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MBA in Singapore: A Complete Guide on MBA in Singapore for Indian Students

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As a business education place, Singapore offers a broad range of MBA opportunities and supportable career prospects. Over 80,000 international students, including MBA abroad students from almost 120 countries, visit Singapore for their studies, forming an exclusive multicultural experience. MBA in Singapore is considered to be one of the most standard degree programs worldwide. It is well known for its course that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

MBA in Singapore for Indian students is a flexible 1.5-2-year program and costs around 30,000 SGD depending on the Singapore MBA college. So, if you’re planning to do an MBA in Singapore, we have curated a guide below including all the information about MBA in Singapore for international students.

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Why Study MBA in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the best student cities due to its safe environment, affordability, and education power. There are different reasons to study MBA in Singapore.

Let us explore the best reasons to pursue an MBA in Singapore for Indian students below:

  • English as a Mode of Communication: Singapore is the best study destination for international students and has over 20 languages. Though, English is the language of teaching in business schools and the method of communication in day-to-day life. International students who want to apply for an MBA in Singapore can do very well without any hurdles in the communication process.
  • Global and Multicultural Exposure: Networking and communicating with an individual from different backgrounds and varied nationalities is an effective tool for improving a person's personality. Exchange programs and international study trips, which are a part of MBA in Singapore for international students, add value to the course.
  • Great Career Prospects: It is compulsory for international students who study MBA in Singapore for Indian students to stay and work for 3 years upon graduation as per policies of government-funded institutions. Job opportunities in this country are high for international students compared to other Asian countries, and employers in Singapore are always looking forward to hiring international candidates.
  • Easy Visa Process: Singapore student visa process is quite easy. The application is linked to the university, and the university does a central portion of the application procedure on behalf of the students.

Types of MBA Program in Singapore

There are various types of MBA programs offered to students studying in Singapore colleges/universities. The following types of MBA programs are:

1. Full Time MBA

Full-time Master’s in Business Administration programs are full-time academic programs for international students with fewer years of work experience. MBA students participate in internships during their summer break and usually have admission to on-campus recruiting services for eternal post-graduate positions.

2. Executive MBA

An executive MBA in Singapore is designed for international students who want to study and work along in their careers and continue working full-time while in school. Schedules vary among programs, but most offer part-time formats like weekend classes.

3. International MBA

An MBA in International Business is a master’s program planned for students who want to travel the world and work with other cultures. The program frequently advances global business knowledge and leadership and management skills.

4. Part- time MBA

In a part-time MBA program, international students can take their classes on weekends or at night, alongside a full-time job. There isn’t any option for internship opportunities available in this program for students. The cost of a part-time MBA is also less compared to a Full Time MBA in Singapore for Indian students fees.

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Top Universities for MBA Program in Singapore

Business schools in Singapore offer management education with an Asian as well as a global outlook that opens up plenty of opportunities. There are various universities for MBA in Singapore for Indian students. The following universities are:

  1. National University of Singapore
  2. INSEAD Singapore
  3. James Cook University
  4. Lee Kong Chian School of Business
  5. Nanyang Business School
  6. SP Jain School of Global Management
  7. ESSEC Business School
  8. London School of Business and Finance

So, these are some of the best Singapore universities offering MBA programs for international students. Let’s discuss it in detail



Average Fees (per annum)

National University of Singapore

17 months

33,000 SGD/ 18,75,000 INR

INSEAD Singapore

10 months

1,43, 087 SGD/ 81,32,000 INR (total)

James Cook University

16 months

38,520 SGD/ 21,90,000 INR

Lee Kong Chian School of Business


15 months

67,410 SGD/ 38,31,000 INR

Nanyang Business School


1 year

69,550 SGD/ 40,00,000 INR

SP Jain School of Global Management

1 year

67,410 SGD/ 38,30,000 INR

ESSEC Business School

15 months

75,157 SGD/ 42,62,000 INR

London School of Business and Finance

13 months

18,000 SGD/ 10,22,000 INR

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Searching for Universities in Singapore that best suit you? Take help from our Yocket College Finder Tool!

Eligibility Criteria & Singapore MBA Requirements for International Students

There are various eligibility for MBA in Singapore for Indian students that need to be taken care of. The eligibility to do MBA in Singapore are:

  1.       Bachelor Degree
  2.       English Language Proficiency Test
  3.       Work Experience
  4.       Singapore Student Pass (Visa)
  5.       Additional Requirements

These are Singapore MBA requirements that international students need to fulfil to get admission at Singapore universities/colleges. Let’s know it in detail.

  • Bachelor Degree: International students who want to do MBA in Singapore should have a bachelor’s degree from recognized institutions or universities with a minimum score of 2.8 CGPA.
  • English Language Proficiency Test: International students who are not English experts need to present their English language scores. It includes the IELTS exam with a score of 6.5 and TOEFL (iBT score of 85- 100) of 120.
  • Work Experience: Some universities in Singapore ask for 2 years of working experience to get admission efficiently at Singapore universities/colleges. There are also universities offering MBA in Singapore for Indian students without work experience.
  • Singapore Student Pass: A student visa in Singapore is known as “Student Pass”. The international student must be approved into a full-time course in Singapore to apply for a student pass. Part-time courses and courses directed in the evening or on weekends are not eligible. If a student wishes to transfer to another school after the application has been permitted but has yet to collect the Students Pass, they must submit a new application.

