The Georgia State University, Established in 1913, is a public research institute in Atlanta, Georgia. It is affiliated with ORAU, SURA, U.I.A., USU, PIT-UN, and SPACE-GRANT. Over 100 nationalities are represented among the University's approximately 53,000 national & international students.

Over 250 degree-producing programs at Georgia State University offer undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D., and online degrees. There are 13 dual degrees offered by the University, including M.B.A. & Health Administration & M.B.A. and Industrial Engineering.

Top Reasons to Study in the Georgia State University

Georgia State University enrolls students from all over the world and from various socioeconomic backgrounds. It raises the bar for higher education by being an inclusive, adaptable, and responsive institution of higher learning. Additionally, it keeps its agility by carefully spreading organizational capability throughout the institution. Added benefits of studying here include: 

  • In addition to talent or other distinctive qualities, many scholarships are awarded based on financial need. These are also financial aid, and Georgia State University's financial aid office frequently handles them. Georgia State University offers financial aid to anyone who wishes to study or conduct research there.
  • Except as otherwise noted, none of the scholarships offered by Georgia are transferable to other Georgia State University System campuses.
  • Academic achievement at the University of Georgia is distinguished by its teaching style. During classroom lessons, you engage in group discussions and address issues pertaining to the subject matter with your professor.
  • Georgia State University Scholarships in the U.S.A. are intended to assist students in meeting their educational costs for tuition, board, and other living expenses.
  • The key criteria that THE (Times Higher Education) uses to determine its best university ranking, including teaching, research, and citation, have all been met by GSU.
  • The University of Georgia's dedication to providing its students a clear professional path, an education of the highest caliber, and high standards.

Cost of Studying at Georgia State University

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

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Average living expenses (Masters)


Average on-campus living expenses


Rankings for The Georgia State University

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Admissions at The Georgia State University

Avg acceptance rate (Bachelors)


Application Fee

$50 - $145

How to Apply at Georgia State University

For the Georgia State University, admissions applicants need to follow these steps to complete their application:  

  • Apply online by opening the Online application portal. 
  • Fill in all the necessary information for the program.
  • Recheck your application and upload the required documents
  • Apply and pay the application fee 

Note: The Georgia State University application fee is USD 60 (INR 4800).

Documents Required to Apply to Georgia State University

Here is the list of documents necessary to fulfill Georgia State University admission requirements:- 

  • High school graduation certificate
  • High school academic transcript
  • Mark sheet
  • English proficiency score
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Letters of Recommendation (L.O.R.s)
  • Essay
  • Supplementary documents
  • Passport
  • Financial documents

Exams Accepted By the University

The Georgia State University admission requirements are mentioned here:- 



MS(22 Courses)

IELTS: 6.5 & Above; GRE: 293; TOEFL: 90.0 & Above

B.E. / B.Tech(7 Courses)

IELTS: 6.0 & Above

MIM(15 Courses)

IELTS: 6.5 & Above; GMAT: 500; GRE: 293

BBA(17 Courses)

IELTS: 6.0 & Above

MBA/PGDM(4 Courses)

IELTS: 6.5 & Above; GMAT: 293; GRE: 500

B.Sc.(11 Courses)

IELTS: 6.0 & Above

M.A.(16 Courses)

IELTS: 6.0; GRE: 293; TOEFL: 90

MFA(9 Courses)

IELTS: 6.0

English Proficiency Requirements  

Georgia State University international students are required to submit proof of their English Language Proficiency, as mentioned:- 









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MS in Computer Science

College of Arts and Sciences

Application deadline

Fall, 15/04/2023




18 Months

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12 Months

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MS in Information Systems

J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Application deadline





12 Months

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Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

College Transportation ATLANTA Switch to search and enter your keyword. Browse the website's expanded main navigation, The Commute & Travel Options with Columbia Shuttles Charter & Car Services for Parking Incentives. Weekend Service Intercampus Shuttle Intercampus Shuttle Shuttle to Manhattanville Shuttle for the George Washington Bridge and Fort Lee.

