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Management Courses in Canada: Top Universities, Fees, Requirements, Scholarships & Jobs on Management Courses in Canada

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Management Courses in Canada: Top Universities, Fees, Requirements, Scholarships & Jobs on Management Courses in Canada Image

Management Courses are one of the most sought after programs among the students of the modern day education industry. Canada's rich diversity and affordable fees makes it an even better choice for international students to pursue highly industrial and practical degree programs like Management. Management Colleges in Canada are highly recognised and internationally ranked for offering international students with good quality of education and infrastructure that is technically valued across the world. 

Thus, if you are looking to develop right management skills and knowledge, studying from the best management schools in Canada will benefit you. 

Table of Contents

  1. Why Study Management Courses in Canada?
  2. Best Management Courses in Canada
  3. Eligibility Criteria To Pursue Management  in Canada
  4. Admission Requirements To Apply For Management in Canada
  5. Documents Required When Applying For Management Course in Canada
  6. Best Management Universities in Canada
  7. Career Opportunities After Management Course in Canada
  8. Frequently Asked Questions About Management Courses In Canada


Why Study Management Courses In Canada? 

Before we can reveal the list of management courses in Canada, let's first learn why this country is an ideal study destination to pursue this course.

  • Top ranked management institutes: Canada is the top study destination in the world and offers international students with the best academic and exemplary education. It is worth to say that 5 universities in Canada have ranked under the Top 100 universities of the world under QS World University Rankings for Business and Management 2022.
  • Types of Management Courses: There are a wide range of disciplines and specialisations of management courses in Canada available for students to choose from. Some of them include project management, hotel management, supply chain management, marketing management, engineering management and many more.
  • Excellent Job Opportunities: Management Colleges in Canada provide students with the best placement opportunities not just in Canada but across the world. For instance, the average salary of a project manager lies in the range of 45,000 CAD to 75,000 CAD and for supply chain manager it can go upto 80,161 CAD per annum.

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Best Management Courses in Canada

The management courses equip students with the necessary skills that can help them in becoming a skilled manager. The course curriculum is structured in a way to inculcate students with the habits of problem solving, management, building relationships with clients, managing employees, etc. Below we have curated a list of different types of management degree programs in Canada that are offered across a range of disciplines.


Diploma in Management in Canada

Diploma in Management in Canada is a two year degree program for students who want to seek roles in a range of fields including marketing, finance, human resources, business etc. This prepares students for gaining interdisciplinary skills to pursue international management careers and develop the leadership and problem solving skills that are universally looking for in an effective manager. Some of the topics that are covered in the course are

  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Interactive Media Management
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Diploma in Global Business Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management-Logistics
  • Certificate in Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management

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Bachelor in Management in Canada

The bachelor of management degree offers students an innovative and interdisciplinary program that is the combination of information management, environmental resource management, public administration and business management. Some of the topics that are included in the curriculum of bachelor of management program are

  • BBA in Project Management
  • BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • BBA in Marketing Management
  • BBA in General Management
  • BCom in Fashion Management
  • BCom in Management Studies
  • Bachelors in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Management (BMgmt)
  • Bachelor in Business Technology Management
  • Bachelor in Environmental Management
  • Bachelor of Fashion Business Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management


Masters in Management in Canada

The masters in management courses allows students to get a specialised knowledge on subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing analytics, operations management and many more. Most of the universities in Canada offer a one to two year degree in management that helps students to kick start their career in management. Some of the course content of masters in management course are

  • MSc in Management
  • MA in Tourism Management
  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Masters in Management Analytics
  • Master of Global Management
  • Masters in Strategic Mining Management
  • Masters in Resource Management

PG Diploma in Management

The post graduate diploma in management in Canada is for students who have completed their bachelor's degree and wish to pursue a career in management. This program provides a clear understanding of  all management principles such as marketing, business communication, business management, accounting etc. The course content of the og diploma course are

  • Management Fundamentals
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Finance
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics


Eligibility Criteria To Pursue Management  In Canada

To pursue management courses in Canada for international students, there are some sets of eligibility criteria that need to be met. Since this eligibility criteria and admission requirements vary from university level to the type of degree level, this the standard procedure for all.

  • Official Academic Transcripts
  • English Language Test Scores
  • GMAT or GRE Scores
  • Work Experience


Official Academic Transcripts

If you are an international student wishing to take admission to management degree in Canada, you are needed to submit all the academic transcripts of previously attended institutions. For instance, if applying for a bachelor program in management you need to submit your high school certificate. For postgraduate management courses in Canada, students need to submit a bachelor degree in a relevant subject.


English Language Test Scores

International students need to pass the language proficiency test, if they are from non-native English speaking country. The test scores allowed in the exams are in terms of IELTS, TOEFL iBT, CAEL, PTE, etc. The test scores will differ based on the level of study. The minimum expected scores of exams are


GMAT or GRE Scores

The GMAT or GRE are not mandatory test scores for submission in the application. However, adding the test scores in the application will stand you ahead in the competition.


Work Experience

Some of the management universities in Canada accept work experience from students if applying for a masters in management. The work experience is asked by the students to consider their applications in case of low scores and for witnessing work in other related fields.

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Admission Requirements To Apply For Management in Canada

Here is a step by step guide if you are applying for admission at management colleges in Canada:

  • First you have to identify your level of study and select the best universities or colleges offering that course.
  • Visit the official website of the university and collect all the required data in terms of the eligibility criteria and the intakes deadlines.
  • Collect and upload the scanned documents including transcripts, resumes, entrance test scores, etc.
  • Fill up the university application form and pay the application fees.
  • Once your application form is accepted you will get an acceptance letter from the university.
  • Accept the offer letter and pay the tuition fees to confirm your seat of acceptance.

