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Arizona State University

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Arizona State University is a public research university founded in 1885. Located in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, ASU is the largest public university in the USA in terms of enrolment. It’s also one of the most popular universities among Indian students




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While Phoenix is a decently sized city by itself, there are so many activities to do in the city itself. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t really many places to go to once you’re out of Phoenix as it is located literally in the middle of the desert. You could make the 240 mile trip to Vegas every now and then or take a weekend trip to go see the Grand Canyon, which too is 226 miles away.


If you’re at ASU, there’s a good chance that you’ll be studying at its Polytechnic Campus, a massive 600 acre setup which is a good 25 miles from the original Tempe campus. It’s not nearly half as good as the urban Tempe campus, but it’s pretty well made nevertheless. Constructed on a former Air Force base, the polytechnic campus has some excellent research labs, and very well made lecture halls. The Tempe campus, where you may have some of your lectures, is the oldest and arguably the best ASU campus, and has a couple of fantastic libraries, nice cafes, and wonderfully made recreational centers.

Residing Options

Living off-campus is marginally cheaper, and definitely more preferable than living on-campus. It affords you more space, luxury and privacy. Some of the popular areas students choose to live in are Mesa, Chandler and Scottsdale, where you can get apartments for about $200-300 per head if you’re nice enough to share. Of course, once you read further you’ll know that it’s absolutely imperative to have air-conditioners at home, but fortunately every place has in-built air-conditioning. The walk to college probably wouldn’t, so choose your location wisely.


ASU is definitely one of the better universities around, and has an excellent faculty. Many professors have relocated from Ivy League schools, while some are rather inexperienced and not-so-great, but one thing that’s common in all is an inherent desire to help students flourish. All professors are very approachable, and are willing to help students even beyond office hours. Oh but their accents might be a problem.

Jobs and placements

One of the biggest plus-points of ASU is its massive alumni network. Fortunately, it’s as strong and active as it’s big. If you manage to get in touch with enough alumni, and make strong enough connections, you’ll see that it’s easy to make things start happening for you. And that includes placements.

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