A city bus that goes to different sections of the city provides service to the Georgia state university campus (including shopping areas, restaurants, etc.). Bus transportation is complimentary for all Georgia state university students. Buses run every day, excluding Sundays. The bus service will be covered in information. When boarding the free School Bus, which circles the campus and the nearby downtown, just show your student I.D.

Services offered by the university

Georgia State University maintains a visible presence on all campuses and offers a comprehensive public safety program to benefit the university community.

  • Students at GSU get to practice conducting library research during class sessions. They provide one-time and ongoing lessons to help students strengthen their research abilities. Its objective is to provide access to information and services, as well as libraries and the state government.
  • To provide safety services through skilled community-oriented policing, the Georgia State Police Department will concentrate on creating safe campuses and neighborhoods. In order to achieve its objectives through visibility, service, and security, the department keeps protection that is both visible and accessible to the academic and corporate communities.
  • The GSU's strategy for enhancing academic performance does not involve changing the nature of the students but rather altering the institution's makeup to better meet their needs. They have increased graduation rates across the board by rethinking how they approach the first-year student experience, offering adaptive learning courses, and offering peer tutoring options.
  • The center also provides specialized support programs, like the 21st Century Scholar Corps Program, Students in Transition Program, and Student Support Services Program, which assist first-generation, low-income kids as well as students with special needs and disabilities.
  • Free screenings are provided by Student Health Promotion to assist in quickly and easily determining whether a professional consultation could be beneficial to students.

On campus accomodation

Students at Georgia State University have access to a range of on-campus accommodation options.

 Georgia State University's on-campus accommodation fee is nearly USD 21,000 (INR 16,75,000)/ year.

  • All residence halls and apartment buildings offer easy access to the library, cafes, dining halls, classrooms, and other campus amenities, including the sports complex and I.U. Theater.
  • Georgia State University works to make on-campus living significantly more interesting when compared to other schools.
  • For those residing on campus, there are learning communities. The Communities are chosen by the students, who are then assigned rooms in the same residence hall as the other Community members.


University Faculty:Student Ratio


University Faculty Stats

The University hosts nearly 1603 faculty members. The student-to-faculty ratio is 23:1, and the male-to-female ratio is 39:61.


Research opportunities at university

Through grants and collaborations with other universities and organizations, Georgia State University provides undergraduate students with a variety of research funding and training options. Numerous of these programs are designed expressly to assist individuals from underrepresented minority backgrounds who wish to pursue graduate education in STEM areas.

Honors students are chosen by the Georgia State University Honors College to take part in the U.A.P., which pairs them with a department or office where they can conduct research or complete certain tasks. Although the Honors College accepts faculty recommendations of honors students throughout the academic year, the program is primarily designed for new first-year students. In addition to invaluable skills and experiences that strengthen their resumes.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

At Georgia State University, the Sustainability Fee Program and the Department of Facilities Management collaborate to offer paid internships to current undergraduate students. The internships' main objectives span from campus recycling to program administration, and they are specifically tailored to each student to provide a memorable experience that gets them ready for a postgraduate job in sustainability and beyond.

  • Students are given a chance to participate in the company's everyday activities, giving them practical experience in the workplace. Students have the opportunity to directly communicate with clients and agency staff throughout their internship, which is a supervised experience.
  • The course also offers students the option to combine academic and experiential learning through expanding knowledge, developing skills, and building values.
  • Interns are seen as campus sustainability specialists who are driven to advance the Triple Bottom Line and who have a high level of responsibility.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

Graduate recruiters consistently rank Georgia State University among their top favored institutions in the U.S.A. The average earnings for the various employment categories in which Georgia State University students were placed varied. Based on the College to Career Initiative's Earnings Outlook for Graduate Students.

The average salary of a graduate of Georgia State University is USD 65,000(INR 5,183,000).





Atlanta, GA 30302, United States

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