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MIM in Germany: Top MIM Colleges in Germany, Admission Requirements, Costs & More

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Are you a fresh college graduate wishing to pursue a career in management, surfing for more options? Germany can be the right place for you!  Apart from MBA, German universities offer MIM or Masters in Management degrees. It is similar to the MBA programme but it is more suited for freshers. What makes MIM in Germany particularly appealing are the universities’ robust collaborations with several big corporations such as Allianz, Daimler and more. Many  German MIM courses also feature an international internship element with the option of double degrees. Therefore, pursuing a MIM course in Germany can be really rewarding. So without any further delay, let us cover all the details regarding Masters in Management Germany.


Table of Contents:


  1. Why study MIM in Germany?
  2. Top MIM Colleges in Germany
  3. Eligibility & Admission Requirements for MIM in Germany
  4. Cost of Studying MIM in Germany : Fees & Scholarships
  5. Job Outlook After Masters in Management Germany
  6. Frequently Asked Questions About Masters in Management Germany


Why Study MIM in Germany?


Let us begin by understanding what makes Germany the ideal destination for pursuing MIM:


  1. Unique course structure: The MIM course in itself is unique. It hadn’t been included in any German  syllabi until as late as 2005. Over the years, Germany’s education system has refined the course to maximise benefits for students. It has even allowed the space to study for MIM in Germany without GMAT.
  2. Business experience: As compared to programs elsewhere, MIM in Germany includes immense practical experience within the course structure itself.
  3. Research experience: MIM courses in Germany have a research bent so you’ll get exposed to critical thinking in different real-life experiences.
  4. Affordability: Public MIM universities in Germany are a god sent boon. The MIM in Germany fees are unbelievably low here, you can study at minimal tuition cost!
  5. Flexibility: Most MIM universities in Germany offer the freedom to choose between completing the course full time or part time. There are even some that let you study MIM in Germany without GMAT.


Top MIM Colleges in Germany


The process of skimming down to the best options when it comes to MIM colleges in Germany can be a little confusing or tedious for some. Here, we have


  1. University of Mannheim


The University of Mannheim Business School’s Master in Management was ranked the best in Germany by the Financial Times in 2018. It has a known history of owning a triple accreditation by the most prestigious regulating bodies for education in Management. Students studying MIM largely cover  subjects including Accounting, Taxation, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Information Systems, Marketing, Sales, etc during the course period.


University Type




Tuition Fees

3000 EUR  per year

Popular Programs



  1. European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)


The MIM course at ESMT is well esteemed among all MIM universities in Germany. The course here is a 2 year program including a global internship, social impact projects and an optional exchange or double degree. The program is English taught and lays exclusive focus on teaching students the nuances of international management. Students can pick their specializations in the second year in fields including - Business Analytics, Finance & Investments, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Global & Digital Strategy.


University Type




Tuition Fees

29,500 EUR

Popular Programs

On campus full time MIM


  1. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management


HHL Leipzig is not only among the top business schools in Germany but also has global rankings. In the QS Masters in Management Ranking 2022, the university received  received an overall score of 97.1 out of 100 and achieved #8 worldwide in the category “Value for Money''. The university offers part time and full time Master in Management courses.  These management courses can be completed in 21-24 months.


University Type




Tuition Fees

15,890 EUR

Popular Programs

Full time Master in Management

Part Time Master in Management

Master in Management, Finance


  1. WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management


Financial Times ranked MSc in Management in Germany at WHU #1 in all of the programs in Germany including it in the top business schools in Germany.  The courses are taught by an international faculty, practitioners, and business experts. The MIM makes space for real-life case challenges, company visits and guest lectures. Furthermore, the elective courses help you choose a degree relevant to the student’s future career.


University Type




Tuition Fees

33,200 EUR

Popular Programs

MIM-Msc in Management


  1. ESCP Business School


The Berlin Campus of ESCP is a state-recognized university. It is one the best and most prestigious business schools in Germany. The Masters in Management program at ESCP covers all the functional areas of management. The international faculty and student demographic provides a rich multicultural experience. The business school is renowned for its strong foundation in teaching international business.


University Type




Tuition Fees

22,7000 EUR

Popular Programs

Masters in Management


Eligibility & Admission Requirements for MIM in Germany


The admission and eligibility criteria for MIM in Germany may vary from one university to another. However, there are certain common requirements that the best MIM colleges in Germany need applicants to fulfill.


MIM in Germany Eligibility:


  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects along with a 1-year master’s degree. Few universities do accept a 3-year bachelor’s degree to study MIM in Germany.
  • Valid GMAT/GRE scores may be needed by some business schools in Germany. Since most German universities only require a TOEFL score, it is possible to apply for an MIM in Germany without GMAT.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE scores are needed as a proof of English language proficiency. .
  • Basic proficiency over the German
  • Good academic scores, a minimum of 60% aggregate academic score.
  • Some universities additionally mandate an entrance exam to pursue an MIM program in Germany.
  • A Work experience of upto 2 years may be required by some business schools and universities.


