Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) Abroad


Business Administration is a professional discipline associated with the overall management of a commercial enterprise. It embraces supervising and overseeing all the aspects of a business, such as accounting, finance, quality assurance, sales, project management, research and development, marketing, etc, which are required to run an organization successfully. 

Business Administration professionals are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the business operations and processes are being carried out efficiently. If you find yourself interested in the sphere of Business studies and would like to develop a career in management, Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) will be an apt choice to start your career.

Studying BBA abroad will not only expose you to various areas of focus but will also develop your organization management skills to become a successful business leader. Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start a venture of their own can also contemplate studying at BBA colleges abroad as it provides the correct base of what it takes to manage and upscale a business.

Why Study BBA Abroad?

It is vital to know about the usefulness and scope of any course before finalising. After all, the course and university you choose have a significant role in determining your future. So, let us begin our discussion by looking at some of the benefits of studying at BBA colleges abroad:  

  • Versatile Degree: A BBA degree is much more than getting a degree for the job you want. While most undergraduate degrees are more about theory, the BBA program combines theory, practical knowledge, and personality development skills. Such exposure grooms you into a wholesome professional and prepares you for success.
  • Professional Degree: BBA is an entirely professional degree if you are willing to choose a career in business and management. It is an opportunity to be placed at reputed positions at an early age and gain the ability to assess organisational needs for effective implementation in practical scenarios.
  • High Salary & Benefits: Who doesn’t want a good salary and excellent benefits? A BBA degree paves your way to various managerial and administrative professions. Since you begin your career early, you will have the scope of getting promoted to reach higher levels of success.  
  • Personality Development: Apart from academic growth, a BBA course in abroad fosters personal development. You learn to be a strong and confident professional capable of handling teams and running a whole company. You also grow into a team leader and responsible professional. 
  • Stepping Stone to MBA: Having an undergraduate degree in any discipline offers the eligibility to pursue an MBA. But the BBA course itself is a preparation for an MBA in future. Hence, your chance of getting into the best universities for an MBA increases. 

Course Structure

As we have seen, BBA is a promising course for your career in business to flourish. Let us have a look at the course structure for BBA abroad now:

  • Duration: BBA from the top colleges abroad is of 3-4 years duration, just like any other undergraduate degree. Some countries also offer a BBA program with co-op placements which includes paid work experience as a part of the program.
  • Core Courses: BBA course abroad is a general business degree, also termed a junior MBA degree in some countries. Apart from teaching leadership, innovation, communication, negotiation and teamwork, BBA abroad includes core courses like:
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making
  • Fundamental Principles of the Calculus
  • Applied Business Statistics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Principles
  • Computer Applications in Business

Course Subjects

Top Specializations

BBA colleges abroad offer a wide range of specialisations. You may choose the one that best suits your career goals. The list of popular specializations for BBA in foreign countries includes:

  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Sports Management 

Core Skills

The academic documents and other requirements are undoubtedly an important part of studying BBA abroad, but there are certain other personal preparations that the universities expect. Let us have a look at them:

  • Knowledge of the World Economy

Since the BBA course is a part of the economics and financial aspect of the world, it is crucial to gather knowledge about the same before application. Starting your preparation in advance will also give you insights into your interest in the course. Hence, trying to grasp the basics of the course you are aspiring to study is a great idea. 

  • An entrepreneurial approach

As a student aspiring to step into the world of business and management, you should train yourself for an entrepreneurial approach from the very beginning. This will help you to understand the market ethics in the long run.

  • Charismatic Personality

A knowledgeable mind and smart personality can take you to greater heights of success. BBA being a professional course demands good communication and management skills. So, be upfront and present yourself to the admissions committee with confidence. 

Admission & Requirements

Requirements to Pursue BBA Abroad

As an aspirant seeking admission to one of the best BBA colleges abroad, it is important to know about the eligibility criteria and documents required for admission. Mentioned below is an overview of the qualifying criteria and entrance requirements for BBA study abroad:

  • High School Certificate
  • Language Requirements
  • Passport and Visa 


  • High School Certificate

Completion of high school education is the normal entrance criterion for admission to BBA programs abroad. For admission to the best BBA colleges abroad, you must pass the standard XII test with a score of 60-75 percent.

  • Language Requirements

International students whose first language is not English must present IELTS, TOEFL, or similar test results to prove their English language competency. This is an important condition that must be fulfilled for both admission and visa reasons. You may be required to enrol in a language course if you do not fulfil the minimum language requirements. The IELTS score ranges from 6.0 - to 7.0, while the score range for TOEFL is 97 to 100.

  • Passport and Visa

A valid passport and student visa are a must for all international students to study any course at any university abroad. Do keep in mind to apply for your visa at least 3 months prior to the expected date of travel.

Documents Required to Apply for BBA Colleges Abroad

Admission to BBA programs abroad require a set of documents. Some of the most common documents are mentioned below:

Admission Process for BBA Abroad

A step by step guide to apply for a BBA course in your desired college/ university is as follows

  • First you finalise your degree you wish to pursue and check out the best universities offering the program.
  • Now browse the university official website page and collect all the required information needed for admission to the course.
  • Submit scanned copies of all the asked documents such as transcripts, high school certificates, test scores, etc.
  • Fill up your desired application form and pay the application fees.
  • Attend the interview (if applicable) as a part of the admission process from the university.
  • Once you get the admission letter after clearing the interview process, you may book your seat at the university.
  • Now pay the tuition fees by agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the university.

