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Masters in Netherlands for International Students: Requirements to Pursue MS in Netherlands

Kashyap Matani

The primary goal of a master degree in Netherlands is to offer international students vital knowledge and analytical skills at the graduate level and to bring out independent research either in a particular field or in a multidisciplinary field. The minimum length to study masters in Netherlands is one year, but research master's, teacher training master's, and programs in mathematics, natural science, engineering, and agriculture extend to two years.

Also, the Netherlands has many other prospects for international students after completing a master's degree in the Netherlands. The universities help students enter into numerous professional fields or continue their education in Holland or at some other international universities for higher education. If that sounds interesting, apply for an MSc in Netherlands and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in this country.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study Masters in Netherlands?
  2. Types of Universities Offering Master’s Programs in Netherlands
  3. Netherlands Master Programs for International Students
  4. Eligibility Criteria & MS in Netherlands Requirements
  5. Documents Required for Masters in Netherlands
  6. How to Study in Netherlands without IELTS?
  7. Cost of Masters in Netherlands for International Students
  8. Scholarships for MS in Netherlands
  9. Average Salary After Master’s in Netherlands

Why Study Masters in Netherlands?

Like other European countries, a master in Netherlands for international students is classified as either “research universities,” offering more research-oriented academic programs, or “universities of applied sciences,” offering more practice-oriented study programs. The following benefits of studying MSc in Netherlands are:

1. Developing Soft Skills: When a student searches for a job after graduating by doing an MSc in the Netherlands from the university, soft skills often play a significant role in a successful career. Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences place countless emphasis on allowing international students to progress their communication and presentation skills, teamwork, etc.

2. Unique Way of Teaching: Dutch universities place vital importance on good relations between professors and students. Most tutorials and seminars take place with around 15-30 students. The teaching style emphasises teamwork, which makes it simple for international students study in Netherlands to meet European people and other international students.

3. Affordable Living Expenses: If we compare with other western European locations, living in the Netherlands is way affordable for international students. Accommodation facilities are more affordable, and some universities even offer on-campus accommodation. The average accommodation cost for renting a room in the Netherlands is 300- 600 EUR/ month.

Types of Universities Offering Masters in Netherlands

There are mainly three types of universities offering masters in the Netherlands for international students:

1. Universities of Applied Science

These types of universities in the Netherlands focus on practical training and education in a range of subjects such as arts & humanities and science. It offers a more professional master’s degree, with opportunities for placements, internships, and other hands-on experience.

2. Research Universities

It carries out new research and scholarship and offers more academic master's programs.

3. Teacher’s Training Master’s Degree

The degree helps students to teach at all levels of secondary school.

 Top Universities for MS in Netherlands for International Students

Studying a master degree in Netherlands is extensive for international students, particularly for various English-taught courses. Some of the universities offering MS in Netherlands are:

Course Name

Popular Universities

Average Tuition Fee

Master’s in Natural Science

· Utrecht University

· Eindhoven University of Technology

· Leiden University

· Delft University of Technology

· Maastricht University

8,000 to 20,000 EUR/per year

Master’s in Computer Science

· University of Groningen

· University of Twente

· Radboud University

· Leiden University

· Utrecht University

15,100 EUR/ per year

Master’s in Engineering & Technology

· University of Twente

· Delft University of Technology

· University of Groningen

· University of Amsterdam

· Utrecht University

14,500 EUR/ per year

Master’s in Business & Management

· Radboud University

· University of Groningen

· Erasmus school of economics

· Utrecht University

· Wageningen University & research

9,000 – 13,500 EUR/ per year

Now that you know some key subject areas that a student can study in the Netherlands. Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria and admission requirements.

Eligibility Criteria & MS in Netherlands Requirements

To apply for masters in Holland, you must fulfil eligibility criteria and requirements. The requirement may vary depending upon the type of course and university you choose. However, some of the essential requirements to study master's degree in the Netherlands are:

1. Undergraduate Degree

2. English Language Proficiency Test

3. Netherlands Student Visa

4. Additional Requirements

Let’s know it in detail.

