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Masters Scholarships in Canada: Benefits & How to Apply?

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When you ask around, at least 7 out of 10 students will say they wish to go to Canada for higher studies. Well, why not?

Some of the world's top universities are found in Canada. Every year, these universities receive high rankings in the QS World University Rankings. International students from all over the world are drawn to the country because of various factors, such as the infrastructure, educational offerings, professors of international reputation, instructional strategies, and job placement assistance that distinguish Canadian universities from those in other nations.

More than often, steep costs are associated with such high standards of education. In such cases, utilizing scholarships for international students is the best strategy to reduce the overall cost of studying for a Master's in Canada. The country offers an extensive set of scholarships to enhance the quality and accessibility of higher education. However, finding the scholarships that you qualify for can be confusing, but Yocket is here to help!

This blog will introduce you to the list of scholarships offered in Canada, alongside listing the benefits, application process, and tips for attaining those scholarships. So, begin perusing!

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Benefits Of Masters Scholarship In Canada

As an international student, you are eligible for a Canada graduate scholarship for international students. The annual tuition for master's programs in Canada ranges from CAD 6,000 (INR 3,62,400) to CAD 74,110 (INR 44,77,300). You can lessen your financial commitment to pursuing your education with scholarships. Following is a list of significant advantages of receiving a scholarship:

  • Fully subsidized master's degree in Canada with no tuition fees.
  • Full tuition fees are waived in part or a set amount is subtracted from them.
  • Selected scholarships pay for housing, food, and school supplies.
  • A few Canada Master's programs provide a bimonthly stipend to help with living costs.

Utilize the Yocket College Finder to find your ideal university, and survey the scholarships offered by each!

List Of MS Scholarship In Canada

Now that you know the perks of earning a scholarship, the next obvious question must be, "What scholarships are available in Canada?"

Numerous postgraduate scholarships are available from Canadian universities to Indian students. Some are government-sponsored scholarships, while others are privately funded and provided by reputable organizations, universities, and individuals in Canada. 

Enlisted below are the most offered scholarships for international students pursuing a Master's in Canada.

  • Hani Zeini Scholarship

This master's degree scholarship in Canada is open to international students from less affluent families. When applying for the Hani Zeini Scholarship, you must also include documentation of your family's financial situation. The maximum scholarship benefit available is USD 1,000 (INR 83,200).

  • Humber International Entrance Scholarship

Among the fully supported master's scholarships in Canada for international students through 2022, is this one. For students who qualify, the entire tuition charge is free. The application is considered for a partial waiver of up to CAD 2,000 (INR 1,22,100) if the candidate is not qualified for a full waiver. Students who have received this scholarship are entitled to renew the benefit for the second year if they maintain a 75% GPA in the first year of their program at the Canadian university.

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

International students with stellar academic records are eligible to apply for Graduate Fellowships at the University of Manitoba. Up to USD 14,000 (INR 11,65,200) in MSc scholarships are available in Canada for a 12-month academic session. This scholarship for a master's degree in Canada can be availed for a two-year master's course.

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Ah, one of the most beneficial scholarships! The Canadian government provides the funding, through this scholarship. You can apply if you are an international student planning to study for a master's degree at a Canadian university and have exceptional academic credentials. To qualified individuals, a CAD 50,000 (INR 30,53,600) Canada graduation scholarship benefit is given.

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships

Indian students may apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship to study for a master's degree in Canada. The Canadian government pays for it if a foreign student wants to pursue a master's degree. It applies to all Canadian master's programs.

Now you know the several scholarships offered in Canada for pursuing a master's. If you are confused about which one you qualify for, contact Yocket counselors, for assistance. 

Read on to explore the process of applying for MS scholarships in Canada!

How to get a scholarship abroad?

Canadian Universities Offering scholarships to Study Masters for International Students

Many Canadian universities offer scholarships to international students to study for a Masters degree. Here is a list of some of the most popular universities:

How To Apply For MS Scholarship In Canada

The essential steps that every international student must follow when applying for a Master's scholarship in Canada are outlined below for reference.

  • Visit the university's website if you want further information.
  • Check to see if the university accepts Canadian scholarships for masters.
  • Read the qualifying requirements, terms, and conditions of the scholarships for postgraduate study in Canada available to Indian students before applying.
  • If you qualify, gather the documentation needed on the website to apply for the MS scholarship in Canada.
  • The final deadline for application acceptance for the term you desire to enroll in can be found on the official website of the MS scholarship in Canada.
  • Submit both applications before the deadline if your Canadian university's official website accepts scholarship applications in addition to those for master's programs.
  • Some colleges demand that you submit separate scholarship applications in addition to your application for a master's degree. If the information you need is not available on the university's official website, you can contact them directly for further instructions on how to apply for an MS scholarship in Canada.

Students who are applying for several government-funded master's scholarships in Canada must submit a CV and a statement of purpose. In such circumstances, present the necessary paperwork and submit your online application through the government-sponsored scholarship's official website.

Important Tips For Getting MSc Scholarship In Canada

Now that you know the available scholarships and the procedure to apply for the same, enlisted below are a few important tips that will help you stand out from the crowd of thousands of scholarship applicants!

  • Review The Eligibility Criteria

This is the first step to ensure that your application is processed for the scholarship. You must fulfill all the eligibility criteria specified for the same. This increases the chances of acceptance of your application.

  • Apply Early

Check the date of application acceptance based on the intake you wish to study for your MS. Apply as soon as possible for the scholarship. This is due to the limited number of scholarship spots available. You will lose the chance if they are awarded to qualified students who have applied earlier.

  • Look Into Scholarships

Indian students can apply for an array of master's scholarships in Canada. Check out every scholarship the university accepts for your program. Apply for all the scholarships after confirming your eligibility for each.

  • Submit The Necessary Paperwork

Scholarships are awarded based on a range of factors. The required documentation is listed by the governing body with the scholarship application. Academic credentials, a current CV, a statement of purpose, and an income statement are some of the commonly needed documents.

  • Community-Based Financial Aid

International students can study in Canada on a few community-based scholarships. Mention this in your resume if you have demonstrated great extracurricular abilities in the activities of your previous educational institution. Possess the necessary documentation to apply for these scholarships.

We know that applying to an abroad university takes a lot of planning, funds, and patience. However, you do not have to do this alone. You can book a call with our expert counselors and resolve all your queries about scholarships and more!

From The Desk of Yocket

You now have all the knowledge necessary to apply for a scholarship to pursue a master's degree in Canada. The only and best option to lower the cost of studying abroad is through scholarships. You will gain a great deal from doing this. Before applying for a scholarship, it is essential to select the appropriate course of study and institution.

Shortlisting universities, knowing the application process, being aware of all the scholarships that the abroad universities offer, and getting a visa in time can all be a tiresome process. However, if you need assistance with everything related to studying abroad, Yocket is here to help. Avail the several services it has to offer, and sit back and relax.

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