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Best MBA Scholarships in Canada 2023: MBA Scholarships in Canada of 10,000 CAD and above!

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Best MBA Scholarships in Canada 2023: MBA Scholarships in Canada of 10,000 CAD and above! Image

Studying MBA in Canada can approximately cost you anywhere between 40,000 CAD - 1,50,000 CAD, clearly, burning a hole in your pocket. But, the good news is that even foreigners can claim MBA scholarships in Canada. This will help you relax your study expenses in Canada. 

So, let’s dive into MBA scholarship in Canada for international students and also, check the scholarships application process in this blog. 

Table Of Content: 

  1. MBA Scholarships In Canada
  2. How To Apply For An MBA Scholarship In Canada?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions about MBA scholarships in Canada


7 Best MBA Scholarships in Canada: Which Scholarship Should You Apply In Canada For An MBA? 

To study MBA abroad with scholarships, you must display your excellence. One way to do it is by achieving a remarkable GMAT score. With great academics, good scores and by being an overall achiever, you will be able to bag MBA scholarships in Canada. 

Some of the best MBA scholarships to look out for are: 

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship to bag. International students aspiring to pursue a Master’s or a two-year course in Ontario can apply for the same.  

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Eligibility 


  • The applicant must have enrolled in any of the universities of Ontario. 
  • You should be pursuing a 2-year course. 
  • You must display a minimum of A- in the past two years of your study. 
  • Awardees receive about CA$ 5000 per semester. 
  • You might receive CA$ 10,000 through 2 semesters or  CA$ 15,000 through 3 semesters. 


  • Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships

The University Of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business MBA in Canada scholarship offers grants to international students displaying high GPA and GMAT scores. If you are academically sound and are looking for a scholarship for MBA in Canada for Indian students, then this is a good option.  

Along with the entrance scholarship, Haskayne Business School offers many other MBA scholarships through the first and second years of your education. 

Haskayne School Of Business MBA Scholarship Eligibility


Scholarships are awarded on a variety of assessments based on your scores, academic excellence, professional goals etc.

Awardees receive anywhere between CA$ 3000 - CA $ 17,000 during their term. 


  • Ivey MBA Scholarships in Canada

There is very little chance for students to land on fully funded MBA scholarships in Canada. As MBAs are highly competitive and have a fairly good ROI rate, it is a great deal if you get at least half of your fee funded. MBA Scholarships at Ivey business school offer just that. 

Ivey MBA Eligibility 


MBA applicants are inspected on the basis of their academic grades, professional experience, GMAT, leadership skills etc

Candidates receive about CA$ 10,000 to half of the MBA tuition fees covered based on their calibre.  


  • Alberta MBA Scholarships

The Alberta School of Business MBA program offers a number of  scholarships. In the previous year, about CA$ 1 million were allocated towards MBA awards. So, you have a good chance to even win a half or full scholarship for MBA in Canada here. 

Alberta School Of Business offers a variety of awards throughout your course ranging from CA$ 1000 - CA$ 10,000 depending on your calibre. 

Alberta MBA Scholarships Eligibility 


High GPA (3.5 or above), Academic merits, GMAT scores, professional experience etc 

  • Claude Winspear MBA Award, Michael Lang Youth, Leadership MBA Award, AIMCo Scholarship etc grants about CA$ 10,000. 
  • Other grants range from CA$ 1,000 to a higher variable depending upon your calibre. 


Sauder Business school in Canada offers scholarships of its own brand to exceptional international students. If you looking for, scholarship for Indian students in Canada for MBA then you should definitely look at Sauder Business school. Offering numerous MBA scholarships for Asians and international students, you too might just get yourself funded. 

  • Some of the popular scholarships under the umbrella are Asia Top Talent Scholarships, Women in Business Leadership Scholarships, Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship, Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, International Talent Scholarships.

Sauder MBA Scholarships Eligibility  


  • Entrance scholarships (Merit-based selection is conducted) 
  • Display of entrepreneurial skills 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Previous Business experience
  • Academic excellence
  • Some of the scholarships offer CA$ 10,000 - CA$ 40,000 to students. 
  • Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship and Madhu Varshney MBA scholarships offer up to half of your tuition fees. 


  • Rotman School of Management Scholarships

University of Toronto Rotman Business School is one of the best Business Schools in Canada. So, is the competition. Therefore, making it to Business school and landing on a scholarship is challenging but totally worth it!  

  • Rotman offers MBA scholarships in Canada for Indian students. This is one of the scholarships that offer fully funded MBA in Canada. 
  • Joseph L. Rotman Scholarship, The Rotman Family Healthcare Scholarship, Entrance Awards, Business Design Initiative (BDI) Scholarship, 30% Club Full-Time MBA Scholarship are some of the popular MBA 

Rotman School Of Management Scholarships Eligibility 


  • Applicants must be enrolled in the MBA program of Rotman. 
  • Merit-based awards are allotted 
  • CA$ 10,000 to fully funded scholarships are offered. 
  • Rotman offers 10+ scholarships. Each of the scholarships varies. However, financial benefits are included in all of them.


  • Schulich School of Business Scholarships

Study MBA abroad with scholarships in Canada at the Schulich Business school by submitting your high scores. York University's Schulich Scholarships are awarded to students across the world to promote higher education. 

Schulich School Scholarships Eligibility 


  • Entrance Scholarships (Merit-based selection) 
  • Continuing Scholarship 

(Outstanding contribution during the course) 

  • Various scholarships of about CA$ 25,000 - CA$ 40,000 are awarded to students. 
  • Some of them are:   
  • Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit
  • The Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence
  • Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship
  • Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship
  • Heather L. Main Scholarship (Women in Capital Markets)
  • Scotiabank Scholarship in International Business

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How To Apply For An MBA Scholarship In Canada? 

Applying for scholarships abroad isn’t complicated. You can directly apply on the Business schools website online. In case of confusion, you can also reach out to the admin department of your desired university to guide you through the process. 

To apply for MBA scholarships in Canada: 

  1. Visit the official website of the universities. 
  2. Understand the eligibility criteria of the university scholarship. 
  3. Gather the necessary documents. 
  4. Take the required tests (GMAT, IELTS). 
  5. Register and apply for the scholarship online. 
  6. Await for the university response.

Scholarships are a great way to finance your MBA education in Canada. Although, you must have noticed that the commonality of bagging a scholarship in Canada purely depends upon merit, GMAT scores, high GPA, work experience etc. This means you will have to put extra effort and make sure you achieve great scores in your undergraduation to get a scholarship successfully.  

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If you are facing difficulty applying for scholarships to study in Canada, Or you are battling with the dilemma of - How to get scholarship for MBA in Canada for Indian students? Then, simply reach out to a professional at Yocket to shed some light on the topic for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions about MBA scholarships in Canada


  1. How to get scholarship for MBA in Canada for Indian students?

Ans: You can get scholarships for MBA in Canada by checking with the admission committee or online on the university website. Indians can apply for scholarships of MBA, Merit-based scholarships, scholarships for Asians or specifically to commonwealth nations scholarships. 


  1. What test should you take to study MBA in Canada?

Ans: You need to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) to study MBA in Canada. 


  1. Which MBA specialisation has the highest paying jobs in Canada?

Ans: MBA in Finance graduates are highly paid in Canada. 

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