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GMAT Exam Fees 2023: Find GMAT Exam Fees for Registration, Reschedule, Retake & More

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GMAT Exam Fees 2023: Find GMAT Exam Fees for Registration, Reschedule, Retake & More Image

GMAT is a highly recognised computer-adaptive entrance test that is essential for admission in business schools around the world. It is a 3 hours 7 minutes examination with four test sections, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing assessment and verbal reasoning. The GMAT  registration fee is 250 USD. However, this figure might vary in INR conditional on the exchange rate at the time of registration.

Also, the total cost of the GMAT exam differs from the registration fee, as you might have to pay additional charges for rescheduling and cancelling the exam. So, if you’re planning to give GMAT and want to know the costs associated with the GMAT exam, we have stated all the needed information in this article.

Table of Contents
  1. About GMAT & GMAT Exam Fee Structure
  2. What is the GMAT Exam Fee Structure?
  3. Application fee for Online GMAT Test
  4. Accepted Mode of Payment for GMAT
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about GMAT Exam Fees

About GMAT & GMAT Exam Fee Structure

GMAT is based on several aspects and covers questions from diverse segments. Such a feature makes the test hard, and for many, it seems tough to qualify for the test. So, here are some important points a student should go through before giving the GMAT exam.

  • International students should know the scoring details of the GMAT before they opt for research for the examination. The score of the GMAT diverges between 200 to 800 points.
  • GMAT does not measure communication, social, leadership potential and team-working skills.
  • Students can only take the GMAT test 5 times per year. And finally, there is a maximum of 8 tries in total.
  • The GMAT exam is utilised by more than 7,700 programs presented by more than 2,400 universities and institutions in 114 countries, with testing in over 600 test centres worldwide.
  • International experts settle test questions and comprise multicultural examples to diminish English-speaking or US-centric bias.

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What is the GMAT Exam Fee Structure?

International students who wish to apply for an MBA or master’s program have to pay a GMAT registration fee. Below is a complete fee structure for GMAT:

GMAT Service

GMAT Exam Cost

GMAT Fees in Indian Rupees

GMAT registration fee

250 USD

19,751 INR

GMAT Reschedule Fee

50 USD (60 Days Before the Appointment)

100 USD (15-60 Days Before the Appointment)

140 USD (14 Days Before the Appointment)

3, 950 INR


7,900 INR


11,060 INR

GMAT Cancellation Fee

No refund for within 7 days of appointment

80 USD (More than 7 days prior to appointment)



6,320 INR

Score Report Enhancement

24.95 USD

1,971 INR

Additional Score Report

35 USD

2,765 INR

Score Reinstatement

50 USD

3,950 INR

GMAT Essay Re-score

45 USD

3,555 INR

Score Cancel (After you leave the testing centre, online on mba.com)

25 USD

1,975 INR

There are a lot of GMAT students who make changes in their exam dates owing to different reasons. The good thing is that a change in date can be made.

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Application fee for Online GMAT Test

GMAC recently launched GMAT Online exam. This exam can be taken from home by paying 250 USD. The other additional charges laid for GMAT Online are similar to the costs of services laid for GMAT from the test centre.

In addition to all these services that GMAT offers, you can also use an additional unique service of giving the GMAT test.

Accepted Mode of Payment for GMAT

GMAC accepts payments from VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Network Cards. If your payment from the credit or debit card declines, your appointment will automatically be cancelled. You will have to schedule another test appointment with a valid payment.

In case of cash, money orders, or cheque payments: Your payment must be payable to Pearson VUE-GMAT in US dollars and drawn on a US bank and for the full amount, including taxes, where applicable.

Requirements for Paying the GMAT Fees via cheque, cash or money order:

  • List the current date
  • Include appropriate signature
  • Get the bank name and its location pre-printed on the face of the check
  • Ensure to draft your payment at least 10 days prior to your test for processing.

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Step ahead and begin your GMAT preparation by studying each of the GMAT sections, namely, GMAT Verbal Reasoning section, GMAT Quantitative section, Integrated Reasoning section, and analytical Writing section. Along with this, you can also connect with our Yocket Professionals to know about GMAT accepting countries  and other necessary information.

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Frequently Asked Questions about GMAT Exam Fees

Ques. What if I am unable to attempt the GMAT exam?                      

Ans. You should cancel your attempt and reschedule in time so that you don’t end up forfeiting the entire GMAT exam fee.

Ques. Will I be charged extra if I cancel my GMAT exam via phone?

Ans. Yes. You will be charged an additional fee of 10 USD along with your cancellation amount. For instance, if you cancel 60 days before your test over the phone, you’re charged $100+$10. The additional amount i.e., $140 is refunded to your account. 

Ques. Is the cost of attempting GMAT online and GMAT from the test centre different?

Ans. No. The application fee for GMAT Online and GMAT from the test centre is same i.e., 250 USD. GMAC strives to make its applicants’ experience as simple as possible. Their attempts are visible in the easy functionality of the official mba.com site. Furthermore, your GMAT registration fee, GMAT process, etc suit your comfort and ease. But, GMAT registration and payment isn’t just it. This is just the beginning of your GMAT journey.

Ques. What is GMAT application fee?

Ans. The GMAT application fee is 250 USD (19,751 INR).

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