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How to Study Abroad for Free? A Guide on How to Study Abroad for Free After 12th!

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Studying abroad can definitely burn a hole in your pocket if you do not carefully plan your finances. How to study abroad for free is one common question which comes to the mind of students willing to study internationally. Tuition fees, cost of living, and other miscellaneous expenses cumulatively bring out the cost of studying abroad.

And to your surprise, there are ways you can not just cut these cuts, but also almost get a free education abroad! Yes, you read it right! Keep reading as we will tell you all about the countries where Indian students can study for free!

Table of Contents
  1. How to Study Abroad for Free?
  2. List of Countries Where International Students Can Study for Free
  3. Ways to Reduce Cost of Studying Abroad

How to Study Abroad for Free?

If you are someone concerned about-”How can I study abroad for free?” There are numerous ways we can guide you! There are plenty of ways to answer how to study abroad for free?

You can choose a country with bare minimum cost of living, and even opt for a course with an affordable tuition fee. Moreover, there are numerous grants and scholarships available for international students to help aid studies abroad. International students are also benefited by various work-study programs which allow them to work while studying abroad.

Let us now move on to the following sections that will shed light on how to get free education abroad!

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List of Countries Where International Students Can Study for Free

One of the easiest ways to answer- “Is there a way to study abroad for free?”, is to get into a country with almost insignificant cost of living.

Let us make you acquainted with some of the top countries where international students can study abroad for free:

  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Argentina
  • Brazi

Moving on, let us know how these countries are set apart for free education:


With a range of programs available in both English and German to choose from, Germany attracts international students because of its unique education system and no tuition fee policy. Students are also, on the other hand offered with numerous scholarships and financial aid options!

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Like Germany, Norway also offers international students with no tuition fees, along with a world class education. Only that, international students are required to be proficient in the Norwegian language.

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Sweden is another country that offers an exemplary education to international students at no tuition cost. Popular Swedish universities such as Uppsala University, Stockholm University, etc even offer international students with several scholarships covering living expenses in Sweden.


With an average tuition of 2,000 USD per semester and an average living expenses of 600 USD per month, Argentina is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad for international students. The country even offers a stunning location attracting students all over the world.

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Brazil has an average tuition fee of 2,500 USD to 4,000 USD per semester, and also comes along with benefits such as cheap living costs and accommodation. The country is famous for its excellent academia and research facilities!

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Ways to Reduce Cost of Studying Abroad

Now that you are aware about how to study MBA in abroad for free, let us also make you aclimitze with the ways of reducing costs while you are studying in an international setting:

  • Look for a cheap study abroad course: As an international student you can look for a program which is cheap and equally fulfils your educational requirements. For instance, Lorenzo De Medici, Florence, Italy offers medical programs starting at 5,500 USD per annum.
  • Apply for Undergraduate Scholarships Abroad: International universities and colleges offer students with numerous scholarships and grants to aid their financial needs. Some popular scholarships are: IDRC Research Awards, Ontario Graduate Scholarships, MBA Scholarships to study abroad
  • Enrol in Part Time Jobs and Courses: As an international student, you can apply for part time jobs, and work part time to get additional financial support. You can also enrol in work-study programs available in countries such as Australia, and Canada.
  • Cut Direct Costs: Living in shared apartments, buying second hand furniture, analysing hidden costs associated with studying abroad, estimating your budget and choosing a country with affordable living costs, are some ways you can directly cut your costs.

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Apart from the ways mentioned above, there are also virtual study abroad programs available that can help you get the same level and expertise sans the high costs. We would suggest sticking to a budget and planning effectively to start your study abroad journey. Also, if you still have questions about how to study abroad for free, our Yocket Counsellors are just a click away!


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