Documents Required for MIM in Germany


In order to be accepted for MIM in Germany Eligibility, you require the following:


  • Transcript of Studies to Date
  • Transcript of Records
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Updated Résumé
  • GMAT/ GRE scores
  • IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE scores
  • Entrance exams scores if required
  • Evidence of Work Experience (Not Mandatory, may be required by some universities)
  • Passport
  • Student Health Insurance Certificate
  • Most Current Photo (for ID)
  • German Student Visa


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How to apply for MIM  in Germany?


Here is a quick look at the application process for MIM in Germany:

Step 1: Check requirements for MIM courses in Germany at all the universities you wish to apply for.

Step 2: Take the required aptitude tests like GMAT/ GRE / IELTS /TOEFL/ PTE  well in advance to get the scores in advance.

Step 3: Apply online at each university’s website.

Step 4: Once and submit necessary documents. International applicants need to have their documents need to be reviewed through uni-assist.

Step 5:  Once the documents have been ratified, a final approval letter will be sent via email.


Cost of Studying MIM in Germany : Fees & Scholarships


Let us now take a look at the MIM in Germany fees and other costs-


Tuition Fees


MIM in Germany cost under any course varies by quite a large margin depending on whether one chooses a public or private university in Germany.


If you choose a public university like TUM or University of Mannheim, you have to pay a minimal tuition fee. If you choose a private university, the fee is higher.


Type Of Institution

Tuition Fee


0-3000 EUR


 22,000-35,000 EUR

Other Costs


When you are pursuing your MIM courses in Germany, tuition charges aren't the only expenses to worry about. For an international student, cost of living contributes to the overall cost. Here is a look at the living expenses for international students:



Cost per month

Semester social charges

70 EUR

Health Insurance

70 EUR


300 EUR


200 EUR

Study material

30 EUR


70 EUR


80 EUR

Wifi and telephone charges

33 EUR


Therefore, the monthly expenses total up to about 850 euros if one includes the semester charges


RECOMMENDED: A detailed breakdown of Germany Living Cost for International Student


MIM Scholarships in Germany


In order to manage your living expenses while studying in Germany, there are several scholarships made available to international students. Some of the most important ones for MIM in Germany are:


  1. DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Scholarships: DAAD stands for ‘The German Academic Exchange Service’ in English. Numerous scholarships are offered to pursue both studies and research projects.
  2. ERASMUS+ scholarships remain valid for students from all over the world who wish to apply to multiple universities all over Europe.
  3. Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students: This scholarship is valid for both German and international students. Eligible students get €750 per month for Masters.
  4. Marie Skolodowska-curie actions: MSCA offers four types of scholarships for researchers from different academic disciplines or students from all nationalities to promote research, innovation and to advance partnerships among the leading institutions all over the world. Eligible students receive € 3000 per month plus €600 per month as transport allowance.
  5. Deutschland Stipendium: This fund provides monetary and non-material provision to deserving students from across the globe. Students receive a scholarship worth € 150 per month, provided by the German government, private organisations or public-private partnership firms. Funding is generally granted for at least two semesters, later it can be extended until completion of studies.


Apart from the ones stated above there are several other scholarships available. Course scholarships are also offered to international students by most universities offering MIM in Germany.


Job Outlook After Masters in Management Germany


The career prospects and jobs after MIM in Germany are more or less similar to an MBA graduate in Germany. Recently, Germany has had great demand for Management students.


The Average salary for individuals with a Masters in Management Germany  degree that have spent some time in the industry is found to be as high as 70,000 euros annually.


The salary hike is even larger if one has passed out of reputed universities like Mannheim Business School. HHL Leipzig and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.


Some of the popular jobs after MIM in Germany and the average expected salary-


Job Title

Average Annual Base Pay

Project Analysts

60,000 EUR

Product Manager

60,000 EUR

Financial Manager

59,608 EUR

Revenue Manager

56,000 EUR


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Frequently Asked Questions About Masters in Management Germany


  1. Is MIM from Germany free?

Yes, it can be if you study the MIM course in Germany at a public university. Public universities in Germany for MIM may charge no tuition fees, therefore there are always options for free MIM in Germany. 


  1. Is GMAT required for MIM in Germany?

The top MIM colleges in Germany have their own specifications for standardised tests for MIM from Germany. Most of them do require or at least prefer the GMAT scores during admission.


  1. Is MIM from Germany good?

There are so many options to pick from among the best MIM colleges in Germany! MIM universities  in Germany have their courses starred with global rankings by the Financial Times and other high awarding authorities.


  1. Which are the best public universities in Germany for MIM?

The top  public universities in Germany that offer MIM courses are:

MIM in Germany is an extremely flexible course. No matter which country you're from and at what age, there are benefits that remain constant. The great value for cost and the reputation of the degree worldwide add to its charm. Therefore we can conclude by saying that an MIM in Germany is most definitely an option to consider for students wishing to pursue a masters in management overseas.

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