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Cost of Studying MS In Canada: Tuition Fee & Living Expenses

Sumeet Jain

Some of the best universities in the world, consistently ranked highly in the QS World University Rankings, are located in Canada. International students are drawn to study an MS in Canada, but why?

The accredited course curriculum, renowned tutors, cutting-edge teaching approaches, real projects, internships, networking opportunities, and placement assistance are some of the reasons why students choose Canada as their study abroad destination. Acquiring a thorough grasp of the expenses associated with pursuing Master's programs in Canada might assist you in getting started on your overseas study journey. For Indian students interested in pursuing an MS in Canada, this blog will serve as a solid resource!

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How Much Does it Cost to Study Master's in Canada?

The average cost to study masters in Canada ranges from 10,000 CAD to 80,000 CAD or INR 6,19,214 to INR 49,53,719 yearly including tuition fees & living cost. The cost varies across universities, courses along with the standard of living or monthly expenses of the student.

Top Factors That Determine Cost Of Studying Masters In Canada

The first logical step for an international student is to check the MS in Canada fees for the course of their choice. There are a few more expenses associated with attending a Canadian institution alongside the tuition. The following categories broadly categorize master's degree costs in Canada.

  • Tuition Fee
  • Living expenses
  • Other Essential Costs
  • Pre-Arrival and Post-Arrival Costs

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Let’s discuss each in detail.

Tuition fees for Top Universities in Canada for MS

In Canada, the majority of master's degree programs have a semester or term tuition fee. The average fees Tuition fees for Master's in Canada ranges between CAD 6,000 CAD - CAD 74,000 or INR 3,62,489 - INR 44,77,359 annually depending on the subject, area of study, and Canadian university you select.

Here are the finest five Canadian universities for master's degrees, along with the average tuition cost for each:


QS World University Ranking 2024

Average Tuition fee for Masters Courses

University of Toronto


CAD 8,810 - 5,32,254 /  INR - 5,46,460 - 44,77,360 per annum

McGill University


CAD 9,577 - 5,78,613 / INR 11,13,890 - 6,72,95,410 per annum

University of British Columbia


CAD 10,071 - 6,08,437 / INR 36,38,440 - 60,22,430 per annum

University of Alberta 


CAD 8,546 / INR  5,30,090 per annum

McMaster University 


CAD 6,000 / INR 21,39,520 per term

Pro Tip: Visit the official website of the Canadian university you wish to attend to see if there are any master's scholarships available. Apply for the Master's scholarship for which you qualify. This will assist with your tuition cost reduction!

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Living Expenses To Study Masters Degree In Canada

A significant amount of your overall expenses will come from living expenses incurred while you are in Canada pursuing your master's degree. Out of this, a substantial part will go toward housing. So, pick your lodging carefully, as the rental prices will vary accordingly. International students can also choose to lodge at the universities itself. You can select the lodging that best suits your needs. Detailed below are the costs of living in Canada for Indian students.


Average Monthly Cost


CAD 400 - 600 / INR 24,500 - 36,700

Food & Grocery

CAD 200 - 300 / INR 12,053 - 18,000


CAD 100 - 250 / INR 6,000 - 15,000


CAD 30 - 50 / INR 1,800 - 3,000


CAD 600 - 700 / 36,200 - 42,200

Other Essential Costs Of Studying Masters In Canada

There are a few necessary expenses associated with both one-year and two-year master's programs in Canada for overseas students. Are you curious to know what are they? Below is a detailed explanation of each.

  • Student Visa Fee

There is a CAD 150 / INR 9,170 application fee for Indian applicants seeking a student visa to Canada. Furthermore, biometric stands cost CAD 85 CAD / INR 5,200.

  • Application Fee

You must pay an application fee as an international student applying to study for a master's degree in Canada. This varies course and university-wise. On the Canadian university's official website, you may find out the precise application price for your program. It is an upfront expense that might vary from CAD 45 / INR 2,750 to CAD 200 / INR 12,220.

  • Overseas Student Health Cover

It is a requirement for international students pursuing master's programs in Canada to obtain health insurance coverage. For the duration of their stay, overseas students can receive free health insurance coverage from certain Canadian states. Therefore, you must first ascertain which state your university is located in.