1. Undergraduate Degree

International students interested in studying MSc in Netherlands need to have a bachelor’s degree in any relevant field. And for research-oriented programs, the bachelor’s degree should be in a research-oriented program with a GPA score of 7.5 or higher.

2. English Language Proficiency Test

Universities for masters in Netherlands offer programs in Dutch and English medium. While intakes are rare in Master’s programs here, international students need to prove proficiency in the English language via the following exams:

  • IELTS minimum score of 6.0
  • TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper based) or 213 (internet based)
  • A Cambridge certificate in advanced English 

3. Netherlands Student Visa

To get an education visa for the Netherlands, international students need to consider some essential points before applying.

1. An international student has to obtain an MVV (long-stay visa) and VVR (provisional residential permit)

2. The visa application process will be carried out by the University of Netherlands, in which your application is accepted.

3. International students need to maintain 1,046 EUR in their bank account and obtain 50% of the credit scores in the university to uphold the validity of the permit.

4. The MVV expires in 90 days, and the VVR is effective till 3 months after the achievement of the degree.

After acceptance for the study visa application, students need to follow some steps:

1. Appointment with the Dutch Embassy.

2. Interviewing for obtaining the visa

3. Submission of 2 passport photographs, a valid passport, biometrics, and signature

Documents Required for Masters in Netherlands

There are some additional documents that are required by the top universities of Netherlands during the admission process.

1. Letter of motivation

2. Personal essay

3. Letter of recommendation

4. Updated CV

5. SOP

6. GRE/GMAT Score (Optional)

7. Photocopy of ID and valid passport

8. All academic transcripts

How to Study in Netherlands without IELTS?

To study masters in Netherlands there are various universities accepting students without an IELTS score. But before getting enrolled at the university students need to meet the eligibility criteria as required by some universities. 

1. You can study free of cost and without IELTS in the Netherlands. If You have received your previous degree in English Language Institute.

2. Students can apply on behalf of the English Language Proficiency Certificate. The students must offer an official declaration or certificate printed on headed and stamped paper as a mark that the earlier education was in English medium.

The following universities in Netherlands that do not require IELTS score:

1. University of Amsterdam

2. Leiden University

3.University of Groningen

Cost of Masters in Netherlands for International Students

The MS in Netherlands cost includes tuition fees and the cost of living in the Netherlands for international students.

Tuition Fees

Masters' fees for international students at universities vary depending on the courses. Usually, international students interested in a master's course need to pay higher fees. The average fees range between 8,000 – 20,000 EUR/ per year.

Cost of Living

International students need to measure the cost of living before moving for higher studies in the Netherlands. The monthly expenses will include accommodation, transport, food, books, clothes, and other activities. An international student will need to spend between 8,00- 1,200 EUR/ per month.

Scholarships for MS in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a popular international study destination, with a variety of funding opportunities available to international postgraduates. Some of the following scholarships are:

Scholarship Name



Radboud University Scholarship

It’s a scholarship available for international students outside the European Union to pursue a master’s course.


Full Tuition Fee, Living Expenses, Health Insurance, Visa Fee, Residence Permit

TU Delft Excellent Scholarship

It is a fully-funded scholarship to study master’s program at the Delft University of Technology

Tuition Fee, Living Expenses, Health Insurance

Holland Govt. Scholarship

Obtainable to international students pursuing master’s programs in the field of science

5,141 EUR in the first year of the program

Maastricht University Scholarship

Available for international students from any country

Visa Fee, Living Expenses, Health Insurance, Tuition Fee

Suggested: Scholarships in Netherlands for international students 

Average Salary After Masters in Netherlands

With a constant employment rate of 78.4%, the country's labour force has grown from 8.89 million to 8.94 million in 2020. There are various career options available after completing a master's in Netherlands for international students. The following options are:

Field of Profession

Average Monthly Salary

Creative Director

10,300 EUR

Administrative Assistant

5,670 EUR

Business Analyst

11,600 EUR

Construction Project Manager

11,700 EUR

Pursuing a master degree in Netherlands is an excellent opportunity for international students. There are many chances for career progression in the Netherlands after completing postgraduate education. So, if you're looking forward to doing a master's in the Netherlands, connect with our Yocket professionals to help you plan your journey to the Netherlands efficiently.


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