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MIS vs MBA Abroad: Find the Difference between MIS vs MBA to Study Abroad

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In the present timeline, two popular courses ruling the world are MBA and MIS. Though both the courses are poles apart in terms of the curriculum, students are flocking abroad to enhance their careers in one of them. As we are gradually progressing towards digitization, the demand to earn a degree abroad in MBA and MIS is also rising. However, there is a dilemma over whether MIS vs MBA is better. 

So, keep reading as this article covers all the major aspects of MIS vs MBA, along with details on MIS vs MBA salary! 

Table of Contents 

  1. An Overview of MIS 
  2. An Overview of MBA 
  3. MIS vs MBA: Which is Better? 
  4. List of Top Universities for MBA and MIS
  5. Scholarships for MIS and MBA 
  6. Career Opportunities after Pursuing MIS and MBA 
  7. MIS vs MBA: Final Verdict

An Overview of MIS 

MIS stands for Management Information System. And, if you are interested in technology, MIS is the right option for you! MIS is the only program that gives you a thorough insight into both the business process and information technology. At the end of the course, you can see yourself become a good problem solver with excellent communication skills. You will also be able to create a bridge between technology and business. 

Now coming to the question- MIS or MBA, which is better? 

One of the most significant advantages of pursuing MIS from abroad is that you will get a lot of job opportunities after completing the course. Some of the core specialisations of MIS are: 

  • Business Analysis
  • IT Consultancy 
  • Database Administration 
  • Systems Development 
  • Database Analysis 
  • Network Administration 

An Overview of MBA 

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a one to two-year course highly dependent on a good GMAT score. MBA is one of the most popular and in-demand courses in India and abroad. Many students flock to countries outside India to pursue a course in MBA. There is a wide range of subjects you can specialise in the MBA course. The salary after pursuing an MBA abroad is quite high, and most of the big guns in the market are the top recruiters. 

After you complete the MBA course successfully from abroad, you will specialise in one of the following skills depending on your choice of subjects:

  • Finance 
  • Human Resources 
  • Marketing 
  • Entrepreneurship 

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MIS vs MBA: Which Is Better? 

Moving on to the crux of this blog, MIS vs MBA: which is better? 

Choosing between the two is quite a complex thing, but it also depends on the degree you have completed and the career field you are choosing. Let us tabulate the key features to understand MIS vs MBA better: 





Post Graduate

Post Graduate

Qualifying Exam



Core Disciplines 

Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human resource, Digital Marketing

Business Analyst, Network Administrator,


2 years

1-2 years

Average Tuition Fee per Annum 

45,432 USD or 35,00,000 INR 

32,451 USD or 25,00,000 INR 


Graduate in any discipline

Graduate in Science with BE or B Tech in Information Technology

Work Experience

2-4 years

Minimum 5 years

Top Countries







Average Salary per Annum

32,669 USD or 25,00,000 INR

27,259 USD or 21,00,000 INR

Cost to Study MBA Abroad 

List of Top Universities for MBA and MIS

There are different colleges in different countries offering both MIS and MBA programs. You can choose the best that fits your requirements and budget. Given below are the universities to pursue MBA and MIS. 

Top Universities to Pursue MBA


QS Ranking 2022

Total Fees (in USD)

Total Fees (in INR)

Stanford Graduate School, USA




MIT, Cambridge, USA




Harvard Business School, USA




London Business School, UK




IE Business School Spain




 Top Universities to Pursue MIS


QS Ranking 2022

Total Fees (in USD)

Total Fees (in INR)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology




Carnegie Mellon University




The University of Melbourne - Melbourne School of Information




University of New South Wales




 Scholarships for MIS and MBA 

There are universities offering scholarships and grants for students pursuing both MIS and MBA. The grant may differ accordingly and will cover half the cost of studying. The scholarships for both MIS and MBA have been tabulated below: 

Scholarships Available for MBA 


Amount (in USD)

Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship


Global Study Awards


University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler MBA


MBA Scholarships in Germany 

Scholarships Available for MIS 


Amount (in USD)

Orange Knowledge Programme Netherlands

Covers expenses by offering stipends

Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program USA

Covers majority of tuition expenses

ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship


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Career Opportunities after Pursuing MIS and MBA 

The career opportunity for both MIS vs MBA is quite bright with companies hiring aspirants in a huge volume. Countries like the USA, UK, Europe, and others hire MBA and MIS students with good packages.

Let us understand MIS or MBA: which is better; through this table below: 




Job Profiles 


System Analyst

Business Analyst

Network Administrator

Software Developer

Brand Manager

Marketing Manager

Media Planner

Human resource

Product Manager

Average Salary per Annum

32,669 USD or 25,00,000 INR

60,000  USD or 46,20,330 INR 

Jobs After MBA in USA 

MIS vs MBA: The Final Verdict 

Both MIS and MBA are the hot courses in the present timeline as they are high in demand. However, if you check the MIS vs MBA salary structure, the salary of MBA graduates is more elevated than MIS graduates. Those who choose MIS as their career also have a high job demand in the international market. Talking about the MIS vs MBA salary, the salary for MIS is lower than MBA graduates in the initial years, but gradually there is a high increase in the annual package. 

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Hence, if you are confused about MIS vs MBA: which is better, you must reflect on your specialisation. Job satisfaction matters a lot more than your monthly pay package. Once you have understood the difference between MIS vs MBA and pondered upon the MIS vs MBA salary, you can go ahead and choose which fits your graduation score and career.


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