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Masters abroad: preps and steps

Master in Management Salary: Best Jobs after MIM for International Students

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Having a well-paid and exciting job not only provides financial benefits to you and your family but also helps maintain calm, peace of mind, and comfort. Therefore, knowing the offered job designations and salary packages is critical before stepping into any education field. However, if you are wondering about the MIM career opportunities, rejoice! As this article covers the jobs after MIM, Masters in Management salary, top university average salaries, and tips to become job-ready after MIM. 

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Overview of MIM Job Prospects Abroad

Many students opt for MIM courses instead of an MBA due to flexible admission criteria and a cheaper fee structure. Besides, MIM universities require only a little 1-3 years of work experience or none. 

A MIM program prepares the graduates to handle leadership roles in multiple companies. It includes personality development sessions to improve interpersonal skills and teamwork. Furthermore, case studies as part of the course help students understand how a manager’s decision can impact the business in a lucrative manner. 

So if you want your jobs after MIM to be in managerial or supervisory roles, a MIM program will surely help you acquire knowledge and skills to resolve organisational conflicts, improve team functioning, and make controlled/evaluative decisions. 

What are the Top In-demand Job Roles After MIM?

MIM graduates can work in consulting, financing, technology, government & non-profits, retail & luxuries, etc. Additionally, in the last few years, the recruiters have preferred MIM graduates as they are younger, can be easily moulded, and embrace corporate values faster. In fact, they are fast learners, risk-takers, and internationally mobile. Let’s have a look at the popular MIM job opportunities for graduates. 

  • Business Development Manager: Knowledge from the MIM program on business handling, finance, marketing, and management can help you work as a business manager. You will be responsible for bringing new clients to the organisation and maintaining positive relations with the existing ones. As per the emolument, the average salary of a Business Development Manager is $62,000. 
  • Project Manager: With a MIM degree, you can work as a project manager in various fields like IT, infrastructure, and healthcare to handle tight project schedules, complete deadlines, and maintain communication within the team. According to the emolument, the highest product manager’s average salary after MIM is $107,000. 
  • Social Media/Digital Manager: Students can build their careers with a Masters in Management by working in marketing and communication. This profile requires a lot of accountability as you will be the face of your organisation. Here, the job after MIM demands you to be creative and know social media platforms/digital marketing. According to the emolument, the average salary of a social media/digital manager is $54,000.

Top MIM Universities and Expected Salary

All candidates can become successful with a Master in Management as the world’s top recruiters like Google, McKinsey, Unilever, and KPMG offer various MIM career opportunities. But before getting a promising job in hand, one needs to pick the right MIM university that helps build their career with a highly paid average salary. 

Let’s go through this table to know the average salary offered by these top 10 MIM universities.

University Name (As Per QS Ranking)

Average Salary (As per emolument)

HEC Paris, France


London Business School, UK

$46,000 - $113, 000

ESSEC Business School, France


INSEAD, France

$152,000 - $221,000

IE Business School, Spain

$60,000 - $68,000

Esade Business School, Spain


Copenhagen Business School, London


ESCP, Europe


ESADE/UVA McIntire/Lignan, US

$117,000 - $133,000

Imperial College Business School, UK

$81,000 - $126,000

Tips to Get Job-Ready After Master in Management

If you have graduated in MIM from university/b-school other than the top ones, you will have to put extra effort to hold a job. Follow these paramount tips for getting a remunerative Master of Management studies salary. 

  • You can choose a country where the immigration laws are lenient compared to others. This decision will give you more time to find work after completing your MIM degree. For example, a job after MIM in Spain needs to be finalised within 3-months of graduation. This scenario can be strenuous for a few average students. Therefore, make your selection considering a country’s immigration laws. 
  • The job market abroad is extremely competitive. It might get difficult to secure a job position even after completing your Master in Management from a prestigious university. So it is advised to enhance your skills, be proactive, and gain experience in a particular industry where you want to work. 
  • Get an internship while pursuing your MIM education and secure the position after completing it. Many companies appoint interns from top MIM colleges, so ensure to apply for one. 
  • Build a strong network by making new friends, industry contacts, or business partners. Through corporate contacts, one can quickly get multiple MIM job opportunities. 
  • You can participate in exchange programs to improve your chances of employability. They provide a learning space for students to prosper by working on joint problems, ensuring a secure future.

Now you know the top MIM job opportunities, Master of Management studies salary offered by top universities, tips that make careers with a Masters in Management degree, etc. Despite all this information, the actual application and job procurement process can still be strenuous. But worry not, you can make your study abroad journey a premium and hassle-free ride by going premium with Yocket. Our counsellors will surely help you at every step!

Frequently Asked Question On Salary and Job After MIM

Ques. Which countries provide the best MIM career opportunities?  

Ans. Currently, MIM is mostly Europe-centric, and the countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands offer many masters in management jobs. 

Ques. Can one become CEO after doing MIM?

Ans. MIM curriculum focuses on leadership and team skills. These attributes can propel MIM graduates to hold the CEO position after certain work experience.

Ques. What are the job positions to work with a MIM degree? 

Ans. Masters in Management jobs include positions like Marketing Manager, HR manager, Training Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, etc. 

Ques. The starting Masters in Management salary depends on what factor?

Ans. Your starting salary can depend on the rank of MIM university, skillset, previous work experience, personal profile, etc. 

Ques. What kind of work experience is required for pursuing the MIM program?

Ans. Most of the MIM programs require 0-3 years of work experience as it is designed for students who are fresh out of an undergraduate college. 

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