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Masters Scholarships in Canada: Types, Eligibility, Benefits & More on MS Scholarship in Canada

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Canada is a diverse country that welcomes students from different parts of the world every year to study at its top universities and colleges. Keeping in mind the amazing experience of studying and living that it offers, the cost of studying in Canada may burn your pockets if not planned well. This is when exploring the various funding options comes up. While there are a number of ways of seeking financial assistance for international students, the best idea is to acquire a fully funded scholarship in Canada. Masters scholarship in Canada occupies a prominent place amongst both domestic and international students for the attractive benefits that they offer.

In this blog, we take you through the different types of scholarships in Canada, their eligibility criteria, application process, and some frequently asked questions about MS scholarships in Canada.

Table of Contents:

  1. What are the Types of Masters Scholarship in Canada?
  2. Government Scholarships for Masters in Canada
  3. Non-Government Scholarships for Masters in Canada
  4. Canadian University Scholarships for Masters in Canada
  5. Frequently Asked Questions for Masters in Canada


What Are the Types of Masters Scholarship in Canada?

There are mainly three types of MSc scholarships in Canada:

  • Government scholarships
  • Non-Government scholarships
  • Canadian University scholarship

Each of the above-mentioned types of scholarships  for international students in Canada has its own share of benefits and eligibility criteria. Let us discuss the top scholarships under each category one by one:


Government Scholarships for Masters in Canada

Government scholarships for Canada masters are publicly-funded or government-funded scholarships available to international students. The requirements for each scholarship are different and hence you must visit the official websites to get better clarity about them. Some of the top government MS scholarships Canada are discussed below:

  • Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS M) program is amongst the top MS scholarships in Canada. It provides financial support to high-calibre students who are engaged in masters or doctoral programs at Canadian universities. This MSc scholarship in Canada supports up to 3,000 students annually in all disciplines. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Must be a permanent resident of Canada, or a protected person under subsection 95 (2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada)
  • Enrolled/ applied for full-time admission to an eligible graduate program at the master’s or doctoral level at a Canadian institution with a CGS M allocation.


17,500 CAD for 12 months

  • Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

The Shastri Canadian Studies Faculty Research Fellowship is a well known scholarship for masters in Canada for Indian students. This award assists them in developing their research skills in Canada. The recipients of these fellowships must attend a seven-day summer institute and submit a final report.

Eligibility Criteria 

Applicants must be from member institutions of Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute or from constituent colleges/ institutes of its members that falls under Shastri network. The applicant should have obtained at least 65% marks in his/her bachelors degree.  

Amount/ Benefit

It offers grants to support Indian researchers who complete exploration on Canadian investigations from their organizations of enlistment or enrollment. The amount of grants here vary in accordance to your program of study in Canada.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship 

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship is an international program which offers scholarships and fellowships to citizens of Commonwealth countries. In India, this is jointly managed by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission, The British Council, Association of Commonwealth Universities, MHRD. This MS scholarship in Canada is for 1 year masters degree programs. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Citizens of all Commonwealth countries pursuing masters in Canada, and participating in the CSFP are eligible for the scholarships.

Amount/ Benefit

  • Economy return international travel
  • Tuition fee
  • Adequate maintenance and other allowances

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Non-Government Scholarships for Masters in Canada

Along with the government-funded scholarships there are also some fully funded scholarships for masters in Canada provided by different kinds of organisations. 

  • Anne Vallee Ecological Fund Scholarship

The Anne Vallee Ecological Fund Scholarship is another popular Canada MS scholarship that is focussed on supporting field research in animal ecology, in relation with the impact of human activities such as forestry, industry, agriculture, and fishing. As the name suggests, it is sponsored by a private organization named Anne Vallee Ecological Fund.

Eligibility Criteria 

Meritorious students registered in animal research at the master or doctoral level in a Quebec or British Columbia University

Amount/ Benefit

CAD 1,500 Per Year

  • Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarships is a three-year leadership initiative by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation aimed to prepare Ambitious Leaders. This scholarship in Canada for Masters helps in supporting exemplary doctoral students with the capabilities to explore and execute their ideas in the global front. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Students pursuing a full-time first or second year (or in the course of enrollment) in the Graduate program in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Amount/ Benefit

CAD 20,000 - CAD 40,000 including travel allowances

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Other Popular Scholarships For Masters in Canada

Most of the full masters scholarships in Canada are university specific. The top universities in Canada have the provision of scholarships or fellowships for international students to support their studies. The three most sought-after ones are discussed below:

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 

A popular university specific scholarship for masters in Canada for Indian students is the Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship. It was started by the Canadian government to support the universities in Canada in attracting highly skilled master’s degree candidates. A total of 167 grants are awarded annually by the Government under this scheme.

Eligibility Criteria 

Masters students having academic excellence, leadership and research potential, and are nominated for the scholarship by their desired Canadian institution.

Amount/ Benefit

50,000 CAD divided in instalments during the course. 

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship program is funded by the provincial government of Ontario to encourage students to excel in their graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral level. It is a merit-based scholarship in Canada for masters across all disciplines in all publicly funded universities in Ontario.

Eligibility Criteria 

All international students pursuing full-time and part-time graduate courses in Ontario with a first-class or equivalent in the qualifying exam.

Amount/ Benefit

CAD 15,000 Per Year

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The University of Winnipeg Manitoba Graduate Scholarships (MGS), Canada is offered to all international students to pursue master degree courses at University of Winnipeg.  As a public university in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, it offers degrees in science, art, business and economics, science, education, and undergraduate studies. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Students pursuing graduate programs at University of Manitoba who demonstrate superior intellectual ability and academic accomplishments.

Amount/ Benefit

CAD 14,000 Per Year 

The application process and eligibility criteria varies for different MS scholarship programs in Canada. However, in most cases, to get a free scholarship in Canada you can directly apply to universities or you might need to write an essay to qualify for a scholarship. This essay will reflect your interests to pursue your masters in Canada, work experience and background.

To get well-funded scholarships in Canada one must research the opportunities and plan in advance. Do check the deadline of the scholarships in Canada and start your application process ahead of time to avoid any hurdles later on. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Masters Scholarships in Canada


  1. How can I finance my studies in Canada?

Ans. Acquiring a scholarship is one of the best ways to finance your studies in Canada. Apart from that you may also opt for a student loan or engage in part-time jobs to earn some extra pocket money.

  1. How to get scholarships in Canada?

Ans. The scholarships in Canada are either offered on merit or based on your territory or place of residence. Having any relevant experiences in extracurricular activities may also help you get a scholarship in Canada. 

  1. What are popular scholarships in Canada for masters?

Ans. Apart from the ones mentioned above, some other important scholarships for Canada masters are:

  • University of Alberta International Scholarships
  • Michael Lang Youth and Leadership MBA Award
  • Carleton Prestige Scholarships

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