Masters in Management Information System Abroad


The management information system focuses on the use of technology to handle sizable volumes of information that is pertinent to business operations or to help with strategic decision-making. In order to analyse problems, create solutions, and try to improve the customer experience, it requires managing information systems. The use of MIS in today's corporate culture is on top, and students after completing best masters MIS programs can take up challenges ahead in the field.

For students who are unaware, the MS in MIS full form is Master’s in Management Information System. The Masters in MIS carries syllabus that can help international students to face career challenges and is deeply involved in analysis, implementation and operation of computer based information systems, and other areas. The goal of pursuing this course from top countries and universities is to provide graduates with a deeper understanding. Moreover students can also gain various benefits of studying Abroad

Why Study MIS Masters Programs Abroad?

Students pursuing master's degree in management information systems learn how computers are used in organisations and how to integrate computer abilities with management's functional areas. Some of the reasons to pursue MS in MIS abroad are:

  1. Varied Specialisations

A master’s degree from reputed universities offer a wide range of specialisations for international students. Different universities offer different specialised courses including-

  • Career Brand Management
  • Strategic Leadership and Management
  •  Executive Data Science

  1. Professional Expertise

Management Information System is a technical field that requires an apt understanding about the industry. Pursuing a master’s degree will allow the students to get trained on various concepts of collection, data management, cyber security, and others.

  1. Numerous Career Opportunities

Once you complete the  best masters MIS programs from top universities, you will be prepared to take up challenging job roles that also offer a good pay scale. Some of the job roles are:

  • Security Consultant
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Manager and others.

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Course Structure

Here are some details about the course structure, duration, and core courses that are a part of the masters in management information system abroad course curriculum.

  1. Course Duration: Best colleges for MS in MIS abroad take about 1-2 years to complete. Some programs are offered with internship opportunities and co-op placement options as well.
  2. Core Courses: Best masters MIS programs include detailed study of technologies and strategies employed to solve business-related problems within an organisation. While the actual curriculum may vary from country to university, the following courses can be found in most of them. The following courses are:
  •  Advanced Database Management
  •  Advanced Systems Analysis & Design
  •  Enterprise Architecture
  •  E-commerce and Internet based Applications
  •  Project Management
  • Accounting Concepts & Procedures

Course Subjects

Students can delve deeper into the concepts and principles of management information systems by studying the course subjects. Some of the most important course subjects included in the master’s degree curriculum for information science students are:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science (Basic)
  •   Programming
  •   Development
  • English
  •   Data Communications
  • Applied Sciences

Top Specializations

The colleges and universities abroad provide many specialisations for the master's degree in management information systems such as:

  • Career Brand Management
  • Strategic Leadership and Management
  •  Executive Data Science
  • Introduction to Cyber Security

Core Skills

Universities and colleges that accept applications from students have certain expectations related to personal and behavioural skills. Some of the skills students need to present while pursuing masters in MIS course are:

1. Problem Solving Skills

Since the management information system deals with a lot of technology and information, for a student it is crucial to gather and develop exceptional skills in problem-solving. Students will have to deal with numerous scenarios in terms of information development and implementation which requires quick thinking and problem-solving abilities.

2. Adaptability

Since the information system is a highly demanding profession, students need to carry the skill of adaptability. Different roles demand different skills, and students should be ready to step into the world of data, computers, and information systems. 

3. Teamwork

During the academic year, students will get complete training in teamwork through projects. Having teamwork skills can really help students to grow in the long-term. So, a prior understanding of these aspects can be an additional bonus.

4. Networking and Communication Skills

Having some communication skills and networking abilities will help you get success very quickly in the field of information science. Since it is a professional course, students will get to exhibit their networking skills in the best way.

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As a student seeking admission to one of the best masters in management information systems abroad, it is important to know about the eligibility criteria and documents required for admission. Mentioned below is an overview of the qualifying criteria and entrance requirements for information science universities abroad:

  1.   Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
  2.   English Language Requirements
  3. GRE/GMAT Scores
  4. Work Experience
  5. Passport and Visa
  6. Additional Requirements 

Let’s discuss in detail:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

Students will have to submit their bachelor's degree certificate in IT related subjects to get admission in top universities for MIS. As a part of application, students need to score 60-70% from recognized university

  1. English Language Requirements

International students not having English as their primary language must present their IELTS and TOEFL score during the application process. The minimum score range are:

  1. GRE/GMAT  Scores

Different best colleges for MS in MIS demand for GMAT/GRE score as a part of admission requirements. However, the score may differ. The common score required is-

  • GRE- 350 or more
  • GMAT- 650 or more

  1. Work  Experience

Having work experience can be an added advantage. The common total work experience to pursue MS in MIS is around 2-3 years.

