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Masters In Australia: Eligibility Criteria, Top Universities, Scholarships, Jobs & More

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Australia has been one of the top choices of international students for its world-class education standards. Extensive and world-class research facilities on-campus facilitates innovation and an upward learning curve. This allows implementation of classroom concepts in real-time.

Pursuing Masters course of your choice at the right university enables you to meet your academic goals. This blog will guide you through the scholarships for masters in australia, eligibility to apply to your dream Australian university and the job market in Australia to help you make an informed decision regarding your MS.

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Why Masters In Australia?

Let’s begin our discussion by checking out the top reasons to study MS in Australia to answer the question - “Why Masters in Australia?”

  • After the U.K. and the U.S, Australia is the 3rd most popular study destination in the world for international students. Many international students choose Australia as their Masters' destination because of its diverse culture, friendly natives and educational experiences on-campus by interacting with industry experts.
  • Australian degrees are recognized all over the world.
  • Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the right specialization to study.
  • Students who study in Australia can take advantage of the country’s impressive technology and research resources - both on-campus and off-campus.
  • Immense and well-paying job opportunities after completion of postgraduation helps kick-start career in top-tier companies.

Eligibility Criteria To Study Masters Courses In Australia

The universities in Australia have a set of eligibility criteria that the applicant must meet for the Masters course they want to opt for. It differs from one course to another at every university. But there are specific eligibility criteria that are the same at all universities to study masters in Australia. They are discussed below.

  1. A bachelor’s degree
  2. Scorecard of English Language Proficiency
  3. A valid passport and visa
  4. GRE scorecard (if applicable)
  5. Work experience (if applicable)

A Bachelor’s degree

As an international student, you must have completed a Bachelor's degree in the field relevant to the Master’s course you want to pursue in Australia.

Bachelor degree in Australia

Scorecard of English Language Proficiency

Every Australian University will define the English Language Proficiency tests acceptable for the course you want to pursue and the minimum overall score. Following are the widely accepted tests and their minimum overall score.

A valid passport and visa

You must hold a valid passport to travel to Australia until the intended duration of your stay to complete your course. Apply for a student visa at least three months before your intended travel date.

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GRE/GMAT scorecard

The minimum score for GMAT is 650 in most Australian universities for most of the Masters courses. The minimum score accepted for GRE is 305.

Work experience

Specific Masters courses such as MBA in Australia require its students to have work experience of 2-5 years.

Application Process To Study MS In Australia

The application process to study masters in Australia is outlined below. Please follow these steps.

  1. Finalize the Australian university you want to apply for the course you want to pursue
  2. Confirm the student requirements for your course from the university’s official website for MS in Australia requirements
  3. Complete the application form and pay the application fee
  4. Attach a copy of all the requested documents
  5. After the university accepts your application and you receive the offer letter, apply for your student visa.

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What Are The Requirements For Masters In Australia?

As an international student, you must submit documents along with your application to your dream university in Australia. Here’s the answer to what are the requirements for Masters in Australia. Ensure that you abide by MS in Australia requirements while submitting your application form for your application to be eligible for screening by the university board.

  1. Marksheets of all educational documents
  2. Scorecard of English Language Test
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Letter of Recommendation
  5. Resume/CV
  6. A copy of a valid passport and Australian student visa
  7. Application form 

5 Top Universities To Study Masters In Australia

Australia is home to 43 universities, some of which are ranked the top universities in the world. We have chosen 5 top universities to study Master degree in Australia for international students. These universities have accredited course curriculums, use advanced teaching methodologies, house tutors that are world-renowned scholars to provide high-quality education. The top 5 universities to study Masters courses in Australia are detailed below.

  1. University of Melbourne
  2. University of Sydney
  3. Australian National University
  4. UNSW Sydney
  5. University of Queensland

1.  University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is well-known for its diverse and high-quality research facilities on campus. There is a research facility for every Masters course it offers. The university has dedicated lab facilities, be it biosciences, computers, healthcare, data analytics or physics. World-renowned tutors will guide you in your projects so you can gain from their experience and be job-ready post-graduation.



