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MBA in Switzerland: Find MBA Universities in Switzerland, Fees, Requirements, Scholarships, Career Scope

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The decision to study MBA in Switzerland is a good choice due to the top corporations in the country, diverse MBA specialization programs provided, better salary opportunities and an enhanced learning environment from industry experts. On average, an MBA graduate in Switzerland can earn up to 126,000 CHF/year. 

The teaching facilities for MBA are industry experts, which means students receive more real-time learnings than their theoretical knowledge. So, if you’re looking to study in the best MBA universities in Switzerland, this blog covers this and other relevant information to help you get started. 

Table Of Contents:

  1. Why Study MBA In Switzerland?
  2. An Overview Of MBA In Switzerland
  3. Eligibility Criteria To Study MBA In Switzerland
  4. Admission Process For MBA In Switzerland
  5. Documents Required For MBA In Switzerland
  6. Top 5 MBA Universities In Switzerland
  7. Cost Of Studying MBA In Switzerland
  8. Scholarship Opportunities To Study MBA In Switzerland
  9. Career Opportunities After MBA In Switzerland

Why Study MBA In Switzerland?

Before we can proceed further towards Switzerland MBA cost, let’s understand why this country is the perfect choice for MBA:

  1. Types of MBA Programs: Switzerland offers multiple choices to study MBA based on the international student's interest. There are Regular MBA, Executive MBA, 1-year MBA and Global MBA. 


  1. QS-Ranked MBA Universities: Switzerland is home to the top three QS-Ranked Universities for MBA. IMD (Rank 25), University of St. Gallen (Rank 53) and United International Business School (Rank 201-250). 


  1. Easier Commute For Work: Since Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, international students can easily travel for field studies and internships. 


  1. Ties With Big Corporations: Lastly, top MBA universities in Switzerland have tie-ups with multiple well-established corporations such as Nestle, Nissan, Yahoo, etc. This is a great opportunity to capture the relevant learning and work experience, especially for international students. 


An Overview Of MBA In Switzerland

As we continue to grasp detailed insights on MBA in Switzerland, here is a quick overview of what to expect from a Swiss MBA. 

Course Duration

1-2 years

Types of MBA study

Full-time, Part-time, Online

Language of Instruction


Popular MBA Specializations 

Finance, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Human Resources, etc

Average Tuition Fees

14,000 CHF- 115,000 CHF/year (inclusive of any MBA program chosen)

Popular MBA destinations for study

St.Gallen, Lausanne, Geneva, Basel, etc

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Eligibility Criteria To Study MBA In Switzerland

When you apply to any MBA universities in Switzerland, there are certain eligibility criterias that need to be followed. While these criterias differ from one university to another, a standard process is followed by all:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • GMAT/GRE score
  • English language proficiency test
  • Work Experience
  • Interview


1. A Bachelor’s Degree

International student need to have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 


2. GMAT/GRE score

Most MBA universities in Switzerland ask for GMAT/GRE score. While there aren’t any minimum score requirements for this, few universities accept a 680 score as average. In case you don’t wish to write a GMAT/GRE score, you can write the MBA admission test as a substitute and get a score of 80% minimum.


3. English language proficiency test

International students require to pass an English language proficiency test. The tests and scores accepted are TOEFL- 105 iBt, IELTS- 7.5, etc. View the universities website to view the exact tests and scores accepted as per the universities.


4. Work Experience

International students require to show 2-4 years of work experience as part of their application process. 


5. Interview

Once you submit your application, most MBA universities schedule an interview as part of your application process. 


Admission Process For MBA In Switzerland

To apply for MBA in Switzerland, here is an overview of the admission process:

  • Identify which university offerring MBA programs
  • Visit the universities official website for entry requirements
  • Prepare for any tests that need to be taken (ELP, GMAT, etc)
  • Pay the application fee (200- 400 CHF)
  • Submit all relevant documents before the application deadline
  • Attend any interview if scheduled
  • Once confirmed, apply for a student visa and arrange for funds

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Documents Required For MBA In Switzerland

To submit an application successfully, you require to submit certain supporting documents. Ensure the below is checked:

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of A Bachelor’s degree and other educational transcripts
  • Proof of GMAT/GRE scores
  • Proof of English language proficiency test scores
  • CV/Resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • 1 video/written essay (SOP)
  • 3 passport copies
  • Copy of valid passport or ID
  • Proof of funds (1 bank statement)
  • Proof of application fee paid


Top 5 MBA Universities In Switzerland

There are multiple MBA universities in Switzerland to choose from. Each offers different USPs, making it a popular choice amongst most international students globally. We have covered the top 5:

  • University of St.Gallen
  • IMD
  • United International Business Schools
  • Swiss School Of Business and Management
  • University of Lausanne

Details of each of these has been discussed below: 


University of St. Gallen is a popular MBA university choice in Switzerland. The experts here are industry professionals that give students a better learning experience of the real world and the current MBA market. 



