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How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad? How to Get Full Scholarship to Study Abroad in 2024?

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Getting a scholarship or any form of financial aid when studying abroad can really act as a boon for international students. With the current rise in prices, and ever increasing living standards, it is becoming increasingly important to budget and manage finances, and hence, spend it wisely.

Universities abroad offer international students with an umpteenth number of scholarships and grants, you will also find several government and private entities that aid students to study abroad. So, keep reading as this blog will tell you all about how to get a scholarship to study abroad in 2024!

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Overview of Scholarships to Study Abroad

Scholarship is a type of financial aid offered by universities, private and government institutions to aid international students to study abroad. Unlike other financial aid and student loans, scholarship money is not meant to be paid back.

Now, being a myriad of different scholarships to study abroad for students, it often becomes difficult to choose one. Not to forget, each scholarship has a different eligibility criteria and set of requirements. Some common requirements include:

  • Bachelor's degree (if applying for PG scholarships)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • SOPs
  • Resume, CV
  • English proficiency proof
  • Letter of acceptance from your university
  • Bank statements, and other financial documents

The next sections will guide you through how to get scholarship to study abroad for Indian students.

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How to Find a Scholarship to Study Abroad?

Coming to the most important part of the blog- How to get full scholarship to study abroad?

Finding a scholarship to study abroad can be a tad bit difficult, as there are a lot of fraudulent websites, and unreliable sources available. Given below are some ways to find scholarships to study abroad:

  • Official university websites: One common way to look for websites is through the university you’re admitted to. You can look up for a scholarship on the website according to your program, and requirements.
  • Indian Entities: Another way to get a scholarship is through the Indian government and private organisations, that are only meant for Indian students. Some of them are: Fulbright Nehru Fellowships, Inlaks Scholarships, etc.
  • Government Funded Scholarships: Apart from the Indian government, other foreign governments also offer scholarships to international students with financial assistance to study in their respective countries. For instance, some scholarships offered by the US government are- AAUW International Fellowships, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, etc.
  • Other Sources: You can also get hold of scholarships through authentic websites such as Official EU Scholarships,, and certain official websites for specific countries. You can also look for need based, gender based, region and minority based, SAT based scholarships, etc.

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Tips to Find a Scholarship to Study Abroad

Now that you have ample information on how to get a scholarship to study abroad, let us also help you with some tips to find scholarships to study abroad:

  • Always look for authentic and reliable sources to find scholarships.
  • You can also take help from your education counsellors in order to decrease the chances of fraudulent measures.
  • Have strong background in terms of academics and work experience. Resumes and LORs come in really handy when applying for scholarships abroad.
  • It is also really important to prepare and apply in advance to avoid missing application deadlines.

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We hope we could answer you for- How to get scholarship to study abroad for Indian students. Getting scholarships requires a full fledged research and an extremely strong application. For further queries on scholarships, and financial aids to study abroad, you can even connect with our Yocket Counsellors!


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