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New Zealand Admission 2022: How To Get Admission In New Zealand University?

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Every year international students gear up to cater to the New Zealand study intakes. The country is becoming popular for its education system and its academic value. In order to meet the New Zealand university admission process, international students should tick every criteria listed.

While these criterias could differ from one university to another, there is a standard New Zealand admission 2022 process followed by all. So, to guide you better, refer to this blog as it covers topics related to how to get admission in New Zealand university, top New Zealand study intake 2022, etc.

Table Of Contents:

What Are The New Zealand Study Intakes?

The New Zealand intake for 2022 is in February and July. Some universities also offer intakes in September and November, based on the course type. July intake is the most popular intake among international students. However, completing your New Zealand admission process takes about 6 to 7 months.

After you decide which university in New Zealand you wish to enroll in, plan your application. Have a look at the university requirements, entrance exams in NZD you will need to attend etc. Assess the time you will require to give the various entrance exams, receive their scores and set your academic records.

Therefore, keep a buffer time of 6 months before you start applying to various universities.

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How To Get Admission In New Zealand University?

Now that you’re aware of the New Zealand intake for international students, it’s time to apply to the top universities. Ensure you follow the instructions below:

  • Shortlist the universities and courses that fit your interests.
  • After you’ve chosen your preferred college and course type, visit the universities’ official website. Make a checklist of the tests you need to take, New Zealand university application deadlines, document requirements etc.
  • Take the required New Zealand university necessary exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or GMAT
  • Compose SOPs that reflect your interests. Your SOPs are the way you interact with your respective universities.

In addition to your SOPs, gather valuable LORs from your previous employees, faculty and mentors. Your LORs will further emphasize your keen interest in a particular field.

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Types Of Student Visa To Apply During New Zealand Study Intakes

Once you’ve received the acceptance letter from your dream university, you need to apply for a New Zealand student visa. Based on your choices, you can select the ideal visa. Here is the complete list of choices available:

Type Of Visa

Visa Perks

Fee Paying Student Visa

Eligibility to study full time upto 4 years and work part-time

Exchange Student Visa

Eligibility to study full time upto 4 years for an approved student exchange program

Foreign Government supported Student Visa

Eligibility to study full time upto 4 years under foreign government loan or a scholarship

Pathway Student Visa

Eligibility to study up to five years for 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa and be able to work part-time


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Accommodation Details After Acquiring New Zealand Admission 2022

Once you have cleared all the New Zealand university admission, it’s time to find a home for you.

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When you land in the country, you should first head to a place that will be your home for your academic studies.

There are multiple accommodation options to choose from, such as:

  • Halls of Residence
  • Private Accommodation
  • Apartment Renters

Let’s understand them better below:

  • Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence are hostels or living spaces provided by your dream university. Here international students can live together and will have to share one common space. This is one of the convenient accommodation forms for students new to the country. Once you make friends, moving to the options below becomes easier.

  • Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is another form of halls of residence, but there is more of a privacy benefit. Students will have to share a room or more, but they can choose who they wish to do it with this time. These private accommodations will be slightly more expensive than the common halls of residence but are well suited for students who wish to stay privately.

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  • Apartment Renters

Lastly, once you’ve stayed atleast a year in New Zealand, you can get your apartment. Based on your budget and the type of lifestyle you wish to live here, you can rent apartment spaces at your convenience. This allows you to live more independently.

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Top Activities To Do After New Zealand University Admission

After you settle in New Zealand, there are a bunch of activities which can help you enjoy your life here better. Here are the top ones you should consider:

  • Participate in sports activities- The country has multiple sports activities to offer since it exhibits a better outdoor activity format. Students can make use of free gyms at their universities or participate in sports activities.
  • Engage in residential activities- Staying together in one house can help you buildmore friendships and learn about different cultures. Speak to the resident head and engage in any community activities present such as cooking together, etc.
  • Explore the country- New Zealand is home to the best mountains and landscape that is widely popular. There is so much to see and explore here. On your academic breaks, travel the country and learn what makes the former a best student destination.
  • Socialize- Lastly, based on your academic study, New Zealand will be your home for more than a year. It is better to engage with other students to make your student life manageable here.

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Wrapping Up….

New Zealand has become a prime destination for students globally. The high-ranked universities, various program options, etc., have made it a widely regarded choice to pursue education here.  Now that you’re aware about study in New Zealand requirements, it’s time to apply to your dream university. If you wish to seek further assistance on this, speak to our Yocket counsellors or schedule a free 15-minute consultation call now.


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