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The University of Montreal, also known as Université de Montréal (UdeM), is a leading higher education institution located in Montreal, Canada. Established in 1878, the university is renowned for its excellence in research, teaching, and innovation.

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Offering a wide range of programs and courses, the University of Montreal provides diverse academic opportunities for students. Its faculties cover various fields, including arts and sciences, engineering, medicine, law, business, and social sciences. The university is committed to providing high-quality education that prepares students for successful careers and personal development.

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Montreal

When it comes to tuition fees, the University of Montreal offers a variety of programs at different levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate studies. The tuition fees may vary depending on the program and the level of study chosen. However, UdeM strives to provide accessible education, and there are options available for financial assistance through scholarships, grants, and other forms of support.

Considering the cost of living at the University of Montreal, it is worth noting that Montreal is known for its relatively affordable lifestyle compared to other major cities. The cost of living includes expenses such as accommodation, transportation, groceries, and entertainment. Students can explore a range of affordable housing options both on and off-campus, ensuring a comfortable living experience while pursuing their studies.

Maintaining a good GPA is important for academic success at the University of Montreal. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence in their coursework, participate actively in discussions, and seek guidance from professors and academic advisors. By maintaining a competitive GPA, students can unlock various opportunities for internships, research positions, and further academic pursuits.

The University of Montreal's scholarships and financial aid options are given to deserving students. These scholarships are aimed at recognizing academic achievements, promoting diversity, and supporting students in their pursuit of education. Students can explore a range of scholarship opportunities offered by UdeM to help offset the cost of tuition and living expenses.

In terms of academic excellence, the University of Montreal is known for its world-class faculty and research opportunities. UdeM boasts a robust academic infrastructure and resources, allowing students to engage in cutting-edge research and gain hands-on experience in their respective fields. The university's commitment to academic excellence ensures that students receive a  rigorous and comprehensive education, preparing them for successful careers.

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Admissions at The University of Montreal

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How to Apply at University of Montreal

To apply for the academic year 2023-2024 at the University of Montreal, you can follow the steps outlined below. Please note that the information provided is based on general application procedures, and it's always recommended to visit the official university website for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Step 1: Research and Program Selection Before applying, it's essential to research and decide on the program you wish to pursue at the University of Montreal. Explore the university's website and review the admission requirements, program details, and any specific instructions or prerequisites for your chosen program.

Step 2: Create an Online Account Visit the University of Montreal's official website and create an online account, if required. This account will serve as your application portal throughout the process.

Step 3: Fill out the Application Form Complete the online application form, providing accurate and detailed information about your personal, educational, and professional background. Make sure to double-check the form for any errors or missing information before submitting.

Step 4: Prepare Required Documents Gather all the necessary documents to support your application. These documents may include academic transcripts, diplomas or degrees, language proficiency test scores (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS), letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, curriculum vitae (CV), and any additional documents specific to your chosen program.

Step 5: Application Fee Pay the application fee for the University of Montreal. The application fee helps cover the administrative costs associated with processing your application. The specific amount and payment methods can be found on the university's official website. Ensure that you submit the payment within the specified deadline to avoid any delays in processing your application.

Step 6: Submit Application Once you have completed the online application form and gathered all the required documents, submit your application through the online portal. Take note of any additional instructions or supplementary materials that may be required for your program.

Step 7: Track Application Status After submitting your application, you can track its status through your online account. The university will provide updates regarding the evaluation process, admission decisions, and any additional documentation required.

Documents Required to Apply to University of Montreal

Document requirements at the University of Montreal for the academic year 2023-2024

Program Documents Required
UG High school transcripts, proof of English/French language proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, DALF, etc.), personal statement, letters of recommendation, resume/CV, identification documents (passport, birth certificate), application fee payment confirmation.
PG Bachelor's degree transcripts, proof of English/French language proficiency, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume/CV, identification documents, application fee payment confirmation. Additional requirements may vary depending on the specific program.
PhD Master's degree transcripts, proof of English/French language proficiency, letters of recommendation, research proposal, resume/CV, identification documents, application fee payment confirmation. Additional requirements may vary depending on the specific program and research area.

Please note that the actual document requirements may differ for each program and it is essential to refer to the official University of Montreal website or contact the admissions office directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Exams Accepted By University of Montreal

 University of Montreal's exam requirements for the academic year 2023-2024. 

  1. Undergraduate Programs:

    • SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)
    • ACT (American College Testing)
    • Baccalauréat (for international students from French-speaking countries)
    • Baccalauréat International (International Baccalaureate)
  2. Postgraduate Programs (Master's):

    • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
    • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for international students
  3. Ph.D. Programs:

    • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
    • Subject-specific exams (varies based on the field of study)
    • TOEFL or IELTS for international students

Please note that the specific exam requirements, score thresholds, and accepted exams may vary for each program and department within the University of Montreal. It is essential to visit the official website of the university or the department you are interested in to find the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding exam requirements.

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Rankings for The University of Montreal

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The World University Rankings

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QS World University Rankings

More rankings for this university

The University of Montreal is ranked among the top universities for international students in Canada. This university provides quality education and amazing career and learning opportunities. Next is its top international and national University of Montreal Ranking by various reputed platforms. 

