The University of Pennsylvania is a privately owned business school established in 1873. Penn dated its foundation in 1740 when a plan emerged to build a “Philadelphia Charity School” that would double as a house of worship. After construction began, the University of Pennsylvania cost was seen to be more humungous than the available resources, and thus, the project went unfinished for a decade. To this day, Penn’s 299-acre West Philadelphia Campus reflects its rich heritage, boasting more than 180 buildings and numerous notable landmarks, like the nation’s first student union and first double-decker college football stadium.

This university has 190 research centres and institutes that reflect its innovative, civic-minded, and pragmatic creation. More than 250 years after Ben Franklin blazed a trail in founding Penn, its professors, students, and alumni continue to make breakthroughs in research, scholarship, and education. Its many subsequent “firsts” include:

  • The world’s first collegiate business school (Wharton, 1881)
  • The world’s first electronic, large-scale, general-purpose digital computer (ENIAC, 1946)
  • The first woman president of an Ivy League institution (Judith Rodin, inaugurated in 1994)
  • The first woman Ivy League president to succeed another woman (Amy Gutmann, inaugurated in 2004)

Moreover, the University of Pennsylvania has an affiliation with Wharton Alliance i.e. INSEAD certifications. The main attraction for students to join the University of Pennsylvania is its outstanding results in bachelor of arts, economics, international studies, business studies, and MBA programs. The university includes 12 colleges in Pennsylvania with various highly-ranked graduate and undergraduate programs and 79,000+ students. Further, Penn’s undergraduate programs include international students from 100+ countries. 

Top Reasons to Study in the University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is home to one of the world's top business schools. It is an Ivy League private research institution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Students can apply for financial aid and scholarships at the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton). The accepted students are given consideration for Wharton fellowship funding, and they also get further financial help during their studies in the form of awards and compensation.
  • The university helps students experience flexibility. The courses the students take can be tailored to pursue two University of Pennsylvania degrees simultaneously, study abroad, complete a minor, further integrate their programs to match their interests/ passions, and select among the programs in art, history, music, chemistry, or political science.
  • Diversity of thought, background, and experience guides Penn’s teaching and research as part of global initiatives. Penn is a welcoming home to thousands of international students while supporting students’ academic, research, and professional pursuits, working to build strong connections within the global community.
  • Interdisciplinary opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania allow students to express their academic creativity and discover new methods of synthesising information. A few of these opportunities are dual degrees, Coordinated-dual degrees, Accelerated/ Specialized Programs, University Minors, etc. 
  • The University of Pennsylvania is a leader in online learning. Its Penn Online Learning Initiative helps international students explore a world of opportunities, build professional skills, acquire college credit, and more. 
  • The university provides various off-campus opportunities for its students, like ABCS courses, Civic House, Pennovation Center, Quaker Consortium, Penn Global Seminars, Penn Abroad, etc. 
  • The university offers 99 undergraduate University of Pennsylvania courses for international students.

Cost of Studying at University of Pennsylvania

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

Average living expenses (Bachelors)


Average living expenses (Masters)


Rankings for The University of Pennsylvania

US News Ranking


US World and News Report

The World University Rankings


The World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings


QS World University Rankings

Admissions at The University of Pennsylvania

Avg acceptance rate (Bachelors)


Application Fee

$25 - $275

How to Apply at University of Pennsylvania

Following is the university of Pennsylvania admissions process: 

  • Select a specific course and program to pursue at UPenn Ivey League.
  • Fill out the Common Application, Coalition Form, or Penn-Specific Essay.
  • Check out the deadline date and submit the application before that. For example, the regular decision deadline is January 5, 2023. 
  • Make a payment of the University of Pennsylvania fees for admission with $75/ INR 6,134 or apply for a fee waiver if you qualify. 
  • Submit other required forms like Official High School Transcript, School Report, Letters of Recommendation, Mid-year Report, Final Report, etc. 
  • Submit the scores of entrance/ standardised exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT, or ACT. 
  • Submit the scores of the English language exam—IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 
  • Submit the supplemental material or financial aid material. 
  • Take interviews and wait for university decisions.

