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The University of Queensland (UQ) is a public research university founded in the year 1909. It is one of the oldest universities in Australia and is commonly ranked in the list of best 1% of international universities all across the world. If you are planning to enroll yourself for its flagship MBA course, you’ll be glad to know that its MBA course stands at the 16th spot, between MIT (15th) and Yale (19th) in the Economic Intelligence Units list of best MBA courses throughout the world.
A sandstone university, there have been many research developments here. Some of them include the invention of vaccination for cervical cancer and superconducting MRI used for portable scanning of human body parts. Clearly there is a strong focus on research related to medicine and technology.
The university has 6 faculties in order to support the teaching as well as research acitivities. With a semester based system, the university follows a combination of UK and USA system of teaching including course credits as well as small groups for teaching.




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The primary campus of UQ is located in St. Lucia, in Queensland’s capital, Brisbane. The university has other campuses in Herston and Gatton in Australia and one in New Orleans city of United States. The main campus of the university is around 7km from the City Center of Brisbane.
Drive for around 70kms towards the south of its St. Lucia campus and you will be greeted by theme parks and attractive golden beaches of Gold Coast. Towards the north of the university is Sunshine Coast that is known for its national parks, beaches and rainforests. Close to the Sunshine Coast are Moreton and Stradbroke islands that are popular among students of the university for day-trips. If you like taking a day off from the university campus and spend it with your friends in a natural habitat, you are sure to find abundant options around UQ.


Apart from being one of the leading research universities, UQ is also known for its beautiful sandstone campus. In the year 2015, the university was included in the list of 25 of the most beautiful campuses throughout the world. The main campus of the university is spread across 274 acres of land which has multiple gardens, parking spaces, cycling tracks, sporting fields and duck ponds.
The Cromwell College, Chemistry Building, Advanced Engineering Building, Australian Institute for Nanotechnology and Bioengineering, Grace College, Hawken Engineering Building, Molecular Biosciences Building, and The Women’s College are some of the most important buildings on the campus. ISSR Research Hub and Ritchie Research Laboratory are two of the best research centers in Brisbane and a number of imminent researchers conduct their researches here.
If you love reading or are searching for resources for your courses and assignments, you can head to the Biological Sciences Library or the Duhig Building Library. If you enjoy working out, there is UQ Sport and Fitness Center which can be accessed throughout the day.

Residing Options

There are 10 residential colleges at the university at the St. Lucia campus that offers many different types of residing options to the students. However, if you want to live off-campus, the university through its UQ Rental program, will help you in finding one around the campus.


The faculty of the university is world renowned and many of the professors have achieved international recognition for their work. A lot of them also work as advisors and consultants to government organizations and corporate companies. However, a lot of students complain that there is a lack of guest lecturers/speakers that visit the university.

Jobs and placements

Being one of the best international universities across the world, UQ is regularly visited by some of the best of companies, like Commonwealth Bank, BHP Biliton, Westpac Banking Group, Wesfarmers, Telstra, etc. Moreover, ever first year student is required to go through a placement test. If you excel in this test and are able to maintain your GPA throughout the duration of your course, there is a major possibility that you can get a job when these companies visit the university.

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