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GMAT Vocabulary: Guide to GMAT Vocabulary List 2023

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GMAT Vocabulary is an integral part of the GMAT verbal reasoning section. The questions asked in this section evaluate an MBA student’s knowledge of English language and vocabulary. The GMAT verbal reasoning section consists of 3 specific question types: Reading comprehension, critical thinking & sentence correction.

Having a strong command over English vocabulary will help you answer the reading comprehension and sentence correction questions easily. So, to help you understand how you can learn GMAT vocabulary in the most strategic and time saving way, we have stated below all the required details about GMAT vocab.

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GMAT Vocabulary Syllabus & Questions

In order to ace your GMAT Verbal Reasoning section, you must know the basic high-school and college-level English vocabulary. Let us have a look at the GMAT exam structure for the Verbal Reasoning section.

  1. The total number of questions in Verbal Reasoning section - 36
  2. of Reading Comprehension questions - 13 to 14
  3. of Critical Reasoning questions - 9 to 10
  4. of Sentence Corrections questions - 12 to 13

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How To Improve GMAT Vocabulary?

In comparison to the GRE, the vocab is tested through GMAT sentence correction, reading comprehension and critical thinking. So, to know the GMAT English vocabulary, we have shortlisted some of the best strategies which can help you to improve your knowledge of GMAT words.

1.    Read Magazines & Newspapers

The most reliable way of learning new GMAT words is through reading books, newspapers and magazines. To score well in the GMAT verbal reasoning section, you must be familiarised with the sophisticated English language. In addition to reading story books, you must also read magazines and newspapers such as The Economist, New York Times, National Geographic and Scientific American to gain indispensable knowledge on GMAT vocabulary.

2.    Make A List Of Important Vocabulary Words

Make a comprehensive list of all the new vocabulary words you come across along with their meanings. To give an overview we have compiled the most updated GMAT vocabulary list 2023.


Analyse, Assertion, Assumption, Abstain


Cite, Claim, Contention, Corroborate, Consumption


Imply, Infer


Maintain, Mitigate, Mean, Median


Prime, Proliferation, Paradox, Posit, Premise


Redundancy, Reciprocal


Species, Sufficient







3.    Make Vocabulary Flashcards

The best way to learn and memorise new words is by making your own GMAT vocabulary flashcards. These flashcards will contain the new vocab words and its usage in context to sentences. If you do not want to prepare manual flashcards, you can use digital flashcards and keep a track of your progress. Take up 5-10 words every day and reshuffle the flashcard deck once you have learned them.

4.    Practise GMAT Mock Tests

Whether you are a fresher or repeat test-taker, practising GMAT sample questions will help you get prepared for the actual test day. You can take the GMAT™ Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2 for free to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, you can take Kaplan's GMAT Test Practice and Magoosh GMAT Practice Test for some extra practice.

5.    Use Apps For Vocab Practice

GMAT preparation apps will help you study for GMAT on the go. You can stay updated with the GMAT vocabulary list 2023 with the help of below-listed applications:

  • Manhattan Prep GMAT
  • Ready4 GMAT (Prep 4 GMAT)
  • GMAT Exam Prep (Pocket Prep, Inc.)
  • Economist GMAT Tutor
  • GMAT Prep Course (Veritas Prep)

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Best Books For Learning GMAT Vocabulary Words

International students who are not aware of high frequency words often find it difficult to prepare for the verbal reasoning section of the GMAT. Below are some of the preparation books  for GMAT that will help you understand easily.

Name of Books


Word Power Made Easy - Norman Lewis

 A comprehensive book for superior vocabulary building

The Vocabulary Builder Workbook - Chris Lele

Contains over 1400 must-know words for the GMAT exam

The GMAT Official Vocabulary

Covers all the essential words to excel in all the 3 topics of the Verbal Reasoning

504 Absolutely Essential Words - Murray Bromberg, Julius Liebb, and Arthur Traiger

Provides list of middle-school and higher level vocabulary words; has workout exercises

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GMAT is one of the primary entrance exams for graduate students who wish to study MBA programs in international universities. Scoring good GMAT scores will help you in getting top universities abroad. And if you want to know more about universities accepting GMAT, connect with our Yocket Professionals and get further guidance to choose the best program for higher education.

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