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Masters In Spain: Guide on Masters in Spain for Indian Students

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Are you planning to pursue masters in Spain? Kudos, as Spain is one of the interesting places to meet new people, experience a true happening atmosphere, and enjoy beautiful, warm Mediterranean weather. Why wouldn't the students want to study abroad in such a warm environment? Apart from the vibrant atmosphere, Spain is home to 76 universities and colleges that welcome thousands of international students annually. Besides, a student can broaden their cultural horizons by visiting a few very wonderful attractions while studying and preparing to become a specialist in their chosen field.

But is the study abroad plan to enrol masters in Spain for Indian students?

Let’s explore this all-encompassing guide with various facets of MS in Spain like universities, courses, the application process, etc.

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Overview of Spain for International Students

Many overseas students can study in Spain for less than 4,000 Euro/ Rs 3,36,306 per year. Moreover, many study programs start at only 150 Euro/ Rs 12,611 each year. Keep in mind, however, that non-EU/EEA students do not always have the same benefits as EU/EEA students. To study masters in Spain is quite a demanding task among international/Indian students.

So why do international students wish to study masters degrees in Spain?

  • Every year, more than 50 top universities in Spain for masters gain a place in worldwide university rankings. Further, the business schools stand out among them, as Spain is known for its welcoming environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesspeople.
  • Spain offers a pleasant weather. However, the temperatures vary by location, but it's safe to say that if you enjoy the sun, going to the beach, or feeling all that wonderful warmth on your skin, you won't go wrong choosing a Spanish university to study at. If you choose to study the local language, you will gain access to a language spoken by almost 500 million people.
  • Spain is a relatively affordable country where international students do not feel financially pressured. On average, an international student needs 900-1000 EUR per month to live in Spain. However, the cost may be a bit more for the expensive Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

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Next, let’s check the top universities in Spain for masters.

Top 5 Universities in Spain for Masters

There are 45 public universities in Spain that are funded by the government, and the rest, 35, are either private or run by the catholic church. Let’s check the top ones to pursue masters in Spain for international students.

  • University of Barcelona
  • EU Business School
  • ISDI - Digital Business School
  • Barcelona Technology School
  • Harbour Space University

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Next, let’s explore the types of masters programs Spain.

Master's degree in Spain for international students is usually carried out for 10 to 24 months and is worth between 60 and 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits. Besides, in Spain, it is quite common to offer master's programs through the Erasmus program. These are two years long, with placements, internships, and study sessions.

Some of the popular master programs in Spain for international students are as follows:

  • Masters in Management (MIM)

Internationally oriented and highly applied, the Masters in Management program in Spain has been ranked among the top Masters in Management in the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2020. Whatever your academic background is, a MIM is an ideal course to prepare you for the next stage of your career.

  • Masters in Tourism & Hospitality Management

The International Masters in Tourism & Hospitality Management course is ranked first in Spain and tenth worldwide. It is a well-established program with 100% of graduates employed within three months. Besides, the program can be combined with internships at leading tourist and hospitality organisations, and it gives students access to young talent programs.

  • Masters Degree in Biomedicine

The Masters of Biomedicine program is designed to prepare students for careers in research in biosciences. Furthermore, the course can help improve their abilities for professional practice in private and public institutions related to biotechnological development and innovation in biomedical. So this course is a top pick for studying master in Spain for international students.

  • Masters Degree in Branding

The Masters of Branding can provide the students with a global perspective on brand creation and management, allowing them to succeed in an increasingly globalised and competitive environment.

  • Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering

This masters degree has the highest entrepreneurial demands and the highest proportion of job placement out of all university degrees, with significantly lower unemployment rates than the national average and great short- and medium-term prospects both regionally and nationally.

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Eligibility Criteria and Exam Score for Masters in Spain

When it comes to the admission process to study masters in Spain, there are certain documents and certificates that you need to prepare. Some of the documents for masters in Spain for Indian students are:

  • Proof of earning your Bachelor’s degree
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your transcripts
  • SOP, LORs
  • PTE (6.0 and above), IELTS (6.5 or above), TOEFL (90 on internet and 550 for paper-based), C1 Advanced
  • GMAT/GRE score are not mandatory to study masters in Spain
  • Financial background document
  • For Spanish taught degrees a student need to submit scores for the DELE test

Admission Process for MS in Spain

Following are the steps that can be followed to apply masters in Spain for international students.

  • First, check the admission requirements with your chosen university in Spain.
  • Fill out your application process online and pay an application fee.
  • Don’t forget to carefully check all entry requirements and the attached necessary documents.
  • Submit all the required application documents in Spanish or have them translated. (if required by the university)
  • Ensure to know the language requirements and whether you need to prove skills in English or Spanish before enrolling in a masters degrees in Spain.
  • Show how you performed as a student in your SOP and ensure to know what your Grade Point Average (GPA) were during your studies.
  • To increase your chances of pursuing masters programs Spain, ensure to apply to more than one university.

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Next, let’s check the cost to study master in Spain for international students

Cost of Studying Masters in Spain

Following are the average expenses that an international student bears while studying in Spain. Let’s go through it!


Cost in Euro (Average)

Cost of INR (Average)

Tuition Fees

1,800 Euro per annum

20,000 Euro per annum

Rs 15,1338 per annum (Public Universities)

Rs 16,81,534 per annum (private universities)

Living Expense

1,000 Euro per month

Rs 84,076 per month

Books expenses

900 Euro per month

Rs 75,669 per month


50 Euro per month

Rs 4,203 per month


200 Euro per month

Rs 16,815 per month

Some international students might not have sufficient finance for these expenses; therefore, let’s check a few scholarships for masters in Spain for international students.

Scholarships for Masters in Spain

To gain master’s degrees in Spain, there are scholarships and grants for students. Master programs in Spain for international students come with enough scholarship options. Let’s explore!


Eligibility & Grants

Spanish Studies Abroad Financial Aid

Those who can demonstrate a commitment to their Spanish studies both inside and outside the classroom will be given priority. 1,355 Euro/ Rs 1,13,923

Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship – IT4BI for EU and non – EU students

Candidates with bachelors/masters degree and call from a reputed university in Spain will be given priority. 24,000 Euro/ Rs 20,17,841 per year

BlueSteps & IE Scholarships in Spain

Only confirmed BlueSteps members are eligible to apply for the BlueSteps & IE Scholarship to study for an Executive Master's degree in Positive Leadership and Strategy. 13,500 Euro/ Rs 11,35,035 per year

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Jobs after Masters in Spain

If you want to stay in Spain after completing your masters in Spain degree, you must carefully select the region where you want to settle down and plan ahead for your post-study work visa in Spain. The "job search visa" is a one-time, one-year residency permit that permits graduates to look for work in Spain without difficulty for the duration of their stay. You have 60 days before or 90 days after the expiration of your student Foreigners Identity Number (NIE) to apply for this visa.

There are different job positions available after masters in Spain for Indian students:

  • Business Analyst
  • Risk Management Leader
  • Product Manager
  • HR

Let’s check their average annual salary.


Average Annual Salary

Business Analyst

40,980 Euro/ Rs 34,45,464

Project Manager

48,312 Euro/ Rs 40,61,915

Risk Manager

54,000 Euro/ Rs 45,40,143

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We have compiled enough information to help you out in seeking admission for MS in Spain. It is wise to do some research work when seeking admission to any of the top universities. However, if you need end-to-end guidance at any step, subscribe to Yocket premium. Our well-trained counsellors will surely make your study abroad dream a success.

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