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Masters Scholarships in Canada: Scholarships, Benefits, Application Procedure & More

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Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world. These universities rank high in the QS World University Rankings every year. The quality of education is high which attracts international students from different parts of the world. The infrastructure, course curriculum, world-renowned tutors, teaching methodologies and job placement assistance set the Canadian universities apart from other countries. With high standard of education comes high costs. The best way to save money on the total cost of pursuing Masters in Canada is to avail scholarships. This blog will be your guide to applying and availing the benefit of scholarships for Masters in Canada for Indian students. 

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Benefits Of Masters Scholarship In Canada

As an international student, you can avail the benefit of Canada graduate scholarship for international students. The tuition fee ranges between 6,000 CAD/3,62,489 INR-74,110.28 CAD/ 44,77,359 INR per annum to study masters courses in Canada. With the help of scholarship, you can reduce the financial commitment towards pursuing your education. Important benefits of availing scholarship are listed below.

  • Fully funded Masters in Canada where full tuition fee is waived.
  • Partial waiver of tuition fee or a fixed sum is waived off from the full tuition fee.
  • Selected scholarships cover accommodation, living expenses and study material. 
  • A few scholarships for Canada Masters offer bi-monthly stipend to cover living expenses. 

List Of MS Scholarship In Canada

Canadian universities offer several scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students postgraduate. Some are Government-aided scholarships, whereas others as private scholarships offered by Canadian universities, recognized bodies and reputed individuals. We have listed the mostly offered Canada Masters scholarships for international students below.

Hani Zeini Scholarship

International students with economically weaker backgrounds can apply for this Master degree scholarship in Canada. Proof of family income must be submitted along with the educational grade certificates while applying for Hani Zeini Scholarship. 1,000 USD is the maximum scholarship benefit offered. 

Humber International Entrance Scholarship

It is one of the fully funded masters scholarships in Canada for international students 2022. Full tuition fee is waived off for eligible students. If the candidate is not eligible for a full waiver, the application is considered for a partial waiver of up to 2,000 CAD. Students who have availed this scholarship and if they maintain 75% GPA in the first year of their course at the Canadian university are eligible for renewal of the scholarship benefit for the second year.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

International students who have excellent academic records can apply for University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships. You can receive MSc scholarship in Canada up to 14,000 USD for an academic period of 12 months. This scholarship for ms in canada for indian students can be availed for 24-month Masters course.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 

It is funded by the Government of Canada. International students with excellent academic transcripts and records who intend to pursue Masters course at a Canadian university can apply. Canada graduate scholarship benefit of 50,000 CAD is awarded to eligible candidates. 

Ontario Graduate Scholarships

Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a scholarship for Masters in Canada for Indian students. It is funded by the Government of Canada for international students who wish to pursue Masters degree. It is applicable for all Masters courses in Canada.

How to get a scholarship abroad?

How To Apply For MS Scholarship In Canada

As an international student, it is crucial for you to follow the process to avail Masters scholarship in Canada. We have listed the steps below for your reference. 

  1. Visit the official website of the Canadian university you want to study. 
  2. Check the Masters scholarship in Canada that are accepted by the university.
  3. Read the eligibility criteria, terms & conditions of the scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students postgraduate that you want to apply.
  4. If you are eligible, get the documents required to apply for the MS scholarship in Canada as listed on the website.
  5. Check the official website of the MS scholarship in Canada to find out the last date of application acceptance for the term you wish you enroll in. 
  6. If the official website of your Canadian university accepts application for scholarship along with the application to study the Masters course, submit both the applications before the last date.
  7. Some of the universities require you to submit scholarship applications independent of the application to pursue Masters. In such cases, you can contact the university directly for further steps to avail MS scholarship in Canada if it is not mentioned on their official website. 

Tip: Some Government-aided masters scholarship in Canada require students to submit resume and Statement of Purpose. In such cases, submit the required documents and apply through the official website of the government-aided scholarship online.

Important Tips For Getting MSc Scholarship In Canada

Now that you know the scholarships that are available and the procedure to apply for the same. Here are a few important tips that will help you stand out from the crowd of thousands of scholarship applicants. We have listed them below.

Review eligibility criteria 

This is the first step to ensure that your application is processed for the scholarship. You must be fulfil all the eligibility criteria specified for the scholarship. This increases the chances of acceptance of your application.

Apply early

Based on the intake you want to pursue your Masters in, check for the date of application acceptance. Apply for the scholarship as early as possible. This is because limited slots are available for scholarships. If they are granted to eligible students who have applied beforehand, you will miss the opportunity.

Check scholarships

There are several Masters scholarships for Indian students in Canada. Check all the scholarships that are accepted by the university for your course. Check your eligibility and apply to all the scholarships.

Submit the required documents

Scholarships are granted based on different criteria. The governing body specifies the documents to be submitted along with the scholarship application. Updated resume, Statement of Purpose, Academic transcripts, Income statement are some of the commonly asked documents. Check for the documents you must submit and do so.

Community-based scholarships 

A few community-based scholarships are available for international students to study in Canada. If you have displayed strong extra-curricular skills in the activities of your previous educational institution, mention the same in your resume. Have the supporting documents to apply for such scholarships. 

Wrapping Up

You are now equipped with all the information to apply for a scholarship to study Masters in Canada. Scholarship is the only and the best way to reduce the financial commitment to study abroad. By taking this step, you will benefit immensely. Prior to applying for scholarship, it is crucial to decide on the right course and university to study. If you are confused and need some guidance to make the right decision, feel free to reach out to our Yocket counsellors now!

Frequently Asked Questions About MS Scholarship In Canada

Ques: Is it easy to avail scholarship to study Masters in Canada?

Ans: Several scholarships are available for international students that you can utilize. Check the scholarships that are accepted by the Canadian university of your choice, check your eligibility and apply for it. You can easily get the scholarship by following the steps mentioned above and utilizing the tips.

Ques: Are all scholarships merit-based to study Masters in Canada?

Ans: No, not all scholarships merit-based to study Masters in Canada. Some are based on academic records, extra curricular activities, and for students from financially weak families/backgrounds.

Ques: What are the Masters scholarships in Canada?

Ans: Apart from the top scholarships listed above, Carleton Prestige Scholarship, Michael Lang Youth and Leadership MBA Award, and University of Alberta International Scholarship are offered.

Ques: Which Canadian universities offer scholarships to study Masters for international students?

Ans: Almost all the universities in Canada offer scholarships for international students to study Masters courses. You can check the official website of the university to find out the scholarship programs offered and accepted as it is different for each university. 

Universities in Canada

Ques: What does merit-based scholarship mean for Masters in Canada?

Ans: Merit-based scholarships usually refer to excellent academic records of the international student who intends to apply for the scholarship. some scholarships consider previous work experience, achievements, community experience and financial background as merit-based. It depends on the scholarship criteria that is specified on the official website of the Canadian university.

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