MBA in Singapore for Indian students without work experience can be pursued by demonstrating an exemplary academic performance in the UG program, and having great standardised test scores, along with an intriguing SOP!

Document Required to apply for MBA in Singapore

There are some additional documents required for the admission process in Singapore universities/ colleges:

  • A valid passport
  • Financial documents
  • Loan documents
  • SOP
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Updated Resume
  • Scores of GMAT/GRE (depending upon university)
  • Complete application form with passport size photos
  • Original and reliable transcripts of schools and college
  • Other supporting document as asked by the university

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Cost of Studying MBA in Singapore

The cost of study when studying abroad generally comprises all your expenses, from Singapore MBA fees to accommodation expenses of an international student. Following is the cost of studying MBA in Singapore is:

MBA Tuition Fee

The average fee for an MBA program in Singapore is around 30,000 SGD annually, depending on the university. The minimum Singapore MBA fees could be about 15,000 SGD annually.

Cost of Living

Along with the MBA in Singapore for Indian students fees, the cost of living in Singapore is also prevalent. Singapore has a well-planned housing zone; whether you are searching for a rental house inside the city or outside it, the costs may vary accordingly. The average rent for a 1-bedroom flat in the city may cost 2,812 SGD/ month. However, living outside the city will cost around 1,912 SGD/ month.

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How to do MBA without GMAT in Singapore?

Many universities in Singapore, like EASB Institute of Management, James Cook University and many others, do not require the GMAT for pursuing an MBA. Admission to MBA courses in Singapore is based on a candidate’s academic record. A skilfully written essay highlights how it would be an advantage for a university to take admission as a fresher looking for an MBA in Singapore for Indian students without work experience.

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Admission Process for MBA in Singapore for Indian Students

To apply for MBA in Singapore, there is an admission process that international students need to follow to be admitted successfully.

  • Before applying for MBA in Singapore universities, international students need to select some of the best universities for MBA in Singapore in which they want to apply.
  • Mostly all Singapore universities offer online applications along with a broad set of documents. Students can download the application form from their particular websites and fill it out before the deadline.
  • After filling out the application form, submit all the required documents as soon as possible before the deadline date.
  • Once the university approves your application, you will receive a mail regarding the interview scheduled.
  • Prepare yourself well for the interview rounds depending upon the university.
  • If selected, you will get an acceptance letter email from the university and need to revert for confirmation and submit the tuition fees.
  • After that, you can apply for a student pass and plan your journey to Singapore.

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MBA Scholarships in Singapore for International Students

The scholarships for MBA in Singapore for Indian Students have 3 types of grants for financing studies in Singapore, these are:

  1. Government Scholarships
  2. External Scholarships
  3. University-specific scholarships

Let’s know it in detail:

1. Government Scholarships

Government grants are available for international students, and the awarded benefit depends on the course fee and the amount of education loan taken by the student. While they don’t have to reimburse the grants, international students have to sign a bond that requires them to work in Singapore for at least 3 years after graduation.

2. External Scholarships

Some of the external scholarships for international students for pursuing a post- graduate degree are as follows:

External Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

Amount Awarded

Go Clean Scholarship

It is available for students pursuing MBA in Singapore.

For students to get merit-based scholarships, they need to write an article on ‘How to keep the environment green and clean.              

4,740 SGD (Once in an academic year)

BrokerFish International student scholarship

It is applicable for students pursuing MBA from Singapore universities.

1, 354 SGD

Global Study Awards

A merit-based scholarship is given to two students pursuing MBA from Singapore for each academic year.

13,543 SGD

The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program

Applicable to students who want to pursue MBA in Singapore, this scholarship is awarded to a single deserving student every academic year.

1,354 SGD

University Specific MBA Scholarship Singapore

Some of the top universities offering scholarships to international students pursuing MBA in Singapore are:

University Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria

Amount Awarded

Nanyang Scholarship

It is available for international students, and successful awardees should be in the NTU-University Scholars Program.

8,801 SGD per year

Full coverage of subsidised tuition fees

INSEAD Antonio Borges Endowed Scholarship

Students must be pursuing the MBA program or are in the interview procedure at the France Campus of INSEAD.

15,281 SGD

NUS MBA Study Awards

It is applicable to students who have secured the chosen NUS research program.

Full Tuition Fees

Monthly stipend: 1,500 SGD for master’s students

Job Opportunities after Completing MBA from Singapore

An MBA graduate in Singapore is mostly salaried with several managerial job roles. Some of the job roles are:

Job Opportunities

Average Annual Salary

Accounting Manager

73,002 SGD

Business Consultant

64,834 SGD

Product Manager

6,250 SGD

General Manager

17, 5058 SGD

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Pursuing MBA in Singapore is beneficial for international students as the program covers internships and work opportunities. Students are allocated crosswise team projects during the semester, which teach them to discover and develop managerial and organisational efficiency and communication skills. So, if you’re planning to do an MBA from Singapore, connect with our Yocket experts and know about the admission process and other required information for MBA universities in Singapore.

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