Indian Govt Scholarships to Study Abroad: 5 Best Indian Government Overseas Scholarship

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Studying abroad has been a dream for many students. And sadly, not everybody lives up to their dreams. Who doesn't want higher education at the world's elite Howard, MIT, Princeton, and so many more? Oftentimes, merits or money hold students back from their dream University and ruin their chances.

While merit is attainable by sheer hard work, financial problems often render students helpless and shatter every chance of getting a ticket to their dream college. Thanks to increased awareness of the importance of higher quality education, many firms and governments have come up with scholarship programs to help students eradicate the burden of high financial costs of studying and learn fearlessly.

Find the list of some popular Indian Govt scholarships to study abroad with all the important details below, and let nobody stop you from your successful future!

  Table of Contents:

  1. List of Indian Govt Scholarships to Study Abroad
  2. Application Procedure for an Indian Government Overseas Scholarship

List of Indian Govt Scholarships to Study Abroad

Multiple scholarships by the Indian Govt to study abroad have been around for decades that help our youth reach universities abroad and complete their education. These are also divided into multiple types. Some Indian Govt scholarships for studying abroad are based on merit, while others are categories based. For example, some scholarships are reserved for students with certain castes, medical backgrounds, pursuing certain subjects, having multiple skills, etc.

  • Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellowships
  • National Overseas Scholarship for SC Students
  • Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Educational Loan for Overseas Studies
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree
  • Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship
  • Padho Pradesh

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Let us find details of each of these scholarships below:

Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellowships

The Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships are Indian Govt scholarships to study abroad, specifically to study in US. It is a joint venture of both nations and strives to promote higher education and leadership.

Eligibility: This scholarship is for outstanding Indian students who are to pursue MS in US universities. The candidate must have completed a bachelor’s degree (minimum marks 55%) equal to a US bachelor degree. The candidate must also have work experience of three or more years. The candidate must not have completed or hold a second degree from the US already.  

Subjects eligible: Arts and Culture Management including Heritage Conservation and Museum Studies, Economics, Environmental Science/Studies, Higher Education Administration, International Affairs, International Legal Studies, Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Administration; Public Health, Urban and Regional Planning, and Women’s Studies/Gender Studies. The fellowship is for postgraduate studies only.


J-1 visa support and accident and sickness coverage (partial, terms and conditions apply). Tuition and living costs, etc. with round trip economy class from India to the US

There is no provision to the candidate’s dependent under this fellowship.

Other details:

  1.       The candidate can only apply for one Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship in one cycle
  2.       She/he cannot apply for the Fulbright-Nehru and Kalam Fellowship together
  3.       Plagiarism in the application leads to disqualification

The deadline of the fellowship falls usually in May, but it is best to check with the website.

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National Overseas Scholarship for SC Students

As the name suggests this Indian govt scholarships to study abroad benefits students from the SC and a few other categories. It is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and aims to promote social and economic justice.

Eligibility: The candidate should be under 35 years of age. The candidate must recognize as a member of any one of the following: Scheduled Castes (SC)/DE notified Nomadic Tribes, Semi-Nomadic Tribes/Landless Agricultural Laborers/Traditional Artisans. The candidate must have scored 60% or more in their previous degree. The candidate’s annual income must not exceed INR 8 lakh per annum.

Courses eligible: Available for master’s and Ph.D in UK and US.

Benefits: The scholarship covers poll tax, air tickets, incidental journey allowance, equipment allowance, tuition, and visa fees as charged. For the US, a maintenance fee of 15,400 USD and GBP 9,900 is given annually for studying in UK. Contingency allowance is given 1,500 USD or 1,100 GBP as needed for the US or UK respectively.

Other details:

  1.       There is some reservation for female candidates
  2.       Only two candidates can enroll under the same parents/guardians
  3.       Multiple documents are needed for smooth application, list available on the website

The application usually takes place in the months of February and closes in March. These dates are subject to change.

Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Educational Loan for Overseas Studies

This scheme is aimed to promote education among the OBCs and the EBCs of India and create awareness about the importance of quality higher education. Note that this is a central sector scheme, but as a loan, not a scholarship.