  1. Passport and Visa

As a part of admission, students need to be ready with their passport and visa for the respective country. The best is to apply for the student visa 3 months prior to travelling.

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Documents Required for MS in MIS Abroad

Students seeking admission at top universities for MIS will have to submit below documents:

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Admission Process for a Masters in MIS Abroad

Students should follow these important steps to get admission into the top universities for MIS.

  1. First of all, you need to finalise your specialisation and then have a look at the best universities that are offering the program.
  2. Now you can browse the official website of the university and collect all the essential details required for your admission to the course.
  3. Submit scanned copies of all the documents mentioned such as high school certificates, letters of recommendation, test scores, etc.
  4. Fill out your application form with all the necessary details and submit the fees.
  5. After the application is processed, you might be called for an interview with the board of directors of the university.
  6. Once you pass the interview, you will receive the admission letter from the university and you can finally book your seat for the course.
  7. Pay your term fees and start your course in time.
  8. Attend the interview as a part of the admission process from the university.
  9. Once you get the admission letter after clearing the interview process, you may book your seat at the university.
  10. Now pay the tuition fees by agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the university.

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Top Scholarships

Scholarships for best masters in MIS abroad offered at many institutions. For those who are interested in this field, these scholarships can be extremely useful financially. So, here are some popular scholarships for students:

  1. WMF Empowerment through Education Scholarships

International students who are looking forward to pursuing graduate courses can apply for this scholarship. Students interested in the field of information technology will be given special preference for the scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students must exhibit exceptional academic results during their high school graduation.
  • The students under the age of 35 who have volunteered before are eligible for the scholarship.

Amount/ Benefit: USD 300- 3000 (INR 23943- 239433)

  1. Sydney Scholars Awards Australia

The core mission of offering this scholarship is to help students complete their studies and prepare for the future leaders. The scholarship is offered by The University of Sydney. 


  • Students must provide a bachelor's passing certificate from a state-recognized University. 
  • Students must hold the required visa and other documents.

 Amount-USD 6000 (INR 47, 76, 01) that covers tuition fees.

  1. New Zealand Aid Programme 2023 Scholarships for international students

Offered by multiple universities, the scholarship covers the entire fees of students pursuing master’s courses.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students should have application certificate ready from the respective university
  • Students who fulfil the eligibility criteria will receive the grant

Amount/Benefits:Students pursuing any course will receive a grant of USD 1828.11 (INR 14, 5518.10) that covers tuition fees.

Cost of Studying Masters in MIS Abroad

Students when applying for masters in MIS abroad need to consider the overall cost of studying. The overall cost of studying a master's course is divided into 2 categories: tuition fees and living expenses.

1. Tuition Fees

The average annual fees at top universities for MS in MIS is  around USD 14,000- 50,000 (INR 11, 17354- 39, 90550). While there are some countries that offer free courses in their public universities, countries such as the UK and USA have comparatively higher rates. Hence, the tuition fee is dependent on your choice of country and university. 

2. Cost of Living

While program fees are not under our control, students can limit their living expenses to save some money. On average, students have to spend about USD 1000- 1500 - 2000 (INR 79655-119483) per month on their living expenses. However, the amount may change as per the country.This can include housing, transportation, food, study materials, entertainment, and other costs.

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Work Opportunities

There are a number of career prospects for students completing MS in MIS. Emerging sectors such as business analysis, communications, international business, and information technology value the master certificate holders along with work experience. Mentioned below are some career options and their average salaries per year. 

Job Roles

Average Annual Pay

Information Systems Manager

USD 92,000 (INR 7342612)

Database Manager

USD 62,000 (INR 4948282)

Systems Analyst

USD 82,000 (INR 6544502)

Security consultant

USD 70,000 (INR 5586770)

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With the master’s degree in management information system, students will be introduced to different concepts of information technology and management. For more information on the scope after completing the course, get in touch with Yocket Consultants.


Ques. Is master's degree in MIS beneficial?

Ans. Management Information System is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Pursuing a master's degree in this field will help students in seeking good employment.

Ques. What is the duration of the master's degree in MIS?

Ans. The course duration depends on your choice of university and country. Typically, the master's degree in MIS is for 1-2 years.

Ques. What are the best countries to study for a master's degree in MIS abroad?

Ans. Most countries these days have numerous colleges and universities offering master's degree in MIS courses. Students can choose to pursue the course from countries like

  • UK
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Ques. Are there scholarships available for master’s course?

Ans. Yes, there are numerous universities and colleges that offer scholarships, grants, or students as per the eligibility criteria.

Ques. What can I do after my graduation in Information science?

Ans. After completing your graduation in information science, you can opt for career roles such as:

  • Information systems manager
  • Systems administrator
  • Database manager
  • Software engineer
  • IT technical support officer