Top Scholarships

Qualifying for a scholarship is one of the best ways to fund your education abroad. There are different types of scholarships for international students that offer decent benefits to support their stay and study in foreign countries. Let us have a look at some popular BBA scholarships abroad:

1. American Merit Scholarships 

  • All freshly admitted students regardless of nationality are eligible for American Merit Scholarships. International students must exhibit excellent academic credentials and exhibit exceptional leadership skills to qualify for this partial scholarship. 
  • Amount/ Benefit: $8,000 - $20,000

2. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships 

  • This scholarship covers the study cost of four years bachelor's degree. It is awarded to international students pursuing undergraduate courses at the University of Toronto who have displayed remarkable excellence in their academics.
  • Amount/ Benefit: Cover tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years.

3. Government of Ireland - International Education Scholarships 2022

  • 60 scholarships are provided for one year of study at Bachelor, Masters or PhD levels to successful candidates, both domestic and international, admitting an eligible Irish higher education institution.
  • Amount/ Benefit: $10,000

4. QS Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Students keen on transforming the world and contributing to the UN's 17 sustainable development goals with the help of their education can apply for this scholarship. It is applicable for all bachelor's degree programmes in any discipline.
  • Amount/ Benefit: $5,000

5. Western Union Foundation Global Scholarship Program

  • This scholarship program is an initiative to support students across the world to to pursue post-secondary education. All applicants for this scholarship must be between the ages of 18 - 26 years. 
  • Amount/ Benefit: $2.500

6. Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships

  • This scholarship is awarded to women studying business at the undergraduate level who demonstrate outstanding potential in the field. The students must be enrolled in at least the second year of the program at the time of application.
  •  Amount/ Benefit: 32 scholarships of $2,000 each at the district/ region level and 6 international scholarships in the amount of $8,000 are awarded. 

7. Swinburne International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Students of Swinburne University of Technology who pursue any bachelor's degree except the Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting, and Bachelor of Business double degree are eligible for this scholarship. 
  • Amount/ Benefit: 10% to 50% course fees for a maximum of 5 years.

Cost of Studying BBA at BBA Colleges Abroad

It is important to gather all information about BBA abroad fees before finalizing your studying abroad dream. The overall cost of studying at the best universities for BBA abroad comes under two categories: tuition fees and cost of living. 

  • Tuition Fees

The tuition fee at the best colleges for BBA abroad ranges from $500 - $50,000 per year. Countries like Germany charge little or no fees at all to study BBA at their public universities. But in countries like USA and UK, the BBA course is comparatively expensive. Hence, your tuition fee for BBA in foreign universities depends upon the choice of country too.

  • Cost of Living

Apart from the tuition fees at best BBA colleges abroad, you also need to bear the cost of living in that particular country. Your lifestyle determines the cost of living abroad. On average, the inclusive (accommodation, food, stationery, entertainment, miscellaneous) cost is around $10,000 - $30,000 per year. It all comes down to how you manage your expenses as an international student. 

Work Opportunities

The career prospects for BBA graduates abroad are plenty. Emerging sectors like accounting, communications, entrepreneurship, business analysis, commercial law, event management, finance, human resources, international business, marketing, public relations etc. value fresh graduates with up-to-date knowledge in the relevant field. 

Some potential job opportunities after BBA in abroad and their average salaries are mentioned below:

Job Title 

Average Salary Per Year 


$60,000 - $70,000

Administrative Assistant 

$50,000 - $55,000

Marketing Coordinator 

$60,000 - $70,000

Business Analyst 

$100,000 - $120,000

Sales Representative 

$60,000 - $65,000

Accounting Assistant 

$52,000 - $65,000

The BBA course introduces students to the basic principles of business management. It opens doors to a variety of career options. A BBA abroad can be a life-changing decision if you invest hardwork and dedication while planning every step with care. If you wish to ease your BBA study abroad, do get in touch with our counsellors at Yocket now!


Ques. What is the scope of BBA abroad?

Ans. Management being one of the most in-demand professions in today’s world, pursuing a BBA course in abroad can be a great way to start your career. 

Ques. What is the duration of BBA abroad?

Ans. BBA study abroad course duration depends upon the country and university you choose. Mostly the course is of 3 to 4 years length.

Ques. What is the best place to study BBA abroad?

Ans. There are several options of countries to study BBA abroad. Some of them include USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, etc.  

Ques. What are the requirements to study BBA abroad for Indian students?

Ans. A high school (class 12th) certificate in the relevant discipline is the first requirement for BBA abroad. International students also need other requirements like English language proficiency proof (IELTS, TOEFL, and related test scores) and a valid passport and visa. 

Ques. What are the top specializations for BBA in foreign countries?

Ans. Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management, etc. are some popular specializations at the BBA colleges abroad.