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GMAT Exam Fees 2021: Find GMAT Exam Fees for Registration, Reschedule, Retake & More

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GMAT is taken by millions of aspirants every year to make their way to quality B-schools around the world. Aspirants around the world register for the Graduate Management Admission Test at a varying GMAT fee owing to their location, currency rates and mode of payment. Knowing about the GMAT exam fee in your specific region will help you allocate your money properly as a test taker. 

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Would you like to know the cost of the GMAT exam in 2021?

Registering for the GMAT exam costs aspirants different amounts of money. Depending on their specific location, the price points of the application process vary. Below is GMAT exam fees in some countries:


GMAT Registration Fee


250 USD


225 GBP


275 USD


250 USD


250 EUR

New Zealand

250 USD


250 USD


What is the GMAT Exam Fees in India?

Let’s have a snapshot of the overall GMAT exam cost when it comes to aspirants from India.

GMAT Registration Fee


Additional Score Report

$35 each

Score Cancellation after GMAT


Score Reinstating


Analytical Essay Re-Evaluation


GMAT Rescheduling Fee

$50-$150 depending upon days before appointment

GMAT Cancellation Fee

$50-$100 refunded depending upon days before appointment


The above list covers all the expenses you might come across during your course of taking the test. 

Indian aspirants pay about $250 GMAT exam fees in India. The GMAT fees in INR thus, is Rs. 18,650*

Conversion rate as per 12th July, 2021; 1 USD = 74.6 INR

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There are a lot of GMAT aspirants who make changes in their exam date owing to a variety of reasons. Good thing is that a change in date can be made. All thanks to the thinking minds at GMAC - the body conducting GMAT globally.

In case you are one of those aspirants who feels the need to reschedule, or cancel your attempt, the information that follows is for you.

What is the GMAT Exam Rescheduling Fees for 2021?

GMAT allows you to reschedule your test. The additional GMAT exam fees levied are based upon the number of days prior you submit your rescheduling request. 

GMAT Reschedule Fee


More than 60 days before the appointment

US $50

15-60 days before the appointment

US $100

14 days and less before the appointment

US $150



Remember, this is the additional cost you will be paying when you request for a test reschedule. The sooner you decide, the less you lose.

If you don’t want to reschedule but cancel then you must be aware of the cancellation fee for GMAT.

What is the GMAT Exam Cancellation Fees for 2021?

GMAT allows you to cancel your test.  

GMAT Cancellation Fee

Amount Refunded

More than 60 days before the appointment

US $100 refund

15-60 days before the appointment

US $75 refund

14 days and less before the appointment

US $50 refund

The above-mentioned charges are refunded to you from the GMAT form fees you would have paid during your registration. The sooner you decide, the less you lose. 

GMAT Retake Fees:

You can retake the GMAT test five times a year and about eight times in a lifetime. You need to pay the full registration GMAT form fees i.e. $250 for every attempt you take. 

This implies that you have to go through the GMAT exam fee paying process again.

Accepted Mode of Payment for GMAT:

GMAC accepts payments from VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Network Cards. 

If your payment from the credit or debit card declines, your appointment will automatically be canceled. You will have to schedule another test appointment with a valid payment.

In case of cash, money orders, or cheque payments: Your payment must be payable to Pearson VUE-GMAT, in US dollars and drawn on a US bank and for the full amount, including taxes, where applicable.

Requirements for Paying the GMAT Fees via cheque, cash or money order:

  • List the current date (do not postdate).

  • Include appropriate signature(s).

  • Get the bank name and its location preprinted on the face of the check.

  • Ensure to draft your payment at least 10 days prior to your test for processing.  

Application fee for GMAT Online

GMAC recently launched GMAT Online. This exam can be taken from home by paying $250. The other additional charges laid for GMAT Online are similar to the costs of services laid for GMAT from the test center.

In addition to all these services that GMAT offers, you can also use an additional unique service of gifting the GMAT test

For instance, if your friend and you plan to take the test together. You could purchase a GMAT gift card. This will allow your friend to schedule a test using your gift card. Ain’t that one admirable gift to motivate a friend? 

GMAT Price for Preparation:

Even though there is no official fee involved when it comes to GMAT preparation, test takers must know about the cost incurred if they have to access quality books and resources. 

GMAT Preparation Bible: The Book that has it all! 

GMAT preparation is incomplete without preparing yourself with the official GMAT guide books. The books cover everything you need to know to attend the examination. You have the overall subject guides as well as the per subject guides to study in detail. 

  • GMAT Official Subject Guide: The preparation guide per subject is around Rs 2,000.

  • GMAT Bundle: The GMAT preparation bundle will cost you about Rs 3,600 - Rs 4,100, depending on where you buy the material from.  

GMAT Handbook is FREE

Any test taker looking to download the GMAT handbook should know that it is available for free on the official website

Are you looking for answers to these commonly asked GMAT exam fee questions?

1. Will I be charged extra if I cancel my GMAT exam via phone?

Ans. Yes. You will be charged an additional fee of  10 USD along with your cancellation amount. For instance, if you cancel 60 days before your test over the phone, you’re charged $100+$10. The additional amount i.e., $140 is refunded to your account.   

2. What if I am unable to attempt the GMAT exam?

Ans. You should cancel your attempt and reschedule in time so that you don’t end up forfeiting the entire GMAT exam fee.

3. Is the cost of attempting GMAT online and GMAT from the test centre different?

Ans. No. The application fee for GMAT Online and GMAT from the test centre is same i.e. 250 USD.

GMAC strives to make its applicants’ experience as simple as possible. Their attempts are visible in the easy functionality of the official site. Furthermore, your GMAT registration fee, GMAT process, etc suit your comfort and ease. But, GMAT registration and payment isn’t just it. This is just the beginning of your GMAT journey. 

Step ahead and begin your GMAT preparation by studying each of the GMAT sections namely, GMAT Verbal Reasoning section, GMAT Quantitative section, Integrated Reasoning section, and Analytical Writing section. Along with this, make sure that you’re referring to preparation guides so you master the tricks and tips of GMAT.    

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