outcomes for students. Their expert consultants have an array of expertise in the best study abroad programmes. They provide personalised counselling and advice based on each student's academic background, career goals, and preferences. 

Study Next Overseas' advisers can assist with university selection, application preparation, and visa application support. They place a great importance on student satisfaction and ensure that students receive comprehensive support throughout their overseas education experience. 

Location | Study Next Overseas - Jayanagar, Bangalore

Timings | 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Contact Details: (+91) 63642 01555

From the Desk of Yocket

So, there you have it! These are some of the top study abroad consultants in Bangalore, and each one is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of studying abroad. They offer a range of services to guide you on your journey, from finding the right university to navigating the visa application process.

And don’t forget to do your research! Read testimonials from other students and check out the consultant’s background to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for in-person guidance or prefer the convenience of online consultations, there’s an option out there for you.

Just remember to take your time and choose the consultant who best matches your requirements. With the right support, you’ll be well on your way to studying abroad and having an amazing experience.

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