Eligibility: The candidate must belong to either the OBC or EBC categories to apply for this India govt scholarship for studying abroad. She/he must have secured admission under the select courses and availed a loan from a bank registered under the IBA. The annual income should be less than 1 lakh INR and 3 lakh INR for EBC and OBC students respectively.

Courses eligible: Masters, M.Phil. or PhD

Benefits: Interest subsidy on student loans

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree    

Yet another Indian Govt scholarship for foreign studies is the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree program. The HEI of three or more nations designed and carry out this and aims to promote and foster internationalism in prestigious universities.

Eligibility: The candidate must have completed their bachelor's or be in the last year before applying for this India govt scholarship for studying abroad. The candidate may also have a bachelor’s equivalent.

Benefits: The candidate gets an allowance for the period of their study, research, placement, thesis, etc. The duration is between 1 to 2 years. There are two degree types awarded: the joint degree and multiple degrees.

Other details: The application for this scholarship is submitted online between October and January, and it takes new students every year.

Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship

The Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship is owned by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and is funded by the Indian government. Being an Indian Govt scholarship to study abroad, this scholarship benefits one fellow and is placed at the University of London.

Eligibility: The student has a uniform academic record of at least 60%, a postgraduate, and a Ph.D. in their subject of interest. The subjects eligible are a few, as mentioned. The candidate must be between the ages of 30 to 40 to avail of the fellowship. A minimum of three years of experience in teaching at the PG or UG level is needed after the candidate completes their Ph.D.

Subjects eligible: Political science, economics, history

Duration: One year at a time, extendable based on the performance

Benefits: The value of the fellowship in 2015 was £ 29,944.85. The fellowship covers travel allowance, lunches, stipend, six high table dinners, and administration charges. Economy air travel is provided under the travel allowance.

Other details: The fellowship does not provide for the dependents of the fellow. Only the travel allowance may be given to the candidate’s spouse if they stay in the UK. The application usually closes in the month of March. The costs and benefits are subject to change with time. The fellowship is given to only ONE candidate per year.

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Padho Pardesh: Scheme for the Students Belonging to the Minority Communities

As is understandable from the name itself, Padho Pardesh is a govt of India scholarship for abroad studies that aims to help economically weaker sections of the minority communities of India. It helps candidates get a better education and increase their employability by providing interest subsidies on student loans.

Eligibility: The candidate is to avail a student loan from a bank registered under the IBA. The maximum income of the candidate’s family must not exceed 6 lakh INR per annum. Certain subjects are eligible only.

Courses eligible: Masters, Ph.D., or M.Phil.

Benefits: Interest subsidy on student loans

Other details: The subsidy will not be granted to students who quit mid-term or are expelled on the grounds of misbehavior. The subsidy will also not tolerate fake documents, violation of rules, etc. 35% seats are reserved for females.

Indian government overseas scholarship lessen the burden of expensive higher education that opens doors of opportunities for you as a student. By acting wise and on time, you can avail yourself the best out of these and ease the education experience for yourself.

Other than those mentioned here, there are multiple country-based, university-based, privately, and NGO-funded scholarships you might want to check out and apply for. The more, the merrier, right?

Application Procedure for an Indian Government Overseas Scholarship

The general procedure to apply for govt of India scholarship for study abroad is similar for all. While the exact steps and required documents will differ, a general gist of how to apply to an Indian govt scholarship for studying abroad can be helpful for you to get things done faster. Check out these common steps that will help you easily apply to an Indian government overseas scholarship.

  1.       Search for and go to the official website of your desired govt of India scholarship for studying abroad.
  2.       Check for the eligibility criteria, documents, and deadlines
  3.       If you are on time, go to the application link
  4.       The browser will show you step by step how to proceed with your application
  5.       Attach the required documents, if any
  6.       Check out for the results date

If you get selected, the administrators of the scholarship/fellowship will reach out to you. It is best to apply to more than one govt of India scholarship for study abroad at a time to avoid hurdles in case you don’t get selected for one.


Scholarship by Indian govt to study abroad are powerful that help realize the dream of millions of students by removing the burden of finances from them. Student loans are also helpful in this matter but largely differ from scholarships in letter and spirit. Moreover, when you get a scholarship to your desired university abroad, your confidence and willpower also skyrocket. All the best!


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