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Study Psychology In New Zealand: Learn About The Top Psychology Universities in New Zealand And Psychology Careers.

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Psychology could fit into the mould of almost any field like business, education, forensic science, government, healthcare, law, media, and even tech. If you wish to pursue a career in the subject, New Zealand might catch your eye.


New Zealand might not seem the most conventional choice for education as compared to studying in the USA, UK or Canada. However, If you are looking out to save money or broaden your options, you can consider pursuing a Masters psychology in New Zealand or a PhD in Psychology in New Zealand. Let’s explore the scene of studying psychology in New Zealand in this blog.


Table of Contents:


  1. Why study psychology in New Zealand?

  2. Top 3 Universities In New Zealand To Study Psychology

  3. Future careers after studying psychology in New Zealand

  4. How to take admission for a psychology course in New Zealand?

-       Documents required to study psychology in New Zealand

Why study psychology in New Zealand?

New Zealand currently has a demand for psychologists. Pursuing a masters or a PhD in psychology in New Zealand will help you seize this opportunity of finding work in NZ.


  • In addition to that, the main perk of studying psychology in New Zealand implies that you are studying in one of the best universities for psychology in New Zealand, as 5 of 8 universities offering psychology courses in New Zealand rank in the Top 500 universities according to the QS Subject Rankings 2020.

  • Students pursuing any kind of course, be it a Masters in Psychology New Zealand, Masters in Clinical Psychology New Zealand, or even a bachelor of Psychology NZ have the option to work for about 20 hours per week. Most Masters degrees or PhD students are also allowed to work full-time.

  • New Zealand has a comparatively low cost of living and cost of studying. The additional scholarships, student discounts and the availability of education loans further relax your expenditures.

  • The bonus to your work and study in New Zealand is experiencing a great student life.


While we can count on these advantages of pursuing psychology in New Zealand. Let’s look at the top Psychology Universities in New Zealand that provide you with the best coaching on the subject. 

Top 3 Universities In New Zealand To Study Psychology

Choosing the right university to study is a crucial decision to make. Your future depends on the kind of university and course you opt for. Thus, assessing each of the NZ college’s strengths, global rankings, course curriculums and more, we’ve shortlisted the three best Psychology Universities in New Zealand.

The best psychology universities in NZ are:


  1. University of Auckland

  2. University of Otago

  3. Victoria University of Wellington


  1.  University of Auckland:

With strong research as the backbone of teaching, the University of Auckland ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide (QS World University rankings). The university has also ranked among the top 40 for Psychology studies across the world (QS Subject Rankings 2020). So, if you are interested to study psychology in New Zealand, this university must be your first preference.

  • The University of Auckland is mostly popular for its clinical psychology courses in New Zealand.


Psychology Course Intakes in NZ: February or July


What are the psychology degrees offered by the University of Auckland?

The University of Auckland offers various courses in the field of psychology. Look at the table below to get an idea of the courses, tenure and their fees.


Courses offered




3 years

NZ$ 32,000 - 46,000

Post Graduation Diploma

1 year

NZ$ 36,000 - 44,000


1.5 years

NZ$ 36,000 - 44,000



3-4 years

NZ$ 7000

NZ$ 44,000 for clinical psychology


What is taught?

The course includes learning: 

  1. Human neuroscience

  2. Learning and behaviour

  3. Social psychology

  4. Applied behaviour analysis

  5. Cognitive science

  6. Community psychology

  7. Gender and sexuality

  8. Educational psychology

  9. Experimental analysis of the behaviour

  10. Language and cultural evolution

  11.  University of Otago:

Otago currently ranks #15 in the best universities for Psychology globally according to  QS World University Rankings. The department of Psychology of the University of Otago holds an international reputation for its excellence in research and teaching in New Zealand. A psychology degree NZ from Otago is well-reputed according to the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF).

  • You can opt to pursue a masters, diploma or even a PhD psychology degree from the University Of Otago.


