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What is SX1 Visa for Canada?

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The SX-1 visa offers opportunities for a number of short-term educational programs, including language classes, certificate courses, and specific training. Whether you desire to enhance your language abilities, obtain practical knowledge, or experience a new culture, the SX-1 visa allows international students to participate in a diverse educational experience in Canada. The SX-1 visa for Canada will be discussed completely in this blog, with its requirements for eligibility, application procedure, advantages, and offering an understanding for students of this amazing opportunity.

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SX-1 Visa: What Is It?

Eligibility Criteria for the Short-Term Student SX-1 Visa

Benefits of the SX-1 Visa for Students

Application Process for SX-1 Visa Canada


SX-1 Visa: What Is It?

The Canadian government introduced the SX-1 also referred to as the Start-up Visa programme, in 2013 to attract progressive business people worldwide. The SX-1 visa is a guest visa with the additional ability to study for a short period within six months of arrival in Canada. It cannot be extended. This Visa is granted to applicants who desire to complete their short-term study objective in Canada. Candidates have at most six months to finish their DLP (Distance Learning Programme). However, it is important to note that the visa is only for six months of education, and it does not include a work permit. 

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Eligibility Criteria for the Short-Term Student SX-1 Visa

Certain qualifying conditions must be satisfied to be eligible for the SX-1 visa as a short-term student. This section explores the particular criteria, including:

Acceptance into a Canadian Educational institution

Applicants must have acquired an official admission letter from an approved Canadian educational institution for a short-term study program. The Canadian government should authorize the institution and provide programs that match its educational criteria.

Proof of Financial Support

Students must show they have the finances to pay their educational fees, cost of living, and return transportation expenses during their stay in Canada.

Bank records, scholarships, sponsorship letters, or confirmation of money from a credible source may verify this.

Health and Medical Insurance

Students are expected to present evidence of health and medical insurance coverage for their stay in Canada. This gives the students access to necessary healthcare treatments while studying in Canada.

Strong Ties to Their Own Country

Applicants must declare that they have important links to their home country, which prove their desire to return after finishing their studies.

These links include family, work, property ownership, or other responsibilities that reflect a real connection to their original country.

Conformity with Canadian Immigration Regulations

Students must comply with all Canadian immigration requirements, including retaining legal status while studying in Canada.

This includes adhering to the regulations and limitations of the Short-Term Student SX-1 Visa, such as the period of stay and any limits on work.

Fulfilling Health and Character Criteria

Applicants must fulfil the health conditions established by the Canadian government. This may entail getting a medical checkup to confirm they are in good condition and that they don't pose a threat to the Canadian public. Students must also produce police clearance certificates or comparable documentation to verify their good character and lack of any criminal background.

Benefits of the SX-1 Visa for Students

The Short-Term Student SX-1 visa Canada provides multiple advantages for international learners undertaking short-term educational programs in Canada:

Access to Quality Education

Canada is famous for its high-quality education system, with multiple notable educational institutions providing various degrees. The SX-1 visa Canada permits students to engage in short-term study programs and benefit from world-class education and academic resources.

Cultural Exposure

Studying in Canada immerses students in a broad and global society. They may explore other customs, languages, and viewpoints, boosting personal development and international understanding.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

Canadian educational schools generally emphasize practical learning and industrial connections. By studying in Canada, students may obtain vital skills, access internships and co-op programs, and develop their professional network, increasing their job chances.

Post-Study Work Options

After finishing their education, students can obtain post-graduate work permits. This permits students to get significant job experience in Canada, contributing to their professional growth and possibly leading to permanent residence prospects.

High Standard of Living

Canada frequently rises well in terms of quality of life. Students may benefit from a secure and friendly atmosphere, great healthcare facilities, social security, and countless recreational and cultural activities.

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Application Process for SX-1 Visa Canada

The application procedure for the SX-1 visa Canada contains many critical phases that students must complete meticulously. It is essential that students carefully navigate through each stage to guarantee a smooth and successful application. Here is a detailed overview of the application procedure for the SX-1 visa Canada

Obtain an Acceptance Letter

The first step is to get an official acceptance letter from a certified Canadian educational institution that provides the requested short-term program. This letter is evidence of admission and an essential prerequisite for the visa application.

Necessary Documents Required to obtain SX1 Visa

Students need to acquire all the essential documentation to support their application. These documents may include:

  • Valid passport: A passport having a validity that goes beyond the planned term of stay in Canada.
  • Proof of acceptance: The formal letter of acceptance obtained from the Canadian educational institution.
  • Financial documents: Evidence of an adequate source of income to pay education fees, living expenses, housing, and return expenses for transportation. This may contain bank statements, funding letters, or scholarship records.
  • Proof of health insurance: Documentation is evidence that the student has proper medical coverage for their time in Canada.
  • Police clearance certificate: A certificate confirming the applicant's good character and not having any criminal past.
  • Photographs: Recent passport-sized pictures satisfying the requirements.

Application Forms

Complete and sign application forms, which may be acquired from the official website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Pay the Application Fee

There is an application fee for the SX-1 visa Canada. The fee must be paid at the time of registering the application. The payment may be done online or using the specified payment methods provided by IRCC.

Submit the Application

Once all the requisite papers are acquired, and the application money is paid, the student may submit their application. The application may be filed digitally via the IRCC website or through the appropriate application channels defined by the Canadian authorities.

Wait for Processing

After submitting the application, applicants must wait for the approval of their visa application. The processing time might vary. Thus it is advised to check the current processing times on the IRCC website.

Confirm Biometrics Test

Depending on the student's nationality and other circumstances, they may have to produce biometric information (fingerprints and a picture) at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) or a specified site.

Wait for Approval and Passport Return

Once the application is completed, the student will be informed of the visa decision. If the visa is granted, the passport will be returned to the student with the visa attached to it.

What is the SX-1 Visa Success Rate?

As per reports in 2020, the approval rate for temporary resident visa stood at 66%, while in 2019 it was 64% and 70% the year before.


The SX-1 Visa for students provides a route to an engaging educational experience in Canada. By knowing the qualifying requirements, navigating the application process carefully and accepting the possibilities provided, students may begin on a transformational journey of personal development, academic enrichment, and cross-cultural knowledge. The SX-1 visa Canada offers access to outstanding education, unique cultural experiences, and networking possibilities, enabling short-term students to maximize their time in Canada and create lifetime memories.

If you want more help with the SX-1 visa Canada, you can contact Yocket's counsellors, who are always available to provide further advice and support with your studies.


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