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MBA in Denmark: Guide to MBA in Denmark Universities, Fees, Eligibility, Scholarships, Jobs

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With 8 major universities and more than 40 higher institutions, Denmark is considered to be one of the most appropriate places in Europe to pursue your higher education. Denmark MBA colleges are famous for being highly innovative, and offering students with a distinctive approach to pursue business related courses. Also, a lot of business schools in Denmark offer international students with scholarships based on academic performance, and even financial need. Moreover, the average base pay for MBA in Denmark graduates is observed to be 581,000 DKK per annum. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's dive in and help you explore the world of MBA programs in Denmark!

Table of Contents:

  1. Why study MBA in Denmark? 
  2. A Complete Overview of MBA in Denmark 
  3. Best Universities to Pursue MBA in Denmark
  4. Eligibility and Admission Requirements to Study MBA in Denmark 
  5. Cost to Study MBA in Denmark 
  6. Scholarships to Study MBA in Denmark 
  7. Career Opportunities After Pursuing MBA in Denmark 

Why Study MBA in Denmark?

Let us now present you with some wholesome reasons to study MBA in Denmark: 


  • Affordable education: MBA colleges in Denmark are known for being highly affordable. Students from EU, EAA, adn Switzerland even get a full tuition waiver at all universities and colleges. For international students the tuition fee lies in the range of 10,000 DKK to 25,000 DKK per annum. 
  • Outstanding education and living standards: Denmark as a study abroad destination is famous for providing not just exemplary quality education, but also an equally good standard of living. 
  • A bright scope: After pursuing MBA in Denmark, you can get hold of innumerable job opportunities, and top paying recruiters in Europe. The average salary observed for MBA graduates in Denmark stands at 581,000 DKK per annum. 

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A Complete Overview of MBA in Denmark 

To make you understand how an MBA in Denmark looks like, let us tabulate some key aspects to study various MBA programs in Denmark: 


1-2 years 


  • Full time MBA 
  • Part time MBA 
  • Executive MBA or EMBA 
  • International MBA 
  • MBA General
  • Blended MBA 


Online / Offline 

Average Tuition Fee for International Students

300,000 DKK to 400,000 DKK (Total)

Top Universities & Colleges

  • Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences- Aarhus University 
  • Copenhagen Business School 
  • DTU Executive School of Business 
  • AVT Business School 

Popular Programs Offered 

  • Full time MBA 
  • Global Executive MBA 
  • Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics 
  • Executive MBA 

Specializations Offered 

  • Marketing management
  • Shipping and logistics 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Finance management
  • Business analytics 

Best Universities to Pursue MBA in Denmark 

MBA programs in Denmark are known to be innovative, and rich in industrial standards. Moreover, Denmark MBA colleges have been internationally ranked for their expertise and business ethics. Let us now make you acquainted with some of the best universities in Denmark for MBA: 


Popular Programs Offered 


Average Tuition Fee for International Students 

Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University 


MBA in Business Psychology 

2 years (4 semesters)

14,800 EUR/ year

AVT Business School 

Executive MBA 


2 years

Not available 

Copenhagen Business School 

Executive MBA 


Executive MBA- Shipping and Logistics 

2 years 

EMBA: 425,000 DKK (total)

DTU Executive School of Business- Danmarks Tekniske Universitet 

Executive MBA

2 years 

380,000 DKK (total)

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Eligibility and Admission Requirements to Study MBA in Denmark 

Let us now check out the requirements and eligibility criteria to study the MBA program in Denmark:

  1. Bachelor's degree 
  2. Language proficiency test scores 
  3. GMAT or GRE Scores 
  4. Minimum work experience 

Given below are the admission requirements in order to study MBA in Denmark: 


  1. A bachelor’s degree 

A bachelor’s degree is one of the basic requirements to start the application procedure to MBA in Denmark for international students. You will also be required to submit your high school and bachelor’s degree academic transcripts. 


  1. Language proficiency test scores 

It is essential for you, as international students, to have an English proficiency proof in terms of IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or other tests. The minimum IELTS requirement to study at some of the best universities in Denmark for MBA is a score of 6.5 or above, depending on the university/ program you choose. For an executive MBA in Denmark, the score usually stands at 7.0, for some prominent B-schools. A majority of universities in Denmark offer courses in Danish, and therefore you may also be required to submit Danish proficiency tests. 


  1. GRE or GMAT Scores 

In order to apply for a MBA in Denmark for Indian students universities also ask for the GMAT/GRE scores. 


  1. Minimum Work Experience 

Most universities in Denmark for MBA require a minimum work experience of 3 years, there are also universities and business schools which require a minimum work experience of 5 years before starting with your executive MBA in Denmark. 

Note: Some universities for MBA in Canada may also ask you for Leadership Experiences, LORs, Resume/ CV and interviews as additional requirements. Make sure you check the university’s official website for all the requirements.

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Application Process to Study MBA in Denmark 

The application process for applying to an MBA in Denmark has been discussed briefly below: 


  • Choose your course and a university to start your business studies in Denmark. 
  • Submit the application form along with the application fee. 
  • Submit all the required documents including transcripts, along with additional requirements like SOP, Resume, LORs, and proof of work experience, as asked by the particular university.
  • You may also be asked for an interview process. 
  • Apply for a scholarship or financial aid, if available at the university. 
  • Wait for the admission decision. 


Cost of Studying MBA in Denmark 

The Denmark MBA fees lie in the range of 300,000 DKK to 400,000 DKK for the complete program. Some MBA programs with specializations like business analytics, strategic management, entrepreneurship, etc cost around 105,000 DKK to 135,000 DKK. The Executive MBA in Denmark, on the other hand, stands at 425,000 DKK for a total of 2 years. 

Students should budget for the living expenses in Denmark of about 5,000 DKK to 8,000 DKK per month in addition to the Denmark MBA fees. This estimate is based on a single person's basic needs, which include lodging, groceries, clothing, public transit, and other miscellaneous expenses, wherein the major chunk sticks with 4,000 DKK being the monthly rent for accommodation. 

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Scholarships to Study MBA in Denmark 

Numerous scholarships are available to pursue the MBA in Denmark for Indian students, including a lot of university-specific, privately funded and government funded scholarships. 

Given below are some scholarships to aid the MBA in Denmark for international students:

Scholarships/ Financial Aid 


Award (in CAD)

Company Scholarship through Copenhagen Business School 

Get employed in Denmark before pursuing your MBA through CBS

Full or partial fees through employers 

Gross Salary Deductions 

Get employed at a Danish recruiter

Full or partial fees through employers 

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Career Opportunities after Pursuing MBA in Denmark 

An MBA in Denmark will offer you a career which is unmatchable across borders and holds a great value throughout the globe. The average base salary of an MBA graduate from top business schools in Denmark stands approximately at 581,000 DKK per annum. For an Executive MBA, on the other hand, the average salary lies at 1,150,000 DKK per annum. 

Let us make you explore some career options after pursuing an MBA program in Denmark: 

  • Higher education (in the form of PhD)
  • Get employed at various corporate giants like Nestle, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc
  • Start a business/ venture of your own 
  • Become an educator in the field of management sciences 

Getting an MBA from Denmark becomes no less than a boon, when you get an affordable education, which is filled with out-of-the-world experiences, and getting hold of a ROI from day one. Moreover, the average salaries for programs like Full time MBA and an Executive MBA, can definitely make your dreams come true after studying in Denmark



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