Course Intakes: February or July


Psychology qualifications offered By University Of Otago:

Have a peek at the courses, their tenure and the fees structure of the same below:


Courses offered




3 year

NZ$ 36,000

Graduation Diploma

1 year

NZ$ 31,000 - 36,000

Post Graduation Diploma

1 year

NZ$ 40,000


1-1.5 years

NZ$ 40,000


3 years

NZ$ 7,000


University Of Otago’s Psychology Course Curriculum includes:

  • Biopsychology

  • Social psychology

  • Memory and perception

  • Development

  • Abnormal psychology

  • Neuropsychology

  • Applied psychology

  • Learning and Cognition


  1.  Victoria University of Wellington:

Victoria University is the only university in New Zealand that offers postgraduate programmes in Cross-Cultural Psychology and Forensic Psychology. This university has ranked among the top 100 in the 2021 QS World Rankings. The university also supports the practical learning experience of the students by providing them engaging projects with local schools around or New Zealand’s police and health boards.


Course Intake: February or July


The psychology degrees offered at Victoria University Include:


Courses offered




3 years

NZ$ 30,000 - 39,000

Graduate Diploma

2 trimesters

NZ$ 34,000

Graduation Certificate

1 trimester

NZ$ 30,000

Post Graduation Diploma

2 year

NZ$ 40,000


4 trimesters

NZ$ 39,000


3 years

NZ$ 9,600


Course Curriculum includes:

  • Psychology

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience

  • Cross-Cultural Psychology

  • Forensic Psychology

  • Research


Q. What is the expected salary of a Psychology degree NZ graduate?

On average, a psychology graduate from New Zealand fetches about NZ$ 1,00,000 every year.


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Job Opportunites: What are the future career prospects after studying psychology in New Zealand?

If you pursue a psychology course in New Zealand, you have a pool of opportunities to choose from. Some of the possible future occupations for psychologists are:


  • Behaviour Analyst

  • Clinical or Community Psychologist

  • Community Programme Coordinator

  • Human Resource Adviser

  • Private Practitioner

  • Research Scientist

  • Forensic Psychologist

  • Education Psychologist


If you now see a bright future for yourself in the field of psychology. The only step forward is to apply to your dream college in New Zealand. To apply to universities in New Zealand, you will have to understand the admission process to pursue psychology in NZ.


Must Read: Admissions process in New Zealand

Pursuing Psychology: How to take admission for a psychology course in New Zealand?

The admission process of the psychology courses in New Zealand for international students is similar to applying for any other course in New Zealand. The steps to follow are:


Step 1: Shortlist your desired psychology course in New Zealand

Step 2: Make a list of the deadlines and dates for the university admissions

Step 3: Take standardized tests such as IELTS before the admission process

(IELTS score of 6.5 of or above and TOEFL score above 95 assures your entry into most NZ universities.)

Step 4: Keep all documents handy

Step 5: Apply for the course via the university’s website

Step 6: If accepted, prepare documents required for the Student Visa application

Step 7: Apply for a student visa.


What are the required documents to pursue psychology in New Zealand?

To seek admission in any college or university in New Zealand. You must have the following documents:

-       2 Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

-       Statement of Purpose (SOPs)

-       Resume

-       Certificates of achievements and extracurricular activities. Prioritise those that might be relevant to the course you are applying for.


Known as the best universities for psychology in New Zealand, the universities maintain the quality of education, be it a Bachelor of psychology NZ or a Diploma in psychology NZ. The institutions churn out some of the country’s top experts in the field. So, you can be assured of holding a job right after your study.


The icing to your muffin is the serene landscapes you’ll get to experience in New Zealand.




  1. Where should I study educational psychology in New Zealand?

Ans: If you’re interested in educational or developmental psychology programmes in New Zealand, the universities you should be looking at are Canterbury, Massey and Victoria University of Wellington.


  1. How to become a psychologist in New Zealand?

Ans: To become a psychologist in New Zealand you will need to:

  1. Hold a masters or a higher degree

  2. Conduct 1,500 hrs of supervised practice by the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

  3. Finally, register as a psychologist under the New Zealand Psychologists Board.

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