Documents Required to Apply to University of Pennsylvania

  • Application form
  • Official High School Transcript
  • School Report
  • Standardised exam scorecard
  • English language exam scorecard
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Financial Proof
  • Early Decision Agreement, others (if required)

Exams Accepted By the University

Exams Accepted

Aptitude Tests

GMAT: 620-780

GRE: 321 and above

SAT: 1560 and above

ACT: 33-35

English Language Tests

IELTS: 7 and above

DET: 120 and above

TOEFL (iBT): 100 and above

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Anyone going witb shippensburg university of pennsylvania in spring. Please let me know
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21 days ago

Pennsylvania State university - Cybersecurity MS prospect
Hey guys, I am in my final year of computer science(information security specialisation) in VIT. Here's my profile- 8.73 GPA, 311GRE( 164Q,147V) and 86 in TOEFL, 3 Cybersecurity based projects, 2 Inte... Show more
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About Wharton business school University of Pennsylvania
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Charishma B

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Anyone who is preferring RMU or near to moon township Pennsylvania. Please ping me.
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Need accommodation for 3 members,any below locations is fine Newjersey Newark Wilmington Delaware Baltimore pennsylvania


Campus locations

Transportation in the city

Philadelphia’s public transport is ranked as the 5th best transport in the US. In Philadelphia, transportation includes urban transportation and supporting infrastructure. In addition to easing travel inside the city, Philadelphia's transportation network links the city to neighbouring Northeast megacities and villages in its metropolitan region. Further, the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority runs Philadelphia's public transportation system (SEPTA). Philadelphia's primary rail hub offers access to 11 intercity Amtrak services and 13 SEPTA Regional Rail routes. Now let’s explore transportation at the University of Pennsylvania. 

  • There are numerous sustainable and convenient transportation options to move to, from, and around the Pennsylvania campus. 
  • Penn’s campus is well coordinated by an extensive network of subway, bus, regional rail, and trolley lines located around the campus, where the created public transit stops are never more than a five-minute walk from any part of campus.
  • Discounted passes for the Philadelphia, and New Jersey transit systems are available to full-time Penn students.
  • To assist Penn faculty and staff commuters using public transportation, Penn offers discounted options and pre-tax benefits through various programs.
  • The university transit options include Penn Transit Services, Penn Buses, Penn Shuttles, LUCY (Loop through university city), etc. 
  • The alternative modes of transportation at the University of Penn are Ride Sharing Options, Carpool Discounts, Bicycling, Walking, Penn Parking Services, etc.

Services offered by the university

The Executive Vice President at Penn leads operational, financial, and physical initiatives supporting Penn's academic and programmatic goals. The University of Pennsylvania offers various facilities such as:

  • Audit, Compliance, and Privacy
  • Facilities and Real Estate Services
  • Information System and Computing
  • Library
  • Hostel accommodation
  • Dining facility
  • Wellness centre
  • Sports
  • Athletics
  • Placements
  • Recreation centres

Student life

When students arrive at the University of Pennsylvania to begin their classes they can first visit the university’s one of many libraries, enjoy lectures, talks, exhibitions, and performances to join student groups for a wide range of interests and causes. The university offers support for students’ success and well-being in multiple forms, from one-on-one study help to tutoring to campus security facilities.

Even though the offerings at the Penn campus are rich and varied, the surrounding city provides more opportunities to explore. When one ventures off-campus, they’ll find themselves in the heart of Philadelphia—a vibrant urban centre home to world-recognized museums, historical destinations, professional/collegiate athletic teams, etc.

On campus accomodation

There are 19 student housing options on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Penn’s residential system comprises 12 undergraduate College Houses and Sansom Place. Approximately 5,500 undergraduates live on campus accomodation at the university. The College Houses offer distinct room types, amenities, dining services, and communities—making it easy to choose what makes your stay comfortable and progressive.

