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Ultimate Guide to Denmark Study Visa: Denmark Study Visa Requirements, Cost, Processing Time, Application Process


Known for its happiness index, Denmark makes it to the top 5 countries for international students willing to study abroad. And therefore, Denmark also has a whopping 55% of an international student population. After receiving your acceptance letter from a recognized university in Denmark, you will be required to apply for a Denmark student visa. 

The Denmark study visa is also called a residence permit. The residence permit is valid for the duration of your program, and does not require you to reapply. So, if you are someone willing to study in Denmark, you are definitely at the right place, as this blog will present you with the tiniest of details required to apply for a Denmark study visa from India, and a lot more!  

Table of Contents

  1. Denmark Student Visa Update
  2. Denmark Student Visa Eligibility 
  3. Types of Denmark Student Visa
  4. Denmark Student Visa Requirements
  5. Denmark Student Visa Fees
  6. Denmark Student Visa Process
  7. Denmark Student Visa Processing Time
  8. Where to Apply for a Denmark Student Visa
  9. When to Apply for a Denmark Student Visa
  10. How to Apply for a Student Visa in Denmark
  11. Denmark Student Visa Interview

Denmark Student Visa Updates

The prevailing situation of COVID-19 has brought changes in the Denmark study visa process. However, the Danish authorities have tried to simplify the process as easy as they could. 

Given below are the latest visa updates in order to apply for Denmark student visa: 

  • A mandatory covid test is required to be able to travel to Denmark. The test must be a maximum of 48 hours with a rapid antigen test or 72 hours with a RT PCR test at the time of entry.
  • The Republic of Denmark has reduced the number of visa issuing centres in India. The Visa Application Centres (VAC) are now functional only in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Kochi.
  • Currently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Denmark Embassy is closed to the Public. Visa applications can be submitted only by post or by dropping the documents in the postbox outside the Embassy.

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Denmark Student Visa Eligibility

Even before starting the Denmark student visa process, you need to know whether you are eligible to apply for the Denmark student visa from India. A Denmark study visa requires you to qualify the set minimum criteria for appealing it.

Some of the major criteria required to meet the Denmark student visa requirements from India are listed as follows:

  • You ought to have a confirmed admission letter from a recognized university in Denmark.
  • You are required to meet the set health requirements which indicate that you are healthy to study for a long duration in Denmark.
  • You are required to fulfil the character requirements which would be most essential for your visa interview.
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to cover all of your expenses during your study course.

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Types of Denmark Student Visa

There are two types of Denmark student visa, depending on your citizenship: 

Non-EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens

You have to mandatorily apply for a student residence permit up to six months or more before you arrive in Denmark

EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens

You have to apply for a residence formality and not a residence permit

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Denmark Student Visa Requirements

A long list of official and legal documents are required as Denmark student visa requirements for India in order to apply for Denmark student visa. Major documents requirements for a Denmark student visa are:

  • An acceptance letter from one of the top Danish universities 
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from the scheduled date of travel 
  • Residence permit fee payment proof (255 EUR)
  • Recently captured two photographs as per the mentioned photo specifications
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Confirmed flight tickets 
  • Proof of accommodation - rent agreement, etc.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (Denmark student visa IELTS requirements are a minimum of 5.5)
  • Evidence that you have enough funds for your stay in Denmark (around 1,000 EUR/month)
  • Detailed information regarding your study programme
  • Proof of sponsorship (if applicable)
  • Proof of scholarship (if applicable)

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, no extra documents are required to apply for a Denmark study visa from India. The Denmark study visa may also be extended as per the course if a letter is obtained from the admitted institution and is processed with the respective officials.

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Denmark Student Visa Fees

Denmark student visa fees are dependent on factors such as the number of entries, biometric charges, as well as any service charges. Danish authorities usually allow international students to pay the Denmark student visa fee online, or at a visa application centre in India (in the offline mode via cash or card, or through a bank transfer online).

The Denmark study visa cost has been tabulated below: 





Visa Fees




The Denmark study visa cost also varies according to the changes in the currency exchange rates. If there are any changes in your plans for study in Denmark, you can withdraw the application. However, you should be informed that the visa fee is completely non-refundable.

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Denmark Student Visa Process

The Denmark study visa process is pretty easy, streamlined and can be divided as follows:

  1. Creating an account at the Visa portal of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Filling the online Denmark visa application form. (ST1 Application form) 
  3. Pay the visa fees as displayed on the account. 
  4. Book an appointment at the nearest visa centre.
  5. Recording of biometrics.

You also need to make sure and get in touch with the nearest visa application centre for appointment availability, in order to apply for a Denmark student visa for Indian students.

Denmark Student Visa Processing Time

The usual Denmark student visa processing time required for issuing a Denmark student visa for Indian students is about 60 days. So, it’s best to save yourself plenty of time as suggested above to allow for this to happen smoothly.

Although it is to be noted processing times can be longer depending on your demographic factors. For instance, aspirants from countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, Kenya, and Ghana may have to wait for up to 6 months due to several other steps involved. These are country-specific steps and can be consulted with respective embassies in the home country.

Where to Apply for a Denmark Student Visa

One should always use the official Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for Denmark study visa from India. 

  • The Danish government has come up with a new website for visa applications. 
  • According to the type of Visa you wish to apply for, you will be directed to the respective application. 
  • Since a visa is an important part of your study abroad journey, it is suggested to fill out the application with the utmost attention. 

When to Apply for a Denmark Student Visa

There is no fixed time to apply for a Denmark student visa for Indian students. But, as soon as the admission letter has been received at your end, it marks a good time to start with the visa application.

  • We advise that the application is made in advance i.e. 3-4 months before your intended date of travel. 
  • The application processing time may differ from country to country. For India, it takes about 2 months.
  • Also, as per the updated rules of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the application can be made even 6 months before the arrival. 
  • So, any time of 3-6 months would be a good time to apply for Denmark study visa from India. 

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How to Apply for a Denmark Student Visa 

The application process required to apply for Denmark student visa is as follows: 

  1. After checking your eligibility, you need to visit the official visa portal of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and generate an account.
  2. Proceed to fill out the online Denmark visa application form. 
  3. After this, pay the visa fees as required as per the type. 
  4. Schedule an appointment at one of Denmark's authorised Visa Application Centres. You can do this by looking at the website of the VAC nearest to your location. 
  5. Visit the VAC with the cover letter you received via email and required documents. You would have to submit your biometric details here as well. 
  6. Appear for the Denmark student visa interview towards the end of your student visa application process.

Your biometrics are the extra identification information (e.g. fingerprinting and pictures) that countries use for national security purposes. 

If any kind of false information in the application is found, there are high chances that the visa may get rejected. There are multiple other reasons which can cause a Danish visa rejection. An important note to take here is that rejection of a visa can also impact your future applications for a visa abroad or specifically in Denmark.

Denmark Student Visa Interview

Another important step in the Denmark student visa process is the Denmark student visa interview. It is mandatory to appear for, and will mostly be around your goals as a student aspiring to study in Denmark. 

The generic student visa interview starts with an introduction and reasons for not studying in your home country. Other questions with regards to your course, goals, and knowledge about Denmark can also be asked.

You also should be informed of the fact that acquiring a visa does not guarantee your entry into the country. If the authorities at the verification and border control find an issue with you or your visa details, there is a possibility that you will be objected to entering through the border and obliged to return to your home country. However, strictly adhering to the information provided above and by the Danish government is important. Following the same shall certainly result in getting your Denmark student visa approved and your study in Denmark.

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