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Masters (MS) in New Zealand

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Many study-abroad aspirants are leaning towards New Zealand when it comes to higher studies these days. New Zealand offers quality education at pretty affordable rates as compared to other countries. This has attracted many international students over the years, resulting in aspirants opting for higher education in New Zealand.

Table of Contents:


  1. Why study masters in New Zealand?

  2. Top universities for masters in New Zealand

  3. Types of MS Courses in New zealand

  4. Popular MS Courses in New Zealand

  5. Duration of MS Courses In New Zealand

  6. Eligibility and requirements for masters in New Zealand

  7. Scholarships for MS in new Zealand

  8. Jobs after MS in New Zealand


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Why Study Masters In New Zealand?

To study masters in New Zealand is beneficial for many international students. Many Indians too have started going to New Zealand for an MBA and here’s why: 

  • Most masters courses in New Zealand require students to take up internships in the real business world.

  • Universities in New Zealand provide ample opportunities for good research.

  • Universities in New Zealand focus on improving the knowledge base of students and developing their personalities.

  • Students get a chance to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds.

  • Students can apply for work permits in New Zealand after completing their masters in New Zealand.

Top Universities In New Zealand For Masters And Their Fees

Universities in New Zealand are known to provide world-class education. There are 8 public universities in New Zealand all of which are highly ranked. Cost of masters in New Zealand is relatively lower than other countries. Plus, degrees obtained from these universities in New Zealand are internationally recognised.


The cost of Masters in New Zealand can range anywhere from NZD 23,000 to NZD 35,000


Some of the best universities in New Zealand for Masters are mentioned below along with their tuition fees and rankings. 





University of Auckland


NZD 39025.91 to NZD 51259.11

University of Otago


NZD 36492.79 to NZD 47557.10

Victoria University Of Wellington


NZD 29304.57 to NZD 54924.73

University of Canterbury


NZD 32,000 to NZD 79,000

University of Waikato


NZD 31,615 - 39,125 (120 points ) ; NZD 47,425 - NZD 56,260 (180 points)

Massey University


NZD 31,269.22 to NZD 40,781.80

Lincoln University


NZD 29,324.11 to NZD 45,838.97

Auckland University


NZD 33,988.06 to NZD 51,087.37


Note: New Zealand MS fees are just rough estimates in this table. The MS in New Zealand cost may vary depending on the course, university etc so check with your university for exact fees.


For eg: New Zealand MS fees for Arts and humanities subjects will be lower than the IT and science related fields.


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Types of MS Courses In New Zealand

Postgraduate courses in New Zealand are basically masters degrees  which are mostly based on the British and Irish Education system. PG courses in New Zealand are of 4 basic types which are summarised below.




Traditional Masters programmes

These academic courses are built on a related undergraduate program. They tend to award familiar qualifications such as the Masters of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MSc).

Change of directions masters degrees

These courses are designed for students who want to switch their academic or career pathways. Such degrees are not related to what you study as an undergraduate.

Graduate entry professional qualifications

These are postgraduate courses in New Zealand which allow students to acquire advanced vocational skills or qualify for professional careers such as teaching or social work.

Professional development qualifications

These courses are specifically designed for people with work experience who are looking to advance their careers by developing various skills. Eg : MBA courses

There are plenty of  postgraduate courses in New Zealand to choose from, here are some of the most popular courses opted by international students. It is recommended that you choose Masters that fit your interests and career goals.


    1. MBA In New Zealand 

    2. Masters in Finance 

    3. MBBS in New Zealand 

    4. Masters in Data science 

    5. Masters in computer science 

    6. Masters in Mechanical Engineering 

    7. Masters in Civil engineering 

    8. Masters in Psychology 

    9. Masters in Public Health 

    10. The Master of Laws (LLM) 

    11. Nursing courses in New Zealand  

Masters In New Zealand: How Long Does Masters Degrees Take In New Zealand?

Most masters courses in New Zealand require at least 2 years to be completed. The first year of the course consists of coursework and the second year is research based. However, there are some new Masters courses in New Zealand which can be completed in one year but the most traditional ones require 2 years.


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Masters In New Zealand Requirements and Eligibility

Masters in New Zealand requirements and eligibility criterias may vary depending on the university and the type of course you choose. However, a few basic requirements are common for all international students in New Zealand colleges for masters as listed below:

MS in New Zealand eligibility :


  • A relevant undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognised university.

  • Proficiency in English Language (IELTS/TOEFL scores)

  • Relevant work experience (only for professional courses which demand work experience)

Application Process For Masters In New Zealand

How to apply for Masters in NZ?

Most university intakes for international students happen in February and July. July being the most popular intake season for international students.


Application process for New Zealand universities for MS is very simple. Students can apply to new zealand universities for MS through one of the following ways:

Online applications:

Universities in New Zealand have made the application process quite straightforward by accepting applications online. To apply online:


  • Create an account on your desired university’s website.

  • Look for the course that you need to pursue

  • Open the particular course page, fill an application and follow all the further instructions.

  • Or, apply via an online application portal available on the homepage of your desired university.


Registered agents:

Students in need of expert guidance on the entire application process can contact several registered agents to help them through the process. Yocket professionals can help you select the best universities, apply and walk you through the entire process. We ensure assisting you through your application and visa process.


Tip: Schedule a FREE consultation call with a Yocket professional to help you with your application process.

MS in New Zealand Requirements  

Some common documents required while applying for Masters in New Zealand include:


  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. Letters of recommendation

  3. Resume

  4. Academic transcripts

  5. Scores of competitive exams like GRE, GMAT etc

  6. Photo copies of your passport

  7. Other documents required by the university


For more details regarding admission processes and intakes, check out Admission process and Intakes in New Zealand.


Scholarships For Masters In New Zealand For International Students

Scholarships are an excellent way for international students to cover tuition fees for studying in New Zealand. Have a look at some of the popular masters scholarships in New Zealand for international  students.

  • New Zealand Commonwealth scholarships

  • New Zealand International Doctoral Research

  • New Zealand Excellence Awards

  • SEG Scholarship


Other than these, you can also check out various scholarships offered by your desired university. Most universities in New Zealand offer scholarships. You can also look for scholarships offered by the government of New Zealand. Check if you fit all the eligibility criterias apply accordingly.


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Jobs After MS in New Zealand

International students can stay and work in New Zealand for up to three years after completing their studies. They can also work part time in New Zealand while studying. However, to be able to work full time after finishing your studies in New Zealand, you will have to apply for a post study work visa


Your universities may be able to assist you with making your CV and applying for jobs. You can also apply for jobs on various websites such as Trade Me, SeekNew Kiwis etc.

The job opportunities after masters in New Zealand are plenty. Masters graduates can expect an average salary of NZD 60,000 to NZD 70,000/year.


Some of the popular job profiles and salaries of professionals after completing a Masters degree in New Zealand are:




Marketing coordinator

NZD 47,000

HR Manager

NZD 87,000

Design Manager

NZD 1,11,000


NZD 62,000

Electrical engineer

NZD 83,000

Data analyst

NZD 63,000

Actuarial analyst

NZD 64,000


NZD 67,000

UX Designer

NZD 58,000




Considering the affordability of courses offered, high ROI, excellent education system and job opportunities, international students can totally consider doing postgraduate study in New Zealand.


Masters in New Zealand for Indian students can turn out to be very lucrative.  New Zealand has something in store for everyone and doing a MS in New Zealand might just become one of the best decisions of your life!


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