Country Guides: The Best Countries to Study Abroad

Know everything from admission and cost of living to student life and jobs in countries you dream to study in.

Study in France

With over 3,500 institutions offering a range of diverse study programs, France is in amongst top countries to consider as a study destination. Many&nbs

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Study in Canada

Being a progressive country, many international students are drawn towards higher studies in Canada. 

Canada’s world-class universities, excellent i

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Study in USA

With over 1.1 million international students, the USA has emerged as the number one study destination over the years. One of the major reasons for students flocking to study in USA is the excellent reputat

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Study in Australia

Home to over 8 lakh international students, Australia is one of the top study-abroad destinations. The top universities in Australia are gaining a reputation worldwide for providing quality education and l

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Study in Denmark

Denmark, the happiest country in the world, is definitely a great destination when it comes to planning your studies abroad. 

The highly reputed education

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Study in Switzerland

Other than being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Switzerland is also a well known study abroad destination. This is because of its highly ranked universities, excellent research facilities,

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Study in Germany

Germany has successfully captured the attention of thousands of international students over the years. This is because of its exceptional education system, multiple job opportunities and most importantly,

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New Zealand_img
Study in New Zealand

Known for its beautiful landscapes, the island country New Zealand is also a popular study abroad destination. It is estimated that at any given time there are over 86,000 foreign students in New Zealand.<

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Study in United Kingdom

The multicultural aspect is one of the key contributors that draws multiple international students to pursue their higher studies in UK. With a diverse cultural base nearing 5 lakh international students,

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Study in Sweden

Sweden, one of the most modern countries in the world is popularly known as “a land of innovations.” The country is also well-known for providing high qua

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Study in Ireland

The only english-speaking country in the Eurozone, Ireland offers students a high quality education experience in a picturesque setting. It is estimated that Ireland is home to over 35,000 international st

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Study in Japan

With its unique culture and traditions perfectly blending with technology and advancement, Japan continues to fascinate people around the globe. Over the years Japan has grown significantly to occupy a pro

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Study in Netherlands

If you are one of the non-cliche world enthusiasts who believe in exploring the world your own way, you can choose to study abroad in Netherlands. Famous for its bulb fields, canals and its lavish lifestyl

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Study in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the amalgamation of Eastern and Western culture, and a globally connected cosmopolitan administrative region of China. Over the years Hong Kong has also emerged as a study abroad destination f

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Study in Singapore

The city-state Singapore is an ideal destination to pursue higher education. The state-of-the-art standards of education, a solid focus on the research base, and an exceptionally high standard of living at

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