QS University Ranking 2023


Top Courses

Master of Public Administration

Master of Information Systems

Master of Commercial Law

Master of Global Media Communication

Course Duration

1-2 years

Average Tuition Fee

80,000 AUD per annum

2.  University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is highly preferred for Master degree in Australia for international students. It allows you to customize your course to meet your educational goals. As an international student, you can choose the subjects you want to study in your chosen Masters course.



QS University Ranking 2023


Top Courses

Master of Professional Accounting

Master of Data Science

Master of Strategic Public Relations

Course Duration

1-2 years

Average Tuition Fee

54,000 AUD

3.  Australian National University

Australian National University has the most significant number of Nobel Laureates amongst its tutors and alumni compared to any other university in Australia. Networking and interacting with the Nobel laureates on academic, career and entrepreneurship grounds open up opportunities for international students. It is one of the most-opted colleges to study Masters in Australia.



QS University Ranking 2023


Top Courses

Master of Public Administration

Master of Science Communication

Master of Applied Data Analytics

Course Duration

1-2 years

Average Tuition Fee

30,000 AUD per annum

4.  UNSW Sydney

The course curriculum of UNSW Sydney Masters degree is recognized across the globe. Six subjects are ranked in the Top 20 subjects in the QS World University Ranking by Subject. UNSW Sydney is one of the best universities to study MS in Australia as it ranks high for employability consistently year after year.



QS University Ranking 2023


Top Courses

Master of Business Law

Master of Commerce

Master of Journalism

Course Duration

1-2 years

Average Tuition Fee

46,000 AUD

5.  University of Queensland

University of Queensland strongly encourages and supports innovation and entrepreneurship. It has produced Nobel Laureates and entrepreneurs of Fortune 500 companies. The university provides a strong connection of alumni, sponsors and partners that you can utilize to build your network.



QS University Ranking 2023


Top Courses

Master of Sustainable Energy

Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management

Master of Business Marketing

Course Duration

1-2 years

Average Tuition Fee

37,000 AUD

MS In Australia Cost

If you are wondering how much does it cost to study Masters in Australia, here is the answer. As an international student, there are two types of Masters in Australia cost.

  1. Tuition Fee
  2. Cost of living

Tuition Fee

The average tuition fee to study Masters in Australia is 30,000 AUD – 80,000 AUD per annum. The actual fee depends on the course, specialization and the university you choose. Please check the university's official website to find out the updated tuition fee for the course you want to pursue.

Total expenses to study in Australia

Cost of living

MS in Australia cost of living depends upon the city or town you choose to stay in during your study. Basic expenses of food, stay and primary travel total up to 21,000 AUD per year on an average.

Scholarships For Masters In Australia

MS in Australia cost in Indian rupees can be reduced only by reducing the tuition fee of the course. This is made possible by scholarship for Masters in Australia for Indian students. Most of the top universities in Australia provide scholarships for deserving students. We’ve listed some of the highly utilized scholarship for Masters in Australia that you can utilize to save financially.



Australian Awards Scholarship

Full waiver of tuition fee

Destination Australia Scholarship

15,000 AUD per annum

University of Newcastle International Excellence Scholarship

Up to 60,000 AUD

Edith Cowan University Scholarship

Waiver of 20%-50% tuition fee

Griffith University Academic Scholarship

Waiver up to 50% of tuition fee or up to 30,000 AUD


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Note: Some of the courses for international students have fully funded scholarships in Australia. Please check on the official website of the university for the course you want to pursue to get the details about fully funded scholarship in australia.

Jobs After Masters In Australia

Australia offers high-paying jobs in well-established companies. There are immense career job opportunities in Australia for international students who establish their careers after completing their education. The best part is that most Australian universities provide job placements after completing Masters courses in Australia. As an international student, you can apply for a post-study work visa valid for up to 3 years. We've listed the average salary for working professionals based on the industry in the table below. 


Average Salary


80,000 AUD per annum

Electrical Engineer

86,000 AUD per annum

Tourism Manager

87,500 AUD per annum


91,700 AUD per annum

Medical Doctor

100,000 AUD per annum

Wrapping up

With all the information about MS in Australia for Indian students requirements, you can now choose the right Australian university to pursue your Masters. If you need guidance to choose the university for the MS course of your choice, reach out to our Yocket counsellors at any time. Choosing the right study destination is crucial to fulfil your academic goals. Don’t leave it to chance.


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