Next, see if international students' insurance is covered by the Canadian government by visiting the official government website. If not, you need to obtain health insurance before applying for a student visa to Canada. The annual cost of the health insurance premium ranges from CAD 600 / INR 36,700 to CAD 900 / INR 54,950 on average. For Indian students, this is part of the MS tuition in Canada.

  • Proof of Funds

When completing an application for a student visa, international students are required to provide immigration officials with proof of funds. If you decide to pursue an MS in Canada, you will need to have enough money to pay for living expenses, tuition, and other extra fees. Tabulated below are the amounts for which evidence of money needs to be submitted. 

Please be aware that if any family members will be living with you in Canada while you study, you will need to provide additional proof of funding.


Funds required for one-year

Funds required for one month

Outside Quebec

CAD 10,000 / INR 6,10,990

CAD 833 / INR 50,900

Inside Quebec

Less than 18 years of age: CAD 6,569 / INR 4,01,400

18+ age: CAD 13,134 /INR 8,02,480

Less than 18 years of age: 547 CAD / INR 33,421

18+ age: CAD 1,095 / INR 66,900

Pre-Arrival Costs of Pursuing MS In Canada

There are two kinds of expenses associated with MIM study in Canadian colleges for MS. What are they, you might ask? Well, some of them fall under the pre-arrival costs, while others fall under the post-arrival costs. Below is a detailed explanation of each.

Following are the costs you need to tackle before arriving in Canada:

  • Entrance Exam Fees

If English is not your first language, you must pass the English Language Test to enroll as an international student. In addition, depending on the master's program you select in Canada, your university may ask you to take additional entrance tests. Depending on the university and the subject you wish to take, different minimum scores are permissible.

The university makes the final decision, and precise the minimum marks that are accepted on the university's official website. We have listed the commonly approved entry examinations along with their respective fees in the table below.


Registration fee

Total number of free scorecards

Cost per additional scorecard


INR 15,500 


INR 1,500


CAD 190 / INR 15,475


CAD 20 / INR 1,630


CAD 275 / INR 22,400


CAD 35 / INR 2,850


GRE General Test & GRE Home Test: 

CAD 213 / INR 17,350 

GRE Subject Test: CAD 150 / INR 12,200


CAD 30 / INR2,444


CAD 268 / INR 16,400+ tax


INR 1,630

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  • Air Tickets

Several variables affect how much airline tickets from India to Canada cost. These include the flight you select, the destination city, the boarding city, the booking date, and the flight class for which you make the reservation. The price range is INR 1,00,000 – 2,00,000.

  • Medical Tests

Certain physicians are listed by the Canadian government's Immigration Department for medical evaluation in connection with student visa applications. The necessary medical test costs have to be paid for in advance. The location and the kind of tests needed determine the price.

Post-arrival Costs of Pursuing MS In Canada

Following are the costs you need to tackle after arriving in Canada:

  • Tuition Fees

International master's students in Canada are required by the majority of universities to pay their first year's tuition in advance. If your university charges a fee for books, stationery, etc, and allows partial payments, after you reach Canada, you may do so.

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  • Cost of Living

We have listed the many types of accommodations and their associated costs in the table below, in addition to the considerations covered in the section above on living expenses. This can help you budget your spending while you're studying in Canada.

Type of Accommodation 

Cost per month


CAD 350 - 600 / INR 21,370 - 36,640


CAD 250 - 15,300 / INR 650 - 39,700

Shared apartment

CAD 400 - 800 / INR 24,400 - 48,850

Unfurnished apartment

300 CAD/18,300 INR-500 CAD/30,500 INR

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The first step in starting your application procedure is to familiarize yourself with the universities, and fees and arrange your resources. Hopefully, after reading this blog you may get a decent estimate of how much money you'll need to save for your master's program in Canada.

Once your studies are over, you can search for post-master's employment in Canada. If you've decided on the course you wish to take but haven't decided on the specialization to meet your educational goals, reach out to our Yocket counselors. Gain assistance with shortlisting universities and courses that best match your profile, and applying for scholarships, and visas, all at your convenience.

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