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The University of Cincinnati is a public research university located in, as the name suggests, in Cincinnati. Founded in 1819, it is one of the largest universities in the United States in terms of student intake. Although it does not receive a terribly high number of applications compared to other Indian-favourite schools, University of Cincinnati is extremely renowned for some of its programs, especially aeronautical engineering. And fortunately for you, it isn’t too hard to get in, it isn’t frightfully expensive, and they even give out lovely scholarships. It has been named “among the top tier of the Best National Universities” by U.S. News & World Report. It ranks #189 according to U.S. News' 'Best Global Universities Ranking' list.




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The University of Cincinnati is located pretty close to the downtown area of Cincinnati, which is a pretty big city itself. Rather, it’s the biggest city around for hundreds of miles at least, so the university is built in what can be termed as an ‘Urban’ setting. Cincinnati is the fastest growing economic power in the Midwestern United States based on percentages and is also the 28th biggest metropolitan statistical area in the U.S. Cincinnati is within a single day's drive of two-thirds of the United States populace. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone at Cincinnati. Sports, music, theatre, culture, art, hot women - just about anything one could ask for.


The Cincinnati campus is one of the most popular in the country. Built on a sprawling 473 acres of land, the campus is renowned for its architectural brilliance, which is probably a direct result of the fact that some award-winning architects were hired to design it. It’s clear that a lot of attention was paid to detail, and efforts were made to make the university look like, well, a university. While everything is absolutely state-of-the-art from the inside, the buildings look palatial from the outside. The engineering building is designed to look like a four-cylinder engine! The libraries are well-maintained and well-stocked, having over 2 million volumes covering a number of subjects. Research centers are brilliantly designed and pretty safe too. All in all, it’s a pleasure to be on campus.

Residing Options

There are on-campus 10 residential Halls that offer both traditional and suit style options to 6,500 students. Also, students can live in themed housing, that includes honors, business, and STEM-specific floors. Though, most grad students prefer staying off-campus. There are a number of apartments available throughout the year if you’re actually willing to go around and look. The most popular areas students normally inhabit are near or on Ohio Avenue and West Clifton Avenue. Although safety, like we mentioned, can be an issue, these places have pretty good shuttle services at most times, and they’re not too bad as long as you have company. The average rent you’ll be paying per person per month is roughly $400 or so.


The faculty, on the whole, is pretty excellent, but of course, there are positives and negatives, which normally depend largely on the stream you choose. But the one thing that cannot be debated is that the professors at Cincinnati are knowledgeable, well-versed, easily approachable and extremely passionate about their teaching. Students single out the Aeronautical engineering faculty for extra praise, but the professors of other branches are equally excellent.

Jobs and placements

The University of Cincinnati has maintained more than a 75% placement rate over the last decade into full-time academic jobs for its doctoral graduates. Institutions hiring our graduates have included infamous liberal arts colleges such as Rhodes College, Centre College, and Stockton College, as well as such state universities as Clemson University, University of Tampa, The University of Southern Mississippi, and the University of Central Florida. The graduates have also found full-time employment as editors. The Department’s Job Market Committee at University of Cincinnati mentors students in pursuing academic positions. Also, faculty members from Creative Writing, Literary and Cultural Studies, and Rhetoric and Composition workshop students’ application materials, and arrange for practice MLA interviews and job talks.
The placements at Cincinnati are pretty good, especially if you're doing a rather 'core' course such as Mechanical or Aerospace engineering. A massive Boeing production unit is right next door, so there shouldn't be much trouble getting a good, well-paying job if you deserve it.

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