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GMAT Exam Registration: Step by Step Process of Slot Booking


About 2 lakh students interested to study in B-schools or pursue an MBA abroad take the GMAT exam every year! Hosted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, GMAT scores are accepted by 2,300+ Graduation Schools. Students acing the test stand a chance to enroll themselves in more than 7,000 courses across the globe. You can easily attempt the GMAT test throughout the year by registering online.

In case you’re stuck in a dilemma, let's understand whether or not you should consider and apply for GMAT.

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So, Who Should take the GMAT Exam?

Students aspiring to enroll in a B-school or an MBA program at top universities abroad should favor this examination. GMAT scores are accepted by most of the MBA programs, finance courses and Business Schools across the globe. In addition to that, if you’re hoping to receive a scholarship, you should give the GMAT exam a shot. A good GMAT score will help you secure study scholarships, quality education as well as land on a fruitful package after your studies. 

Since you are now clear about pursuing the exam, let's take a closer look at when and how you should register for GMAT.

When Should You Register for GMAT?

One can apply for the GMAT exam anytime throughout the year. Students can schedule their GMAT test six months in advance or latest by 24 hrs prior to the test. Although, due to the massive number of GMAT applicants giving the exam, it is always recommended to make your GMAT exam slot booking at least a month before writing the test.


Your GMAT Exam Registration should be as per your preparation plan. This will help you achieve your desired score without the angst of a hasty date. Thus, register in advance and be prepared! 

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How to Register for GMAT Exam Online? 

Registering for GMAT is your first step to seek admission abroad. You can register for the test online or through phone, fax, and mail. However, the easiest and fastest way to make your GMAT registration is by doing it online.

So, let’s look at the Steps to Register for GMAT:

Step 1: Create a GMAT account and login

Begin your registration online by creating a GMAT applicant’s account on the official website - MBA.com 

  1. Fill in all your details as per your passport 

  2. Make an ID and issue a password

  3. Ensure to save your account credentials for later use (All GMAT related notifications, updates and communications will be alerted to you on this account) 

  4. Head to the ‘Exams’ section on the title bar of MBA.com

  5. Scroll down and click on the yellow-colored ‘Register Now’ button

Step 2: Create your GMAT Profile

Complete the formalities of creating your GMAT profile. 

  1. Add all the additional details required to complete your GMAT profile

  2. Review your Name, Date of Birth, Residential Address, Email address, Contact details and other details as requested

  3. Enter all your details as mentioned in your valid ID (Passport)

  4. After you’ve filled in your details, click on the “Next” button to move on to the next step

Step 3: Log your Study History

Details of your previous education needs to be filled as per your country. Have a look at the table below for more information:

Step 4: Verify your Profile 

  1. After entering the details as requested on your GMAT profile, wait for GMAC to officially verify your details 

  2. The verification process takes about 48hrs to be completed. After the completion of the verification process, you can move forward with your GMAT registration process

Step 5: Select your preferred GMAT Test Center, Date and Time 

Selecting your test center/ location, date and time: 

  1. To find your nearest GMAT test centers, select your current location

  2. By selecting the location, you will have a pop-up of centers to choose from. Pick the center you wish to appear for the GMAT test from

  3. As you select the location, a calendar with available dates (in green) will be displayed

  4. Book your preferred GMAT date, to view all the test timings available 

  5. Choose a suitable GMAT test time 

  6. Proceed to review your GMAT test location, time and date and confirm

Step 6: Process your GMAT Payment

Complete your GMAT registration process by paying the exam fee of US $250 using a debit or credit card. By paying the fee you have officially registered yourself for the GMAT test.

Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation on your registered email. All the necessary GMAT test details will be included in the email.

While many students register for GMAT online. A few of them register through a phone call, fax or via mail in the absence of a working internet facility. For many such students, GMAC allows them to register for GMAT by any other alternative medium.

How to register for GMAT via Phone?

Students can also register for GMAT by calling the GMAC India office during working hours between 9 am to 6 pm on +91 124 4945270. Please note that an additional fee of US $10 is charged to the applicant’s registering via phone call.

How to register for GMAT via Fax or Mail?

If you wish to register for GMAT through fax or mail - Download the GMAT test form through the official website. Fill in all the details in the form and mail/fax it along with the GMAT exam fee. Applicant’s can send the essentials to the nearest GMAC customer service address or to the Pearson VUE office.

It takes about 8 weeks for the GMAC team to receive your form. Hence, ensure to mail your form well in advance.

How to Register for GMAT at Home?

Test takers can now take the GMAT test from the comfort of their home with GMAT Online.

  1. Login to your GMAT account and select the ‘Register for the GMAT Online Exam’ option

  2. Select your preferred appointment date and time

  3. Proceed to payment and process your application to complete your registration

What if I want to Reschedule My GMAT Test Date?

If you’ve already registered but you wish to reschedule your GMAT test date, here’s how you can do that:

  1. Login to your GMAT profile

  2. Select the GMAT test you wish to reschedule

  3. Choose the new test date

  4. Review your request

  5. Confirm your personal details

  6. Proceed to pay your GMAT rescheduling fee

The additional rescheduling fee is charged based on the number of days prior to your appointment being rescheduled.

No. of days

Rescheduling Fee

Rescheduling 1 to 14 prior to your test appointment

US $150

Rescheduling 15 to 60 days prior

US $100

Rescheduling more than 60 days prior

US $50








Keeping in mind the enormous number of applicants giving the exam, GMAC has made the GMAT exam registration process an easy task. Once you've registered yourself, you can also keep a tab on all your GMAT-related updates on your student MBA account. 

A good GMAT score will help you seek admission to top universities. This will translate to securing attractive salary packages after your graduation. In order to secure a good GMAT score, thoroughly know the GMAT test syllabus, pattern and the types of questions. This will help you plan your preparation efficiently. It is recommended to invest about three months time preparing for the test. Prepare well, study hard and ace the test!

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