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GMAT Exam Eligibility: Your GMAT Eligibility Checklist to Get You Through the Exam Gate

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GMAT Exam Eligibility: Your GMAT Eligibility Checklist to Get You Through the Exam Gate   Image

Do you aspire to become a globally recognised Businessperson? And are you wondering about how you could achieve that? Pursuing a Business degree from one of the top Universities across the World can help you achieve your dream. Although, is securing admission to the top universities across the World that easy? Of Course not! But, it is possible. Paving your way, a good score in your GMAT gets you through the doors of top colleges without a hitch.


While you set foot towards your prospective future, your first query would be - If you match the GMAT exam eligibility criteria? So, let’s discuss if you’re eligible to appear for GMAT on the norms set by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).


GMAT Eligibility Criteria 2021:

GMAC has no specific eligibility criteria for aspirants hoping to attend the GMAT test. Although, you will be compelled to check upon other criteria of GMAT such as age, qualification etc to align with you to take the test. Each of these are discussed below: 


Note: Even if there is no specific eligibility criteria for GMAT, colleges globally have set norms to be followed in order to secure an admission. Please check with your desired colleges to learn about their independent criteria.



Are you a Global citizen/citizen of the World?


Think no further, you’re eligible to appear for GMAT. If your nationality was one of your concerns for GMAT, you don’t have to worry. GMAC provides equal opportunities to all. Candidates from all over the world can write the test and use GMAT scores for their future studies overseas.


Note: Your International Travel Passport acts as a verified ID proof during your exam. So, carry it to the GMAT test center while attending the exam. Incase of GMAT online, keep it handy to show your ID whenever asked for it by your examiner.


If you’re quizzed about the age limit to appear for GMAT? Here’s what you have to know:

There is no specific age limit for GMAT. However, taking the test after you’re 18 helps smoothen the process of taking the test. In any case, if you belong to the age group of 13-17, you are required to produce a letter of consent written by your parents or a guardian.


There is no upper limit or restriction of taking the GMAT test, so if you’re 18, 28 or 36, you’re still eligible to appear for the GMAT!


Academic Qualification for GMAT eligibility:

As the GMAT aptitude test is an entry ticket to pursue an MBA or a Business school degree. Candidates who take the test are usually undergraduates or working professionals. However, no specific qualification is required to appear for the GMAT.


Candidates are allowed to attempt the GMAT test about 8 times in a lifetime. So, if you wish to appear for the GMAT for the 9th time in your lifetime, you do not pass the GMAT Exam eligibility criteria!


Your Academic Record: Do your grades play a role in appearing for GMAT?

Your academic scores or grades don’t play any role in your appearance for the GMAT. There is no score mentioned as a prerequisite under GMAT requirements to attend the test. Candidates of any score range can take the test.


Note: Your academic history is important to Universities. Don’t remain under the impression that your study history isn’t accounted for when you apply for admissions. This is applicable just to appear for GMAT, not University admissions.  


Does work experience help while taking the GMAT?

Having work experience sure does add to strengthening your logical reasoning skills. However, having work experience before taking the GMAT test is not an eligibility criterion.


Work experience, however, is considered as a feather on the cap when you submit your application at various Business schools. Candidates having work experience in the same field of trade enjoy the benefit of a stronger application during enrollment.


Subject criteria for GMAT:

Applicants from any field or graduation of any subject can attend the GMAT exam. GMAT requirements do not limit applicants because of the field they belong to. Candidates from all the fields, be it Arts, Science, Engineering, Commerce etc, are welcomed to appear for the test and showcase their skills.


Testing medium for GMAT:

GMAT is offered only in English. Since the test is an eligibility examination for Universities across the US or other English-speaking countries. However, this isn’t a barrier for applicants who wish to appear for the test. Candidates from any medium can take the GMAT test.


Many non native English speakers take the GMAT test too. In spite of taking the test in English, many non-native English speakers achieve a high score with their dedication and well-planned preparation.


These are the basic eligibility criteria to attend the GMAT test. Anyone across the World can write this test and aim for great success. Since you now have clarity on your eligibility to attend the test, you must read up on how you can register for the GMAT test. Once registered, we would want you to prepare well for the GMAT and ace the test! Yocket is always there to help you at any stage! All The Best!!




How many attempts of GMAT are allowed?

You can take the GMAT exam once after every 16 calendar days. You’re allowed to take up to five GMAT tests a year. But, you’re allowed to take the GMAT test only eight times in a lifetime.


What documents do you need to appear for GMAT?

You will need a valid International travel passport, a Government-issued driver’s license or a Military ID card (if applicable) to take the GMAT test.


How do you take the GMAT test amidst the pandemic?

GMAC has launched GMAT online. With GMAT online you’ll be able to take the GMAT test from the comfort of your home. You are allowed to take up to two GMAT online tests.

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