  • As per the US News 2022-2023, the University of Montreal ranks #156 in the Best Global Universities ranking. 
  • As per the US News 2022-2023, the University of Montreal ranks #6 in the Best Global Universities in Canada ranking. 
  • As per the US News 2022-2023, the University of Montreal ranks #175 in the Subject Arts and Humanities ranking. 
  • As per the US News 2022-2023, the University of Montreal ranks #277 in the Subject Mathematics ranking. 
  • As per the US News 2022-2023, the University of Montreal ranks #152 in the Subject Microbiology ranking. 
  • As per the US News 2022-2023, the University of Montreal ranks #123 in the Subject Cell Biology ranking. 
  • As per the US News 2022-2023, the University of Montreal ranks #377 in the Subject Chemistry ranking. 

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Manish Vishwakarma


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Fall 2022

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma


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Fall 2023

International Students

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Alumni at University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is renowned for producing accomplished alumni who have excelled in various fields. Here are some notable alumni from the University of Montreal:

  1. Justin Trudeau: The current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, obtained a Bachelor's degree in Literature from the University of Montreal. He has been a prominent figure in Canadian politics and has made significant contributions to the country.

  2. Denis Villeneuve: A highly acclaimed filmmaker, Denis Villeneuve attended the University of Montreal where he studied film. He is known for directing movies such as "Arrival," "Blade Runner 2049," and "Sicario."

  3. Louise Arbour: A prominent Canadian jurist, Louise Arbour studied law at the University of Montreal. She has served as a justice on the Supreme Court of Canada and as the Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

  4. Michèle Audette: An advocate for Indigenous rights and women's issues, Michèle Audette graduated from the University of Montreal's law program. She has been actively involved in promoting human rights and has held various positions within Indigenous organizations.

  5. Julie Payette: Julie Payette, who served as the 29th Governor General of Canada, studied electrical engineering at the University of Montreal. Prior to her role as Governor General, she was an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency and flew on two space missions.


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Transportation in the city

Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec, Canada, offers various transportation options to its residents and visitors. The city has a well-developed public transportation system, including buses and a metro system. Here is some information on transportation options and their potential costs:

  1. Montreal Metro: The Montreal Metro is an efficient and popular mode of transportation within the city. It consists of four lines (Green, Orange, Yellow, and Blue) that cover many parts of Montreal. The metro operates from early morning until late at night, with frequency varying depending on the time of day. Fares for the metro can be paid using tickets or an OPUS card, which is a rechargeable smart card. Typical fares range from CAD 3.50 for a single ride to CAD 10 for a one-day unlimited pass.

  2. Buses: The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) operates an extensive bus network throughout the city. Buses provide access to areas not covered by the metro, including suburban neighborhoods. Similar to the metro, fares for buses can be paid using tickets or an OPUS card. The cost of a single bus ride is typically CAD 3.50, and various fare packages are available depending on your needs.

  3. Bixi Bike Sharing: Montreal offers a popular bike-sharing program called Bixi. It allows users to rent bicycles for short trips and is a convenient way to explore the city. Bixi stations are located throughout Montreal, and users can pick up a bike from one station and return it to another. Weekly passes for Bixi are available at around CAD 15, providing unlimited 30-minute rides during the pass duration.

  4. Taxis and Ridesharing: Taxis are readily available in Montreal, and ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft also operate within the city. These options provide convenient transportation, but their costs can vary depending on factors like distance, time of day, and demand.

Services offered by the university

The University of Montreal, also known as Université de Montréal, is a prestigious institution located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It offers a wide range of services to its students, faculty, and staff. Some of the services provided at the University of Montreal include:

  1. International Student Services: The University of Montreal welcomes a diverse student body, including international students. It provides services to assist international students with immigration processes, orientation programs, language support, and cultural integration.

  2. Housing and Accommodation: The university offers assistance and resources to help students find suitable housing options both on-campus and in the surrounding areas.

  3. Health and Wellness Services: The University of Montreal prioritizes the health and well-being of its community. It provides access to healthcare services, including medical clinics, counseling services, and fitness facilities.

  4. Career Services: The university's career services department offers guidance and support to students in career exploration, job search strategies, internships, and co-op placements.

  5. Student Life and Activities: The University of Montreal promotes a vibrant campus life through various student clubs, organizations, cultural events, sports teams, and recreational facilities.

Student life at University of Montreal

At the University of Montreal, students can look forward to a vibrant and enriching student life experience. The campus provides a dynamic environment where students can engage in various activities, join student clubs, and become part of different organizations.

Campus life at the University of Montreal is filled with opportunities for socializing, learning, and personal growth. The university boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern libraries, well-equipped sports centers, and comfortable study areas. Students can immerse themselves in a stimulating academic atmosphere while enjoying a beautiful campus setting.

One of the highlights of student life at the University of Montreal is the wide range of student clubs and organizations available. These groups cater to diverse interests, allowing students to pursue their passions and connect with like-minded individuals. From academic and professional societies to cultural and recreational clubs, there's something for everyone.

Some popular student clubs at the University of Montreal include the Debate Club, where students can sharpen their public speaking skills and engage in intellectual discussions. The Entrepreneurship Club provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to network, share ideas, and gain valuable insights from successful professionals. For those interested in volunteering and making a difference in the community, the Community Service Club offers numerous opportunities for social outreach and engagement.

On campus accomodation at University of Montreal

The University of Montreal offers off-campus accommodation for all students through Zum, which is only two minutes away from the University of Montreal Campus

Zum, residences of the university offer housing through furnished and well-equipped single and double studios. The rooms and their rates are listed below.

  • In the residence hall, accommodation types include Simple Studio, Double Studio, Suite with bathroom (for girls) and Adapted Studio (for students with special needs).
  • The cost of accommodation is roughly between 412 CAD - 776 CAD (25,413 INR - 47,867) per month.

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