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Documents Required When Applying For Management Course in Canada

When you submit your university application form for management studies in Canada, there are some sets of documents that must be submitted. Irrespective of the level of your study, these are some common documents that are required

  • Educational Transcripts with original marksheets 
  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • ELP Test scorecards
  • SAT or ACT test scores (if applicable)
  • GRE or GMAT Scorecards (if applicable)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose/intent
  • Resume or CV
  • Work Experience 
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Study Permit Visa


Best Management Universities  in Canada

Whether you pursue a diploma in management in Canada or any other degree, Canada is the home to multiple management degree colleges in Canada. Here we have covered a list of colleges and universities that offer best management courses in Canada. 

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • Western University
  • York University


University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a world top research intensive university that has a long history of challenging the impossible and transforming society through their ingenuity and academics. The university provides admissions to international students in a range of management disciplines such as finance management, accounting finance, human resources etc.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings


Average Annual Fees

19,000 CAD - 58,160 CAD

Programs Offered

  • BA Honours in Management
  • BCom in Management
  • BBA in Management
  • BBA in Accounting and Management
  • BBA in management and finance
  • BBA in Management and Human Resources
  • Masters in Financial Risk Management
  • MBA in Management
  • MSc in Sustainability Management
  • PhD in Management


University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a global research centre for teaching and learning of students that is consistently ranked in the top 20 public universities across the world. The management courses offered at UBC can advance your knowledge and skills to navigate complex environments and contribute in the future development of organisations, communities, sectors etc.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings


Average Annual Fees

18,245 CAD - 42,770 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Management
  • Masters in Management
  • Masters of Sustainable Forest Management
  • Master of Geomatics for Environmental Management 
  • MBA in Management Information Systems 


McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada's best known universities for higher education and the leading universities across the world. The university is recognised across the world for the excellence of its teaching and the research programs. The management programs at the university is designed to teach the students about the fundamentals of data and decision analytics, team management etc.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings


Average Annual Fees

21,006 CAD - 56,554 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor in Investment Management
  • Bachelor in Management
  • MBA in Management
  • Masters in Management
  • PhD in Management
  • EMBA in Management


Western University

Western University founded in 1878 is a public research university that offers an exemplaryl learning experience to students that engages the best and the brightest people challenging to meet the higher standards in the classroom and beyond. The university provides courses in management programs that equips the students with the tools needed to maintain the teams in the businesses.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings


Average Annual Fees

21,006 CAD - 46,000 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Masters in Management
  • MSc in Management
  • Masters in Management of Applied Science
  • Bachelor in Management and legal studies
  • Bachelor in Management and Organisational Studies
  • Bachelor in Management Studies


York University

York University is a leading international teaching and research university of Canada that empowers a welcoming and diverse community with the global perspectives that prepares students for their long term career and success in future. The management program equips students from non business programs with the tools needed for managing problem solving in a variety of organizations and environments.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings


Average Annual Fees

19,572 CAD - 43,000 CAD

Programs Offered

  • Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Disaster & Emergency Management
  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Master of Management
  • Masters of Science in Management Practice
  • Master of Supply Chain Management

Cost Of Studying in Management Colleges In Canada

There are a range of choices when it comes to selecting which is the best management university in Canada. The costs of studying vary based on the study level you choose. However, apart from the fees of management programs in Canada, the living costs of a student is also a factor you need to consider while staying in Canada.


Tuition Fees

The tuition fees of management courses in Canada after 12th vary based on the level of your study and the university's style of tuition fees. Below we have a listed the tuition fees of different types of management programs in Canada

Bachelor in Management

18,000 CAD - 37,900 CAD per year

Masters in Management

23,000 CAD - 45,000 CAD per year

Diploma in Management

7,895 CAD - 18,900 CAD per year

PG Diploma in Management

9,000 CAD - 21,900 CAD per year


Costs of Living

The living costs of an international student will majorly depend on their lifestyle and the location. The costs of living in an off-campus apartment will range between 950 CAD to 1,650 CAD per month. This cost may include all basic amenities such as groceries, foods, laundry, stationary etc.

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Career Opportunities After Management Course In Canada

After completing graduation from Canada management colleges, there is a range of career opportunities that you can opt for. The average salary of a management student in Canada is around 64,402 CAD and that can go upto 242,300 in terms of your job experience in the particular field.

Here is a list of some of the popular job profiles along with their average salary

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

Project Manager

84,482 CAD

Supply Chain Manager

80,161 CAD

Business Manager

86,491 CAD

Interactive Media Manager

64,380 CAD

Administration Manager

86,582 CAD

Logistics Manager

73,005 CAD

Marketing Manager

80,504 CAD

Management Courses in Canada are famous as it offers international students with an array of opportunities from academic and career prospects. Students can also have the options to pursue higher education in Canada or practice management after studying from the best management universities in Canada mentioned above. If you are confused which course is best suited for you, do check out our Yocket Professionals for assistance in your studies.


Frequently Asked Questions About Management Courses In Canada

Ques. What is the average tuition fee to study management in Canada?

Ans. Canada management universities fees should range anywhere between 12,000 CAD to 34,000 CAD per year. However, the tuition fees may differ based on the study level you choose and the university.


Ques. What is the average salary of a student after completing management in Canada?

Ans. The average salary of a student after completing their management studies in Canada lies in the bracket between 64,402 CAD to 242,300 CAD per year.


Ques. Is Canada good for masters in management?

Ans. Canada, with their liberal visa policies as well as openness for international students is undoubtedly a great place to study for an MIM degree. Management students often prefer to study in one of Canada's largest cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal.


Ques. What degree is MSM?

Ans. The master of science in management degree grants students with the knowledge of business education as well as work experience they can use in their career.

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