University of St. Gallen World MBA Ranking 2024


QS World University Rankings 2024


Type of Course

Full-time, Part-time

Course Duration

Full- time 1 year, Part-time, 2-3 years

Course Offered

Full-time MBA in International Management, etc, Part-time MBA in Capital market, etc

Average Tuition Fees

Full-time MBA- 63,500 CHF/year, Part-time MBA- 73,500 CHF/year




IMD stands for international Insitute for Management Development. They have triple accreditation and is another popular choice to study MBA. The course is designed to helo students identify challenges of the current market and resolve the same. 



International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland World MBA Ranking 2024


Type of Course

Full-time, Part-time

Course Duration

Full- time 1 year, Executive MBA, 15-19 months

Course Offered

EMBA (Executive MBA) , MBA

Average Tuition Fees

EMBA- 115,000 CHF/year, MBA- 97,500 CHF/year




UIBS is another QS ranked MBA university choice amongst multiple international students. UIBS offers a range of MBA specializations and elective courses to choose from. They also offer multiple teaching formats such as seminars, etc. 



United International Business Schools, Geneva World MBA Ranking 2024


Type of Course

Full-time, Part-time

Course Duration

Full- time 1 year, Part-time, 2-3 years

Course Offered

MBA, Executive MBA in Finance, Marketing, HRM, etc

Average Tuition Fees

MBA Course based- 42,000 CHF/year, Executive MBA- 50,400 CHF/year




SSBM is a widely popular choice to study MBA in Geneva. Geneva is the hub for the best business schools in the country. The MBA programs offered are diverse, making it easy to cater to each choice. 



Type of Course

Full-time, Part-time, Online

Course Duration

Full- time 1 year, Part-time, 2-3 years, Global & Executive MBA- 12-16 months

Course Offered

Flex MBA, Global MBA, Executive MBA, Blended MBA in Finance, International Management, etc

Average Tuition Fees

14,000 CHF- 16,000 CHF/year




University of Lausanne offers has two business schools that offer MBA programs, HEC Lausanne and Business School Lausanne. They have been running this institution for 35 years, making it a prominent choice to consider for MBA studies. 



QS World University Rankings 2022


Type of Course

Full-time, Part-time

Course Duration

Full- time 1 year, Part-time, 2-3 years

Course Offered

EMBA in faulty of Business and Economics, EMBA in Sustainable Business, EMBA in Business transformation and Entrepreneurship

Average Tuition Fees

44,800 CHF- 45,000 CHF/year



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Cost Of Studying MBA In Switzerland

The cost of studying MBA in Switzerland is determined by two factors, tuition fees and cost of living. 

Let’s learn about them one by one:


  • Tuition Fees

To pursue MBA in Switzerland, the tuition fee ranges between 14,000 CHF- 115,000 CHF/year. These figures are based upon any MBA program you choose, such as Flex MBA, Full-time MBA, etc. The MBA in Switzerland for Indian student fees is 11,37,063 INR- 93,39,189 INR and for USD it is 14,954 USD- 1,22,831 USD/year.


  • Cost of Living

The cost of living in Switzerland ranges from 1,400 CHF- 2,250 CHF/month (1,13,648 INR- 1,82,649 INR/month), (1,495 USD- 2,403 USD/month). Most of your recurring monthly expenses will be accommodation, transport, health insurance, food, and miscellaneous expenses.


Scholarship Opportunities To Study MBA In Switzerland

There are multiple scholarship opportunities available for students struggling with Switzerland MBA fees payments. Most of these scholarships offer grants and cover tuition fees as well. We have covered 5 such similar scholarship opportunities below:

Scholarship Name


IMD MBA Class Scholarship For Emerging Markets

Purse MBA in Business and Management

Partial funding

IMD MBA- Financial Need Scholarship

Pursue MBA studies

Up to 30k CHF

The Nestle Scholarship For Women

Pursue MBA in IMD

Up to 25k CHF

ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship

Pursue Masters in ETH Zurich

Covers full study and living expenses, offer assistantship and partial stipend

EPFL Excellence Fellowship for Masters students

Pursue Masters in EPFL

Grant amount- 8,000 CHF/semester. Covers accommodation, tuition fees for a maximum of four semesters

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Career Opportunities After MBA In Switzerland

After graduating from the top MBA universities in Switzerland, there is a range of job profiles to choose from. Switzerland has a high pay scale, especially for this field of study. 

Here is an overview of the popular job profiles and expected salary range:

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

Finance Manager

125,397 CHF

Human Resource Manager

102,109 CHF

Marketing Manager

91,732 CHF

Digital Marketing Manager

89,299 CHF

Analytics Consultant

85,947 CHF

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Where to study MBA matters as this popular program helps graduates to upgrade the current business market. Switzerland is known for its prestigious education system, thus, considering MBA studies here is a wise decision academically and professionally. While this information is sufficient to make the right MBA choice, our Yocket counsellors are one click away to seek further assistance. 



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