All university community members may find Penn to feel at home, thanks to the variety of housing and eating options available both on and off campus. Further, undergraduate students may experience the university's intellectual diversity and strengths beyond the classroom thanks to the university's supportive residential communities, which are provided via Penn's College Houses. 

A number of campuses, Center City, and airport hotels in Penn offer special rates for individuals, parents, or groups visiting the university. Moreover, the Inn at Penn, the Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel, and Penn residence hall guest accommodations offer campus visitors the most convenient stay and services.


University Faculty Stats

The student-faculty ratio at the University of Pennsylvania is 7:1. The schools under the University of Pennsylvania have 67.9% of its classes with fewer than 20 students.


Research opportunities at university

Penn is one of the top research universities in the country, spending more than INR 89.97 billion annually on R&D. Penn not only creates significant new discoveries in the fields of technology, medicine, science, and business but also applies this knowledge to enhance the lives of people and communities both domestically and abroad. 

One of the pillars of Penn's vision is innovative research that produces information that can be put to use. Further, the university has 182 research centres and institutions, Services for Researchers (Portal), Research Excellence Initiative, Funding Opportunities, and 5000+ well-qualified and trained research facilities.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

Outstanding graduate and undergraduate students get the chance to work as interns or conduct research for 8 to 12 weeks over the summer through the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP). Students participating in the GRIP program cooperate with individuals from all backgrounds, accept and adjust to new difficulties, and get international experience to help them emerge as outperformers while searching for employment after graduation. Following are the features of Internships: 

  • The University of Pennsylvania provides numerous internship placements across various career industries, such as business, engineering, sustainable development, healthcare, community development, etc.
  • Research placements offer the opportunity to develop hands-on research skills to the international and domestic students under leading international researchers and faculty PIs affiliated with a university abroad.
  • The university provides generous guaranteed funding awards to help accepted students offset travel and internship-related expenses.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The university facilitates the placements and guides students for career enhancement, interviews, and profile building. Around 78% of the students get a placement offer from the Upenn campus. Following are its stats related to salary:

  • The highest-paid Upenn alumni & graduates are Executive Management and Change professionals with a salary of $175,000/ INR 143 lakhs annually. 
  • The lowest-paid University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School alumni and graduates include Architecture, Real Estate, and Design jobs professionals at $71,000/ INR 58.06 lakhs salary. 
  • The best-paying degree at the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School is (other) degree, with alumni earning an average annual salary of $200,000/ INR 163 lakhs.
  • Graduates from the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School who earn the least salaries are those with an LLM degree, earning an annual salary of $42,000/ INR 34.35 lakhs.


1. What are the University of Pennsylvania fees for Indian Students?
University of Pennsylvania fees for Indian Students vary between INR 17.02 to 67.41 lakhs per annum.

 2. Is there a provision to switch programs once admitted to one program at the University of Pennsylvania?
Yes. Students may seek to transfer into a different engineering master's program after one semester at Penn. However, the students cannot currently switch between an on-campus and an online program, nor vice versa.

 3. Is any accommodation facility available for graduate students at the UPenn Ivey League?
Both graduate and undergraduate students at Penn can live on campus. Off-campus housing is an option for students, for this, the university office can assist a student. The university's housing departments on either side (on and off campus) are very knowledgeable and helpful.

4. Does the UPenn Ivey League help students find internships and jobs?
The university's career services office is a great source for students. They oversee all aspects of on-campus hiring, including firm presentations and interviews.

 5. Can students work on-campus along with the academics at Penn?
Although part-time employment on the Upenn campus is welcome, there is no official connection between a job and fee payment. However, as soon as a student’s financial assistance application is submitted, he/she may be eligible for work-study opportunities.

6. What is the University of Pennsylvania acceptance rate?
The University of Pennsylvania acceptance rate is 6%.