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Cost of Studying MBA Abroad: Tuition Fees of MBA Colleges Abroad

Rohan Deshmukh

Determining the ideal country for an MBA is a tough choice to make especially with the improving standards of education and excellent opportunities provided by all countries. The MBA abroad cost can be an important aspect to be considered to understand the return on investment and what level of financial commitment you are going to make. MBA fees abroad in one of the top 20 universities will cost you around $50,000-90,000 on an average but can also go higher than this if you are looking at the 5 highest ranked institutions.

If you want to know the top MBA colleges abroad with fee structure, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have covered every detail about MBA in abroad fees and how much is the cost of studying MBA abroad including pre-arrival expenses, MBA course fees in abroad, living expenses and answers to your most common questions about MBA in foreign countries fees.

  Table of Contents:

  1. Pre-Arrival Expenses for Studying MBA Abroad
  2. Top MBA Colleges Abroad with Fee Structure
  3. Cost of Living Abroad for International Students

Pre-Arrival Expenses for Studying MBA Abroad

There are a variety of expenses on an international student’s plate even before leaving for an MBA abroad. MBA fees in foreign countries must include the pre-arrival expenses related to entrance exam registration fees, application fee, visa application fees, airfare, etc. Take a look at the estimated pre-arrival expenses that are part of MBA abroad for Indian students fees:


Amount (in USD)

Amount (in INR)

IELTS registration fee


₹18,750 - ₹19,600

TOEFL registration fee



GRE registration fee



GMAT registration fee



Airfare (depending on destination)

$300 - $1,500

₹30,000 - ₹120,000

University/College Application Fees for MBA Abroad

You will have to pay a certain application fee when you are applying for an MBA abroad. This fee is a part of pre-arrival foreign MBA fees. Here is a table with the average application fees charged by different countries for MBA Abroad:


Application Fee


200-300 USD


£200 GBP


50-250 CAD


50-100 AUD

New Zealand

50-150 NZD

Visa Application Fees for MBA Abroad

Among the various pre-arrival expenses of international students is the visa application fee. Different foreign countries require different categories of student visa which must be applied for in time along with the application fee. Take a look at the different student visa types for studying MBA in foreign countries along with application fees:

Visa Type

Application Fee

F-1 student visa (USA)

500 USD (including SEVIS fees)

Tier 4 student visa (UK)

348 GBP

Canadian study permit (Canada)

150 CAD

Student visa subclass 500 (Australia)

620 AUD

New Zealand student visa (New Zealand)

530 NZD

Insurance Cost for International Student Abroad

As international students, you will have to pay for health insurance annually. The health insurance plans vary in different country and a rough estimate has been provided below for your understanding:


Annual Health Insurance


500-1,000 USD


470 GBP


600-900 CAD


480-520 AUD

New Zealand

650-700 NZD

Top MBA Colleges Abroad with Fee Structure

The best way to get a clear idea about MBA abroad cost is to take a look at the MBA fees in foreign universities. Discussed below are the country-wise 5 top MBA colleges abroad with fee structure:


Annual Fees (INR)


55-80 Lakhs


20-90 Lakhs


20-75 Lakhs


4–50 Lakhs

New Zealand

20-30 Lakhs

Let's talk about each of them a bit detailed now along with some business schools

MBA Cost in USA

USA happens to be one of the top choices of international students for pursuing MBA abroad. Take a look at the MBA abroad for Indian students fees in top US universities:

University Name

Tuition Fees (in USD)

Tuition Fees (in INR)

Stanford Graduate School of Business


59,00,000 INR

Harvard School of Business


56,32,000 INR

The Wharton School


63,90,000 INR

Sloan School of Management


61,65,600 INR

Columbia Business School


59,34,000 INR

MBA Cost in UK

UK universities give a tough competition to the excellent quality of education and opportunities provided by US universities. On comparing foreign MBA fees, UK and USA have closely similar tuition rates. Here are the top 5 universities in UK for MBA along with fee structure:

University Name

Tuition Fees (in GBP)

Tuition Fees (in INR)

London Business School


93,29,000 INR

Said Business School


62,70,000 INR

Judge Business School


58,36,600 INR

Imperial College Business School


54,73,500 INR

Warwick Business School


43,95,100 INR

MBA Cost in Canada

Canada being one of the most well-developed countries provides excellent job opportunities and high salary prospects which is one of the reasons why international students prefer pursuing MBA in Canada. Here is the fee structure of MBA in the 5 highest ranked institutions in Canada:

University Name

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (in INR)

Rotman School of Management


77,49,100 INR

Smith Business School


62,45,700 INR

Ivey Business School


74,10,120 INR

Desautels Faculty of Management


59,70,100 INR

Schulich School of Business


67,49,800 INR

MBA Cost in Australia

Australia is also home to several well-established business schools and provides world-class education. The standard of living in Australia is worth praising and definitely one of the aspects considered by students who are planning to move to an entirely different country. Take a look at the most coveted Australian universities providing MBA along with their tuition fees:

University Name

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (in INR)

Melbourne Business School


50,52,425 INR

Australian Graduate School of Management


42,98,800 INR

Monash Business School


51,01,030 INR

Macquarie Business School


43,78,570 INR

UQ Business School


45,20,425 INR

MBA Cost in New Zealand

Being ranked among the top 5 countries in the world for business in the Forbes is what gives an edge to MBA graduates in New Zealand. MBA programs in New Zealand focus on the overall personality development of students which help them to get better opportunities in the job market. Here is a list of top business schools in New Zealand along with their tuition fees:

University Name

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (in INR)

Otago Business School


30,38,690 INR

Massey University


23,35,455 INR

University of Waikato


29,68,475 INR

University of Auckland


21,07,195 INR

Auckland University of Technology


26,80,160 INR

Cost of Living Abroad for International Students

One of the important components of an MBA in abroad fees is the living expenses for international students. Mind you that the cost of living in foreign countries is far more than in India and therefore must be accounted for. Only some of you will be privileged enough to get an all-inclusive scholarship that will provide for your living expenses but for the others this is something that must be properly budgeted while estimating cost of studying MBA abroad.

Before taking a look at the foreign MBA cost of living, you must know that the exact cost will depend on which type of accommodation you choose between on-campus and off-campus facilities, whether you have a private room or shared one, amenities you are looking for and where you are located within the country. While finding out the cost of doing MBA abroad, you will see that the monthly expenses in some cities will be much higher than the others. So if you have a tight budget go for universities in cities with affordable living costs. Most foreign countries also allow international students to work part-time which is a very useful source of income for your living expenses.

Take a look at the yearly living cost of studying MBA abroad in various foreign countries:


Average Annual Cost of Living (in USD)

Average Annual Cost of Living (in INR)













New Zealand



Yes, the fee structure for MBA in abroad can be overwhelming for you but don’t be disheartened if the costs exceed your budget. To relieve you from your financial worries and encourage you to study abroad, there is an array of financial aid opportunities specially for international students. By putting in some extra effort and taking part-time jobs or saving as much as you can will help you reach your goal successfully. Eventually, all your investment will pay great returns once you complete the program.

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